Fix My Samsung Phone Screen Keeps Dimming Randomly

Samsung Phone Screen Keeps Dimming

Samsung flagship is craved with one of the best displays in the world, right now! But unfortunately even after consuming the best display and feature, it pop-up many issues within it. And the most recent one is random diming of the display. Well, the Samsung screen keeps dimming randomly while watching the videos is one of the most frustrating situations you ever go through and the same issue is encountered by many users.

No need to worry about it, as there are several culprits behind it which can be easily solved by performing the troubleshooting steps. And in this article, I will explain to you why your Samsung phone keeps dimming and what is the best solution to fix it.

Best Ways to Fix Screen Keeps Dimming Issue on Samsung Phone

Why Does My Phone Screen Keep Dimming?

Most of the time your Samsung phone screen dimming is due to the Adaptive-Brightness feature is enabled. Moving forward, it can also be due to the software-related bug or older version of OS, or else can be due to unwanted features enabled on the device that prevents the screen of device to stay on. Well, all of those can be fixed and adjusted by going through the article.

Verify Proximity Sensor

The work of the proximity sensor is to completely avoid the accidental touch while talking on the call. Verify to ensure that the proximity sensor on your device is not blocked.

Note: If your device has an infinity display, you may sometime note that flashlight light which very small. This light works by proximity sensor when being turned ON. 

Because of the maximized screen and maximized bezel on the phone, devices such as S10, S20, or Note 10, the proximity sensor is present behind the display. And with the device not consuming an infinity display, the proximity sensor is present on the bezel. 

Restart Phone

Now and forever, there is no other effective solution to fix Samsung phone screen keeps dimming is a simple restart of the phone. Restarting the phone is an effective solution to fix those minor bugs causing minor problems in the phone. So just perform it.

  • Press the Power Key to feature Power Off Menu.
  • Right from the Power Off Menu, select Green Restart option.
Restart Phone

After the completion of the procedure, it’s time to check if the screen dimming issue is fixed. If not, simply head to the next troubleshooting steps.

Update Phone OS Version

Phone OS plays a key role in enhancing the performance of the phone. If your device doesn’t consume the latest version of Android OS, undoubtedly its reason for the Samsung Galaxy screen keeps dimming. If that’s so, immediately update the firmware.

  • Go to Settings > Software Update > Download & Install.  

Right after updating the device, I am damn sure random dimming of the screen will get fixed!

Increase Screen Timeout

Screen time out works wonders to prevent the device from Battery Draining Issues. But unfortunately, it will screen off right after a predetermined amount of time set. Either it’s after 15 or 30 seconds, so we recommend going for the maximum screen timeout of 10 Minutes. Here I how to do so.

  • Navigate to the Settings > Display.
Go to display
  • Hit Screen Timeout > Now choose the maximum time limit.
select screen-timeout

Keep The Screen Active While Using It

How to stop the Samsung Phone screen from dimming randomly? Well by keeping the screen active while using it. You will unknown but smart Samsung phone craved with a feature that takes the help of the front camera to determine when to dim the display by detecting the face. What I mean to say is if your face is on the screen, the screen will remain active no matter if have set screen timeout.

Note: Below mentioned steps are only of the device having Android 10 and above.

  • Navigate to the Settings > Advanced Feature.
go to Advance feature
  • Select Motion And Gesture> Enable Keep Screen On While Viewing.
fix screen dimming issue

Disable Adaptive Brightness

Another feature that works wonders in case of Battery Draining Issues is adaptive brightness. Unfortunately, this in the case of sudden screen dims might be the culprit. So we suggest disabling this feature and see if works for you or not.

  • Head to the Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness.
disable adaptive brightness

Disable Power Saving Mode

Unlike the adaptive brightness, the power-saving mode works to extend the battery life by disabling the various features in the device. In the end, this also affects the screen stays on. To disable the power saving mode, simply swipe down the Notification Panel and tap on the Power Saving Icon to disable it.

turn off Power saving mode

Customize The Secure Lock Settings

The name itself says that this feature works to secure screen by the customizing the screen accordingly. Just like other settings, you can choose the maximum time to keep your device screen off when it turns off automatically. You can go for a maximum of 30 minutes. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Head to the Settings > Lock Screen.
  • Choose Secure Lock Screen, and write down the PIN or Password if prompted.
  • Select Auto-Lock When Screen Turns Off > Select the maximum time.

After the completion of this workaround to stop the Samsung phone screen from dimming it worked for you or not.

Factory Reset Your Phone

The last solution left to fix the random dimming of screen brightness on Samsung phones is a factory reset. For now and after, we never recommend this solution but in this scenario even after performing a bunch of effective workarounds still issue persists, there is no way left. Before performing this solution we recommend creating a Backup On Samsung Phone. As it will clear out all the data stored on your device. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
Fix unresponsive keybpard On Samsung galaxy
  • Select Reset > Factory Data Reset. Swipe down and hit on the Reset.
Factory reet samsung


Get your device to normal working by performing those workarounds. Hope so it works wonders for you, if yes, simply mentioned the workaround that helps in the below-mentioned comment box!

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