[2023] Fix Instagram Video Won’t Play on iPhone and Android

Fix Instagram Video Won't Play on iPhone and Android

Instagram is one of the dominating social media platforms for the past decades. As it allows the users to share videos, and photos to showcase their talent and earn money. However, for many users, it’s a complete-time killer. But recently some people were complaining that their Instagram is not playing videos. These types of issues might occur due to tweaking in the device settings or minor bugs within the Instagram app or else network-related problems.

In this blog, to fix no sound on Instagram Video we have line-up some effective workarounds. So if you are a dedicated Instagram user, continue reading the article and get Instagram back to its normal mode.

How To Fix No Sound On Instagram Video iPhone And Android?

Restart Device

No matter if it’s iPhone or Android, the first and basic step we considered as the most effective and efficient workaround to fix no audio on Instagram stories is restarting the device. So if there are any minor bugs creating such a type of issue will get fixed.

For Android,

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Off Menu, select Green Restart Icon.

Now it’s time for the testing procedure, go to Instagram play any video and see if Android not playing Instagram videos is fixed? If not, move to the next workaround

For iPhone,

  • Press the Side and Volume Low Button together to feature Power Off Slider.
  • Drag the slider to the right and turn off the device.
  • Wait for a few seconds, turn back your iPhone on.

After completion of restart procedure, navigate back to Instagram and verify Instagram video not working on iPhone, still persist. If yes, then move to the next troubleshooting step.

Update Instagram App

Instagram always launched a new update to enhance performance, to give new features, and at the same point to fix minor bugs. That’s why updating Instagram has considered being a major problem solver to fix videos not playing on Instagram.  In such a case, we suggest to see if your device consumes the latest version of Instagram.

For Android,

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • Hit on the Profile Icon present at the top right.
  • Select Manage Apps & Device. After that, Instagram App with an update will be featured on the screen.
  • Hit Update or Update All.

For iPhone,

  • Go to Apple Store.
  • Hit on the Profile Icon present at the top.
  • Scroll to pending updates. Hit Update next to the Instagram App or else hit Update All.

Verify Internet Connection

Social media like Instagram needs a stable and uncorrupted internet connection. As it continuously loads the video and photos. It’s a less common problem behind Instagram videos keep disappearing. But sometimes due to a hectic schedule, you might have forgotten to upgrade your mobile data plans, else forget to enable the mobile data, or else see your device have a stable signal on your current location.

In some cases, you have connected your phone with Wi-Fi which might be corrupted. To let out the culprit behind the video not working on Instagram; try using the same Wi-Fi in a spare device and check Instagram videos are playing perfectly? If not, then the issue lies within the Wi-Fi you are connected to. Well, now it’s time to Fix Wi-Fi.  

  • To fix Wi-Fi, try turning off the switch through which your router gets a power source. Wait for a few seconds and then re-enable the switch of the router and see if the issue still persists or not
  • Another trick is to forget the Wi-Fi and wait for a while and then reconnect it by using the same sign-in credential. Let’s see, now you can watch videos on Instagram.

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

In some cases, the power-saving mode works like a wonder. But at the same point, it limits the performance of the device. Which can lead to various common issues like automatically Instagram videos stopped playing. And there is no other option than disabling the power-saving mode or low power mode.

For Android,

  • Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Hit Device Maintenance > Battery.
  • Select Performance Mode > High-Performance Mode.
  • Restart the device and check are you able to play videos on Instagram.

For iPhone,

  • Go to Settings App.
  • Choose Battery > tap on the Toggle next to Low Power Mode to turn it off.
  • After completion of procedure, restart iPhone and try playing Instagram videos.

Check Instagram App Permission

Every app needs permission to work inflow without any crashes. And also to use certain features needs permission to work efficiently. So for this, you have to grant app permission no matter if it’s either iPhone or an Android device. If you are not familiar with how to do so, simply follow the steps given below.

For Android,

  • Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Choose Apps.
  • Hit on the Instagram App.
  • Select Permissions. If you denied or allowed any permission will appear over there.
  • To customize the permission settings, hit on it, and then select Allow or Don’t Allow.

For iPhone,

  • Navigate to the Settings App from the main screen.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Hit on the Instagram App.
  • Tap on each Toggle to which you have denied access.

Clear Cache And Data Of Instagram App (Only Android)

Whatever activities you perform on the app are stored in the app as cache data. And if that cache gets corrupted then it completely degrades the performance of the Instagram app. So considering all the possibilities let’s try clearing the Instagram cache. Here are the steps.

For Android,

  • Head to the Settings.
  • Choose Apps > Instagram.
  • Hit Storage > Clear Data & Clear Cache.

After the completion, restart the device, re-navigate to the Instagram App, and verify whether the problem is fixed or not. Mostly, users will be able to play Instagram videos smoothly after clearing the cache.

Turn Off Data Saver Mode

For any kind of functioning Instagram app that needs an internet connection either its updates, feeding video, or messaging there should not be any data limit. To verify, you have not enabled data to restrict mode on your device.

For Android,

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Hit Network & Internet > Data Usage.Tap on Data Saver to disable it.

For iPhone,

  • Head to the Settings.
  • Choose Cellular > Cellular Data Option.
  • Tap Data Mode > tap the Toggle next to the Low Data Mode to turn it off.

Reset Network Settings

If still, Instagram videos are not playing. It’s time to reset network settings. There might be an accidental touch on the device settings which leads to improper functioning. And the only way to fix it is,

For Android,

  • Go to Settings App.
  • Choose Backup & Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Hit Reset Settings.
  • Enter PIN, Password, or Pattern, if prompted.
  • Lastly, tap Reset Settings.

For iPhone,

iOS 15

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Choose General > Transfer or Reset.
  • Select Reset > Reset Network Settings.

iOS 14 or Earlier:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit General > Reset.
  • Lastly, Reset Network Settings.

Enjoy Reels!

Hope your bug of Instagram video not working on Android has been fixed and now able to enjoy reels on Instagram. Please comment below, on which solution helps you to fix. And if we have forgotten any workaround to mention, let us know!

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