Fix GWENT Crashing or Freezing on Android and iOS

GWENT Android Crashing, GWENT iPhone Crashing

As you know GWENT is a Witcher Card Game available on all the popular platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Windows, iOS, and Android to play. To date, you may have played dozens of games, deal with hundreds of typical stages and completed challenges without any error or connection issues. But now all of sudden, the GWENT keeps crashing on Android and iPhone, or Gwent connection lost errors are most commonly faced by the gamers whether it is PS4 or Android phones. With all these errors you might lose interest in the game, before it happens, try our following troubleshooting guide and fix the GWENT crashing issues right away.

Starting from the updating, to the reinstalling app, take a tour until the app runs correctly without any issues. And if it doesn’t help, then all you can do is wait for a while, it may possible that the GWENT servers are under maintenance, or verify the issue from their Twitter handle.

GWENT Android Not Working | GWENT iPhone Not Working

Can I Play Gwent on my phone?

Well, every gamer search for the answer, the one and only quickest way to know whether the Gwent is compatible with Android and iOS is to open the Google Play or App Store and try to download the app. If the GWENT is compatible with your phone, download it or the Store will show you an error that the GWENT is incompatible with your device.

Update GWENT App

Consistently updating the GWENT app is a first step towards avoiding the GWENT App Crashing on Android, while it comes with dozens of security improvements and bug fixes, updating it to the latest version must be the primary goal of every iOS and Android user.

If you’re the person with lots of storage space and loved to have the newest features, then change the settings to auto-update from respective Store, doing this will automatically update the apps when the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, no need to manually update each app.

  • To Update GWENT on Android, open Google Play > Search GWENT in search bar > Tap Update
  • To Update GWENT on iOS, open App Store > tap on your Profile > scroll down and locate GWENT to start Update.

Update your Phone

The same thing holds for smartphones too. Developers try to build the apps in the way that it works seamlessly over all the phones, and releases monthly updates. There is no need to explain why updating the phone helps to boost the performance, being a new generation user, you must know how it benefits and affects the play.

  • Update Android, Settings app > Search Software update > Update the phone.
  • Update iOS, Settings app > General > Software Update.

Restart your Phone

To address the GWENT mobile keeps crashing on iOS and Android, for them, force rebooting the phone refreshes the battery, stops all the background process, and clears the system RAM to speed up the process. Likewise, it’s a universal solution to fix the minor bugs and glitches of your phone as well as the GWENT App which may be causing the GWENT App to crash at startup or fail in the middle of the gameplay.

  • Restart your Android phone, press and hold the Power button and choose Restart.
  • Restart your iOS phone, (iOS without Home button) press and hold the Side button and either Volume button to reboot the iPhone.
    • (iOS with Home button) Press and hold the Power button and select Restart from the power menu.

Switch Wi-Fi to Mobile Data or Vice Versa

Multiple times, people reported multiple network errors with the GWENT App like Gwent Login Error Android and iOS, GWENT Could Not Download User Profile, GWENT Connection Lost iPhone, Android, and most commonly GWENT Could Not Connect to Servers and keep loading. Rest assured, the simplest way to deal with network errors on the GWENT app is to switch the mobile data or Wi-Fi to either. This kind of game highly relies on network speed and connection. Changing the device’s internet to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data will definitely fix if it’s an internet connection related problem.

Close All the Background Running Apps

All the recently used apps consume a considerable amount of storage and processor unless you decide to force close them. Even though the apps aren’t being used, but uniformly creates a load on the processor and disturbs the usual performance of the phone.

Force closing the background apps doesn’t result in data loss or any harm. The process to force close changes per device, check for iOS phone, and for Android phones.

Clear Cache and Data

Skip this step if you are an iOS user. Clearing Cache and Data removes the temporary data, basically generated by the app itself to smoothen the app. Thankfully, it doesn’t remove any personal data, only the temporary data which automatically generates while playing the game.

After performing this step, the app will start from scratch, you may have to log in and access your game.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Tap Apps or Applications.
  • Locate GWENT
  • Select Storage.
  • Tap Clear Data.

Change Graphics Quality

If the GWENT App keeps lagging or freezing, then switching the graphics quality would resolve the problem permanently. Not all the devices support games on high graphics, so try adjusting the graphics quality to low for once and play the game.

Explore the settings and change the graphics quality for the gameplay.

Re-install the GWENT App

If none of this works to fix GWENT lagging issues on Android or iPhone, deleting and installing the app is the last option left for you. Even after updating the app to the latest version, the problem persists, then removing the app entirely from the phone and reinstalling it with the newest update is recommended.

Delete the app, and reinstall it from the respective Store.

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