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Fix GPS Not Working on Samsung Watch 4/Watch 4 Classic

GPS not working on Samsung Watch 4

Mainly, the Samsung watch 4 works accurately for all users, but sometimes it’s difficult to ignore some petty problems on the Samsung watch such as the Samsung galaxy watch not tracking distance, etc. And nowadays, lots of users are encountering GPS problem that happens more frequently on the Samsun watch 4, according to lots of users on consumer reports.

And if you are one of them and looking for how to fix GPS not working on Samsung galaxy watch 4 problems, you came to the right spot. Continue to read the article. We will show an easy and quick guide. No matter if are having a problem with Samsung health GPS not working, the workaround mentioned below will put the thing in a better position.  

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Watch 4 Classic GPS Not Working

Verify the Software Updates

To fix the Samsung galaxy watch 4 GPS sensor not working, the first thing you need to find is there is any availability of an update. Because in addition of advancement in the feature the update is usually launched to fix the bugs just like strava galaxy watch 4 no GPS. So the first duty is to check if there is an availability of an update.

Move Outdoor & Reboot Samsung Watch 4

If you are deep inside the room there are chances of network blockage due to the poor weather condition. And also we suggest you to ignore standing between the buildings.

  • To restart the galaxy watch 4, press the Power Button.
  • Then, hit the Power Off. Once the restart process is finished, press the Power key to restart the Watch 4 once again.

Check if the device is connected to a mobile network

Sometimes the accidental touch on the mobile network can be the culprit, or else an issue within the carrier network can cause the Samsung galaxy watch 4 not tracking distance. For that simply verify that the device having an active internet connection.

  • On your device, go to Settings.
  • Hit About Phone>Status Information.
  • Tap SIM Card Status. Ensure that the mobile network is visible “Connected”.

Ensure Bluetooth Connectivity

To have access to all the device features like notification and to run the smart-watch perfectly ensure that the phone is connected with Smart-watch through Bluetooth.

  • Go to Galaxy Wearable Application on your device. It might be necessary to hit the Home Tab. If both the device is linked through Bluetooth “Connected Via Bluetooth” will be visible on the screen of app.
  • If both the device are not paired “Disconnected From Watch” will be visible on the screen. To paired hit Connect. If both the gadget is connected through Wi-Fi, the app will feature “Connect Through Wi-Fi”. In such case hit Settings>Connections>Bluetooth>Switch on the Bluetooth.

Go to GPS Application and check your location

While living outdoor, navigate to the application that needs GPS that can feature your location on both your device and watch 4. To make it easier to understand, consider you are using under armour’sMapMyRun application to check location. It’s necessary to start an intense workout and then scroll up to the map screen. No matter if you are indoors and GPS works well, we recommend staying with an open clear sky ass it doesn’t have any interruption with a satellite.

  • Your Phone and watch 4 must be un-paired for more than a day.
  • The location services must be disconnected on the phone and watch 4.

Reset the Watch

The first and last scene to be performed is resetting the Smart-watch to fix Samsung GPS not working. To reset the watch you can perform through the Galaxy Wearable application.

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable Application on your paired device.
  • Hit Watch Settings.
  • Select General>Reset>Reset.

Change your Watch Band

Are you using Metal Band with Samsung Watch 4? GPS Sensor creates interference by the Metal Band, which is why GPS is not working on Samsung Watch 4. You may replace the changing Watch Band with a Sports Band or any other non-metal Watch Strap.

Does Galaxy Watch4 GPS work without phone?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with dedicated GPS inside the watch, so you can use location-enabled applications without pairing the Watch with the Phone.

Does Galaxy Watch4 have built in GPS?

Samsung Watch4 comes with built-in GPS along with health features like ECG, Blood Oxygen, and many more.

How do I fix the GPS on my Samsung Watch 4?

Update and Restart the Samsung Watch 4, if that doesn’t help, then Reset the Samsung Watch to fix GPS issue on Samsung Watch4.

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