2022 Samsung Pay Not Working on Android Device

Samsung Pay Not Working

Samsung Pay has the most valuable innovation done by Samsung in the mobile market. Million of android and Samsung users use it on the regular basis. However, we all know that as technology is intriguing, it’s not possible without flaws. Users of Samsung Pay encounter petty errors such as Samsung Pay failed transaction, Samsung Pay not working on android, or else Samsung Pay keeps not working on the Gas station.

If you are a user of Samsung Pay and facing several problems like an incompatible app or else not Samsung Pay not supported to the device. Well, here is the most effective workaround to fix the issue so continue to read the article.

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Why Is Samsung Pay Not Working?

Restart Your Phone

We tend to let out the simple thing from time to time. “Why is Samsung Pay not working on my phone”, the first thing you need to do is simply restart your device. Usually restarting the device will fix all the remaining minor bugs that feature transaction failed in Samsung Pay. In fact, you need to make a habit to restart the device once in a week as a precautionary step.

Force Stop Samsung Pay

Sometimes the application misbehaves that ultimately results in the app keeps crashing. To prevent it, force-stop an app that will clear all the background and foreground activities. It’s the most preferable step when Samsung pay not working S10. To perform it, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Apps>Samsung Pay.
  • Hit Force Stop.

Assure Having Stable Internet Connection

To do a transaction through Samsung Pay, your device must have a stable internet connection. So keeping all the possibilities behind Samsung Pay not working after pie update it’s always good to verify that your device has a stable internet connection.

Look At Permission

To get the application to work smoothly, permission for various functions is required. So if you wondering NFC payments not working, it’s feasible that aren’t enable the permission perfectly. In this scenario, the only option is to re-enable the permission for Samsung Pay.

  • Navigate to the Settings>Application Manager.
  • Select Samsung Pay.
  • Hit toggle next to the permission option.

Remove And Re-add A Card

If you received Samsung pay not working on galaxy watch or android while doing payment through a particular card. Because there are high chances the card you have used might causing Samsung Pay crashing. To fix it! the best option is to remove and add the card.

  • Navigate to Samsung Pay>Menu.
  • Select Cards.
  • Choose the card you want to remove.
  • Tap on More Options>Delete Cards.
  • Hit DELETE.

Reset Samsung Pay

If there is an in-app-related issue then the only way to fix is to reset Samsung pay. Only thing is to remove all the card information before performing it.

  • Go to Samsung Pay>Menu.
  • Select Settings>Reset App.
  • Choose the option why you want to reset the Samsung Pay, lastly hit RESET.
  • Re-write PIN or enter biometrics to confirm.

Detach Phone Case

Always using a thick for phone can obstruct the NFC which is an integral part of Samsung Pay. Also, the MST gets block if the case has a magnetic or metal part. This is why we suggest detaching the case from your phone. After detaching the case if the problem has been fixed then the case is the culprit.

Ensure Date And Time Settings Are Correct

The date and time settings play an important role while using apps like Samsung pay. In order to do payment through such apps, you must date and time perfectly synced. If it’s not perfectly synced then you will encounter Samsung pay not working on s21. To verify the date and time settings, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit General Management>Date And Time.
  • Select Automatic Date And Time.

Ensure Credit Or Debit Is Working

Whether you encounter a Samsung Pay transaction error on the retailer’s payment terminal. Verify if the issue lies within debit or credit card, like insufficient balance, or issue with a transaction server, or else credit card or debit card reached the expiry date. To verify contact with the card issuer.  

Disable Power Saving Mode

If you want to prevent battery draining on an android device, the power saving mode is most powerful feature. However, the power-saving mode restricts several background features which ultimately results into Samsung pay stuck on verification. In such case, turning off the power-saving mode is a great solution.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search and hit Device Care.
  • Tap Power Saving Mode.
  • Lastly hit the toggle next to it.

Update Samsung Pay

An outdated application can cause a crashing problem, so to fix it developer launches the fix minor bugs and add advancement in the application. Check if there is an availability of the update for Samsung pay on your google play store. If yes, then instantly update the app.

Contact Samsung Pay Support

If still the issue is not fixed, you can contact to Samsung support for help.

  • Go to Samsung Pay>Menu.
  • Hit Help>Contact Us.

Does Samsung Pay Works With Android?

Yes! Samsung is compatible with both the watch and phone. Only ensure that your android device is having Android 6.0 or higher.

Does Samsung Pay Have A Limit?

No matter whatever the invoice amount is you can use it with any retailer without any kind of limitation.

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