How to Manually Add Step Count/Activities on Samsung Health?

How to Manually Add Step Count and Activities on Samsung Health

Needless to say, Samsung Health is getting stronger, more accurate, and faster, with every new update. It can track your Sleep, Step Count, Running, Walking, Cycling, Nutrition, and Menstrual Cycle, alongside, you’ll get to learn from the video tutorials of the ideal tutors available right in the app. Samsung Health app is a correct way to keep track of diet, and workout activities, to improve your lifestyle with ease. Sometimes, it can spoil your health data, while you’re out for a business tour or want to take a break off weekends, however, there’s also a setting that will stop recording all the activities unless you decide to start off again.

While following the workout routine, several users have reported that Samsung Health is not recording the step count and other activities. Nothing to worry about, we’ll show you the stepwise guide to entering the data manually on the Samsung Health App, so you can achieve your desired goal, without being a victim of the Samsung’s developers.

How to Add Workout on Samsung Health App?

All the workout activities including Step Count, Running, Walking, etc. can be added manually by following the below stepwise guide.

  1. Launch the Samsung Health App on your device.
  2. Tap on the type of Workout or tap on the three-dots and select the type of exercise for which you wish to add the data manually.Samsung Health Select Activity
  3. Hit the Enter data option on the upper-right corner.Samsung Health Enter Data
  4. Enter the required data like the Start time, Duration, Distance, etc.Manually Add Data and Save on Samsung Health
  5. Lastly, tap Save.
  6. Leave the rest on the Samsung Health App, it will automatically update the workout data that you’ve added manually.

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