Fix Duplication of Text Phrases/Words using Voice to Text

Text to Speech is one of the fantastic programs, we Android users are getting indulged with more and more. With the Voice to Text feature, you can dictate the Emails, Text Messages, Notes, and other texts that you don’t want to type. The new generation is tremendously moving towards the Voice Search and Voice to Text, to operate the device online and offline. By default, the Voice to Text feature is already set up, however, there are specific customization options available that might create problems for you.

Recently, we’ve seen many Samsung users complaining about the voice-to-text keeps duplicating and duplication of text phrases using voice-to-text problems. Your Samsung Smartphone does have Google Keyboard and Samsung Keyboard, and that’s the root cause of this problem. Read along to the article, I bet you’ll definitely get this problem fixed after trying the below steps.

How to Fix Voice to Text Duplication on Samsung Phone?

Why is dictation typing twice? Apparently, your device is using Google and Samsung Keyboard’s Voice to Text feature, when you dictate the text or phrase, and voice to text keeps duplicating android, kindly deactivate the Samsung Keyboard for Voice to Text.

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Scroll down and tap General management.
  3. Tap Keyboard list and default.
  4. There you should see Google Voice Typing and Samsung Voice Input.
  5. Turn Off the Samsung Voice Input option.
  6. Now go back to the General management.
  7. Select Text-to-Speech output.
  8. Tap on Preferred engine.
  9. Set it to Google Text-to-speech engine.

So far this solution worked for most of the Samsung users, if it worked for you, make sure to comment or if there’s other workaround that you’ve crack and with it, the voice to text duplicating issue is fixed, you can mention in the comment to help other readers too.

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