Fix Can’t Answer Calls on Samsung Galaxy Watch: All Models

Fix Samsung Watch Can't Answer Calls

Is your Samsung Watch not responding to incoming calls? Don’t hesitate, as a lot of users are experiencing the same. It’s a most common issue with Samsung Watches but at the same point, it’s quite frustrating. It can be due to a minor glitch within the Samsung Wearable app or bugs in the software. Which can be fixed!

In some cases, the user experience can’t able to answer calls on the Samsung Watch after attaining the random falls and drops. Unfortunately, in case of hardware damage, only Technicians can fix it. If you have experienced the same! Ignore the article. If not so, continue reading the article as we have mentioned some troubleshooting steps.  

Why Can’t I Answer Calls On Samsung Watch? Fix for ALL MODELS

There could be various factors behind this issue:

Silent Settings: If you have accidentally put the watch to the silent mode, do not disturb mode, or any other mode then it can result in phone call-related problems.

LTE Service: If you are willing to use the watch without a phone, then it’s impossible to encounter calls. For that, you need an active internet connection.

Connect Samsung Watch To iPhone or Android

It’s the first step to fixing the can’t answer calls on the Samsung Watch issue. If you have recently purchased a new watch, then the connection procedure needs to be properly configured. If you are not familiar follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Galaxy App on your phone.
  • A screen will prompt asking Watch Model. Follow on-screen instructions.
  • Enable the Bluetooth feature on your phone. After doing so, wait until the phone makes a connection with the Samsung Watch.  

The connection procedure is finished! see if the can’t answer calls on the Samsung galaxy watch problem is fixed or not. If not so, go ahead to the next workaround.

Keep The Phone Close To Watch

Looking at all possibilities, we suggest placing both phones and watch close to each other. If they work perfectly when placed together, but not when placing both devices far from each other, their chances of radio interference behind the Samsung Watch won’t answer calls. If that so, always place both the gadgets close to each other.   

Restart Samsung Watch And Phone

why can’t I answer calls on my Samsung watch? Can be due to the minor bugs. Those bugs can be related to software or else app you have installed on the watch. Luckily, those minor bugs in the device can be fixed by a normal restart. So restarting both Samsung Watch and phone is suitable in this situation. Here are the steps.

Restart Samsung Watch:

  • Press the Power Button to feature the Power Off Menu.
  • Now tap on the Power Off option. Then restart the watch once again.

Restart Phone:

  • Press the Power Button until the Power Off menu appears on the screen.
  • From the Power Off menu, tap on the Restart Icon.

After completion of the procedure let’s check if the issue still persists or not.

Disable/Enable Bluetooth

For more remote functioning, the Samsung Watch might get connected through Wi-Fi due to which you experience won’t able to answer calls on the Samsung Watch. For a perfect call to function, you need to connect both your phone and watch via Bluetooth.

Ensure Notifications are Enabled on Watch

You might have altered notification settings on your watch to prevent incoming calls. To fix it, verify the notification on your watch is enabled.

  • From the Samsung Wearable App on the smartphone, hit Watch Settings.
  • Tap on Notification > More.
  • Assure that toggle next to the Phone option is enabled.

Keep Do Not Disturb Mode Off

Do not disturb mode is a feature used to prevent calls on Samsung phones and watches. And if you have recently attained the business meetings then I am damn sure you have enabled do not disturb mode to prevent mobile-related disturbance. So we suggest verifying the feature Do Not Disturb is disabled.

  • Swipe down the Notification Panel.
  • If Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled, then you can’t answer calls on Samsung Watch.
  • Therefore, keep Do Not Disturb disabled.

Look At Battery Level

If you are experiencing a call-related problem, or a syncing issue, it can be due to a low battery level on either watch or phone. Officially company recommends having more than 25% of battery level. At the same point, verify battery saving mode is disabled on your watch or phone.

Update Galaxy Watch Wearable App

Can I answer the calls on my Samsung active watch? Yes, you can! But it gets disturbed if the galaxy wearable is not updated to the latest version. Because outdated versions can lead to degradation of watch performance. So verify, galaxy wearable application is updated or not. We suggest restarting the device after the completion of the update procedure and seeing if can’t able to answer a call on a watch is fixed!

Update Samsung Watch And Phone Too

Unlike the outdated application, outdated software on both watch and phone can lead to certain issues like can’t answer calls on the galaxy watch. Here are the steps to install the latest software.

Update Samsung Watch,

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable App on a connected device.
  • Swipe down and hit on Watch Software Update > Download Install.

Update Samsung Phones,

  • Go to Settings App.
  • Choose Software Update > Download.

Update iPhone,

  • Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Hit General > Software Update.

After completion, see if Galaxy Watch 4 not ringing on incoming calls is fixed.

Clear Cache Of Galaxy Wearable App (Only Android)

If you are an android user, you will be familiar with the cache. If not, I will explain what is cache? The cache is a temporary file that helps the application function fast. And if this cache gets corrupted you will encounter various issues like not being able to answer incoming calls Samsung watch. To fix the corrupted cache of the Galaxy Wearable app, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Choose Apps > Galaxy Wearable App.
  • Select Storage.
  • Tap the Clear Cache option.

Try Pairing Watch with Other Phone

For more surety and clarity In case of can’t able to answer calls on a Samsung watch. Try connecting the Samsung watch with another device. After connecting check if not able to answer phone calls is fixed or not. If you are able to answer calls, the issue lies within the device.

Repair Watch!

It’s the end! Still, my Samsung watch not answering calls, persist, there might be physical damage as you might have dropped it or it got in contact with water. This can only be solved by going to the nearer Samsung service station. If the issue gets solved, share it with your friends and family when they ask the question, Why Can’t I Answer Calls On Samsung Watch?

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