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Fix Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting on Samsung Tab S8, S8Ultra

Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting on Samsung Tab S8

Bluetooth is one of the important aspects to know as it’s available everywhere. This feature permits to transfer of data from one device to another device, so assure that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices. But after the usage of the Samsung tab S8 series, some of the users encounter that it continuously loses the Bluetooth connection.

Well, in this article we will try to make you understand how to fix the Samsung tab S8 ultra Bluetooth that randomly keeps disconnecting. This problem might occur due to the issue with the Bluetooth. This ultimately means that the Bluetooth accessory you are using with a device continuously loses the connection and resulting in connectivity issues. Here is a collection of troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting On the Samsung Tab S8, Tab S8 Ultra, and Tab S8 Plus?

Assure of Accessories Within Range

Firstly, you should verify Samsung Tab s8 Bluetooth keeps is due to range. Assure that your device and Bluetooth accessories are within the range. If that is not a scenario, try bringing both the accessories together. Also note, that both the device should be within the range of 30 feet so that they can communicate well. Moreover, detach the case from your Samsung tab S8 series to see if something changes. Another thing to prevent the Samsung Bluetooth pairing problem is to keep away from other Bluetooth electronic devices.

Assure Bluetooth Is Enabled

Assure that Bluetooth on Samsung tab S8 is enabled. At the same point assure that Bluetooth is on the pairing mode. In such a scenario we suggest going through Bluetooth accessory documentation. Also, check if the airplane mode is disabled on the Samsung tan S8 ultra.

Unpair And Pair

On your Samsung tab, navigate to the settings and then hit Bluetooth. Right under the Bluetooth device menu, search for the device you are having a problem with. Hit on the Bluetooth accessories and forget it. Wait for a while, and then reconnect your device with it and see if the Bluetooth not working with a Samsung tab S8 is fixed or not.

Verify Bluetooth Permission

Does your accessory have an application that you frequently use? Because some applications in the device need permission to run the app perfectly. You can verify it by going through device settings. Then locate the application and see if you have to ensure permission.

Assure that Device Has the Latest Version of Update

Well, the update plays an important role in such a scenario. If your device doesn’t consume the latest version of the update then you must look for the recent update. As updates are usually launched to fix the bugs and upgrade the performance of the device. So if there is an update available they instantly update it without wasting time.

Reset Network Settings

This is one of the effective solutions to fix the Samsung tab S8 plus Bluetooth pairing issue. As it will bring back the device to the default settings. This needs to be performed because sometimes accidental touch can disallow the device feature to work perfectly. Reset the network settings on the Samsung tab S8 ultra and see if the issue is fixed or not.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit General management > Reset.
  • Lastly, tap Reset Network Settings.

Wrapping Up!

Hope the device Bluetooth might get fixed by performing above mentioned effective workaround. If that is so, we suggest going to the nearer service station and asking about the same problem. Because there might be an issue with the hardware of a device. 

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