Fix Black and Unresponsive Screen of Samsung S20

Fix Black and Unresponsive Touch Screen of Galaxy S20
Fix Black and Unresponsive Touch Screen of Galaxy S20

Are you going through a black and unresponsive screen of Samsung S20? It primarily happens due to a crashed system, outdated OS, drained battery, etc., and in the worst case, severe hardware damage. Due to this, you may not be able to use device. Anyways, there are different ways to fix it, and that’s without any need for technical knowledge. Do read this troubleshooting guide, as we have covered 6 different ways to fix Samsung S20 phone black screen.

Galaxy S20 Black Screen of Death

Ensure Power Button Isn’t Jammed

Usually, power button of the Samsung device might have jammed, and thus your might have been stuck in the restart loop. If so, ensure to unjam and further check for the problem. Once the physical button responds, restart it, and your device will normally work again.

Clean Charging Port

Yes, that’s because the charging port might have been filled with dirt and debris, which led Samsung S20 not charging. In this scenario, you can only clean the charging port with a cotton swab. 

Check If Your Samsung S20 Battery Has Drained

S20 black screen of death may not be as severe as you think. The device screen might be dead due to the battery drains, and S20 might have unresponsive eventually. As a prevention, you can charge it. If the problem continues, move forward to the next solution. 

Force Restart Samsung S20

If none of those mentioned above work, you must give try to force restart the S20. This will force the device to turn ON by fixing any corrupted cache affecting the firmware from turning ON. For that, press the Power Button and volume button simultaneously for 10 seconds and release them.

Check For LCD Connection

Another prominent reason for the unresponsive Samsung Galaxy S20 black screen is improper LCD connection. To rectify the problem, detach the phone case and press in front and backside of the screen together. On the other hand, you can carry the device to the nearest authorized store and ask for repair. 

Contact Samsung Support

    If none of the above mention trick work, the only solution is to contact Samsung Support. With this, you will get a solution to the problem. And if it’s under warranty, the device will get repaired for low cost and or free. 

    Final Thought!

    I hope so; the above tips and tricks might have resolved your issue. And in case you have any queries let us know in the below comment box. 

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