Fix Black and Unresponsive Screen of Samsung S20

Fix Black and Unresponsive Touch Screen of Galaxy S20
Fix Black and Unresponsive Touch Screen of Galaxy S20

Some of the S20 users facing the issue where the Samsung S20 screen goes black, and then the Samsung S20 screen continuously stays on black. A Samsung screen can be due to different types of things, but don’t worry it can be fixed easily. This issue could be due to bad software updates or third-party apps or massive power-draining in the worst-case scenario.

Since there are different possibilities behind this issue at the same point there are different effective solutions are there that we have mentioned in this article. So continue to read this article as it may help you to fix the issue.

Galaxy S20 Black Screen of Death

Soft Reset

A soft reset is mainly performed to clear closures of application and information stored in the random access memory of your phone, plus, help to fix the application problems or any minor glitch and also boost the device speed. However, there is no effect on data stored in the device, so you can perform without any hesitation. To perform it press the Volume Low Button and Power Key for a couple of seconds to restart the device.

Boot Device to Safe Mode

There are chances where Samsung stuck on a blank screen and may not start after a long time. Safe mode allows Samsung S20 to start with minimal functionality, which means only pre-installed apps only boot up. This could be effective because there is time the device gets affected due to malicious third-party files, and we receive Samsung S20 stuck on the black screen. So safe mode helps to find the culprit behind the issue. To enter your S20 into safe mode follow the given below steps.

  • Hold the Power Key until the power off icon appears on the screen.
  • Keep holding the Power Icon to highlight Safe Mode on the screen.
  • Lastly, touch the Safe Mode Icon and your device will enter to safe mode.

Still, your Samsung Galaxy S stuck on black screen issue on Safe Mode, then it’s likely to say that issue is with OS. If you don’t face any issue, then culprit is a third-party app.

Software Update

Moreover, you are busy scrolling social platforms on your S20 and suddenly a message pops up “ software update” but most probably we tap “later” or “cancel” rather than “install”. Plus software updates are delivered to enhance the device for fix Samsung Galaxy S20 stuck on the black screen. To verify that if there is any software update is available in your device settings.

  • Go to Settings Icon.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Search and hit Software Update.
  • Touch Download Updates Manually.
  • If there is any update available, it will ask to update now or later.
  • Lastly, INSTALL NOW.

Device Maintenance

The Device maintenance gives the inner-depth view of your device, plus, you will be able to find the culprit behind it and also can optimize the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S20.

  • Head toward Settings.Touch Device Maintenance.
  • Finally, hit OPTIMISE NOW.

If still the issue is not fixed move further to the next step.

Factory Data Reset

The factory data reset is a pre-installed aspect that offers automatically clearing of data stored and services and settings stored in the device. This means it brings the device to default settings, so try to perform it and verify the issue on Samsung Galaxy S20.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search and hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Hit Reset.
  • Enter Password / PIN / Pattern.
  • Finally, select DELETE ALL to begin factory reset.

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