Best Widgets for Android You Should Try in 2023

Best Widgets for Android You Should Try in 2020

If you’re an Android user for a while, I guess, you’re familiar with the Widgets, and how to add them on the home screen. Widgets are a quick way to get important information without opening the apps. After looking at the increasing demand for the widgets, as of right now, developers are creatively designing and integrating the widgets with the applications. As a matter of fact, if you’ve added the widgets on the home screen, it drives all the notifications, real-time information, and timely details right on the home screen.

We’ve put our best efforts to collect the finest widgets that could be of use to make your life easier. Go with the list that contains Weather Widgets, Clock Widgets, Calendar Widgets, News Widgets, Reminder Widgets, To-Do Widgets, and more.

Best Android Widgets You Should Try Right Now

Best Weather Widgets for Android

Weather & Hurricane Tracker The Weather Channel

Weather & Hurricane Tracker: The Weather Channel

Weather & Hurricane Tracker is one complete package deal to get real-time alerts and stay in the radar of the weather channel. Stay prepared to fight with the Hurricanes, Storms, and other natural weather situations, with the instant notification alerts by the app.

Check the detailed forecast right from the Weather Widget and App, before planning a weekend trip with your family so you don’t have to face natural disasters on the way to home.

Download Weather & Hurricane Tracker

Weather & Widget – Weawow

Weather & Widget – Weawow

Weather & Widget is another most popular Weather Widget App to download on Android phones, with a range of beautiful widgets to add on the home screen. It features all the basic information including Live Weather, Today Weather, Tomorrow Weather, Weekly Weather, and 48 Hours Weather.

With support for more than 50 languages and worldwide countries, this app makes it easier for you to track the weather reports for different regions using the GPS.

Download Weather & Widget

Best Clock Widgets for Android

Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget

How about download a Clock Widget app, which allows you to resize the Clock Widget before adding to the home screen? The Digital Clock Widget for Android Phones supports the widest array of customization tools, such as Color Picker, various Background Color options, different Time & Date formats, and more.

On top of that, this app shows the Next Alarm, which many default Clock Widgets lack. So far, it has plenty of tools that make it easier for us to personalize the clock widget of our choice.

Download Digital Clock Widget

Simple Analog Clock

Simple Analog Clock

As the name suggests, the Simple Analog Clock App is easy to set up, customize, and fulfills almost all the requirements that should be provided by Android by default. Even though, the second-hand moves in real-time, it doesn’t drain much battery of the phone.

Thankfully, when the screen is off, the clock stops, saving the battery of the phone. The Widget sizes 1×1, 2×2, and 3×3, are available to fit with the home screen at your convenience.

Download Simple Analog Clock

Best Calendar Widgets for Android

Month Calendar Widget

Month: Calendar Widget

You’ll love this Calendar Widget App, the way it is designed; equipped with over 90 themes for a clean and minimal look, and perfectly fits with any type of wallpaper. It’s easy to customize, take a few minutes to scroll through the list of themes and backgrounds, but I assure, you’ll get what you’re looking for.

It gives easy access to the Calendar Events, Friend’s Birthday, Lunar Calendar, and instantly takes you to the Agenda and To-Do List, so you can complete the work before the deadline.

Download Month: Calendar Widget

Business Calendar & Scheduling by Calendar

Business Calendar & Scheduling by Calendar.AI

Calendar.AI is one of the best Calendar Widget to download for Android phones; it drives all the data that matters to you, with the power of intelligent AI. To stay notified with the alerts link the Widget to the Outlook, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office 365 platforms.

Aside from Calendar agendas, you can catch up with the Weather forecast that is integrated with the app. Quickly add or remove the meetings, check the job titles, add private notes to the calendar, etc.

Download Calendar.AI

Best News Widgets for Android

Google News

Google News

Google App’s Discover section is enough to keep you aware of the news and stories you’re interested in. However, Google News App more efficient and productive to stay up to date with the things happening in your local areas along with the international news that matters to you the most.

From Breaking News Headlines to Subscribed Magazine publisher, everything can be accessed from the Google News App.

Download Google News

Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is another trustworthy source for in-depth and real-time updates on the controversies happening around you. Choose your preference in the Microsoft News App, to see only what you’re interested in.

It is partnered with the world’s topmost editions such as USA Today, CBS News, The New York Times, BBC News, FOX News, The Federalist, and more.

Download Microsoft News

Best Battery Widgets for Android

Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn

Already installed on thousands of Android phones, battery Widget Reborn is evolving with a new design, and easy to use interface. Customize the Battery Widget as per space on your device to get stay alert on battery status and cut off the user when the battery is low.

Its automatic power-saving functionality saves the battery during the night time when not in use. Plus, you get the estimated time, how long will your phone run on the current battery.

Download Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget % Level Indicator

Battery Widget % Level Indicator

This Battery Widget styles your home screen with multiple widget sizes including 1×1, 1×2, 2×1, and 2×2, without occupying space on the home screen. Establish your own Widget with the information that you would like to see from the Battery Widget from Battery Status, Battery Temperature, Battery History, and Battery Time Remaining.

Also, the Battery Widget summons up needy settings such as Display Settings, Airplane Mode, GPS, Bluetooth, Vibrate, etc. in more than 27 languages.

Download Battery Widget % Level Indicator

Best Calculator Widgets for Android

Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator

The Simple Calculator App is much like the native Calculator app, but it involves the customization options and design as per convenience by choosing the colors of our likings. Turn the Vibrate on for pressing the digit on the calculator to prevent miscalculation when you are in hurry.

Plus it doesn’t need an active internet connection, meaning the app won’t mugger the information and data over the web.

Download Simple Calculator

RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus

The developers of RealCalc Plus have intentionally created this calculator, the same as we use the hard calculator. It can calculate anything including the traditional algebraic, fraction calculations, user-customizable conversions/constants, and more.

Add the widget to the home screen for quicker access to the calculator without opening the app.

Download RealCalc Plus

Best To-Do List Widgets for Android

Stuff – To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)

Stuff – To-Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)

Stuff To-Do List Widget for Android phones is the easiest way to organize and remember the things that you could forget at the end of the day. Its clean and minimalist design helps you focus on the task, alongside, managing, adding, and organizing the tasks on the go.

Change the background, adjust transparency, colors, and fonts, whichever you like, and most importantly suit your system theme.

Download Stuff – To-Do List Widget



TickTick is more than just a To-Do list widget, you can use the voice input to add the tasks right in the TickTick app, with all the new tasks, also add the due date so you don’t forget to complete within the given time.

The best part that separates this app is it can be accessed across all the devices and platforms including, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, MacOS, Web Browser, Apple Watch, Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension, Outlook Add-in, and Gmail Add-on.

Download TickTick

Best Speed Dial Widgets for Android

Speed Dial Widget – Quick and easy to call

Speed Dial Widget – Quick and easy to call

With a single tap, the Speed Dial Widget lets you place calls, messages, video calls, skype calls, and many more things. It reduces the need to dig out the contact from the app, you can simply use the speed dial widget to control calling and other operations supported by this app.

The views probably bigger and clearer to make it easier for the elders or physically challenged people to fetch and make calls right from the home screen.

Download Speed Dial Widget

Speed Dial

Speed Dial

Speed Dial home screen widgets display bigger, better circles of the contacts, using which you can place the calls as fast as you can to save the battery, and time that you can save by accessing the contacts from the home screen.

It is available in more than 15 languages to use, depending on your native tongue switch the language of the app.

Download Speed Dial

Best Finance/Stock Market Widgets for Android

Stocks Tracker Widget

Stocks Tracker Widget

No other Stock Widget is such customizable than this. Reordering stocks, add as much as widgets do you wish, choose the refresh intervals, add multiple portfolios, and many more things can be done on Stocks Tracker Widget.

The light theme keeps the display calm and prevents eye-straining even if you check the stocks for a long time.

Download Stocks Tracker Widget

My Stocks Portfolio & Widget

My Stocks Portfolio & Widget

Differentiate your portfolios and stocks depending upon the Gain, Loss, Daily Changes, Up/Down, and other entities with this widget. It supports international stock markets too, aside from the US exchanges.

Use the real-time foreign exchange rates, track the stocks in your native currency, view multiple stock markets, portfolios, and watchlists with this app.

Download My Stocks Portfolio & Widgets

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