Best Tips to Save Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic Battery

save samsung galaxy watch 4 battery

It’s tough to live without the Samsung smartwatch these days, and with so much dependence on these nano gadgets, so we don’t want to receive the pop-up saying that “battery low, please plug-in charger”.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the effective tricks to save battery on Samsung watch 4. So continue to read the article and follow all the given below steps as it will definitely help to extend the battery life of the Samsung watch 4 and also prevent the Samsung watch 4 battery from draining fast.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Saving Tips

Keep The Watch Updated

  • From the connected device, go to Galaxy Wear App.
  • Hit Setting Tab>About Watch.
  • Select Update Watch Software.

Close Background Apps

Another potential way to control battery draining on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is to keep an eye on all the background activities, to be precise background apps. Most of the times, we don’t close the apps, and simply press the home button, which in real don’t shut the app completely and it continuously eats up the battery.

  • Navigate to the recent app list and there scroll to the left/right, and select Close All or Clear Now/All.

Use Black Watch Faces

As of now, all of us might be familiar with how the AMOLED display works and how to manage the AMOLED display to prevent battery drain. For those unaware, we are here.

The AMOLED display doesn’t have a backlight like a regular LCD. Rather all the individual pixels in the screen bright up when something is ON. Similarly, it remains off when not in use. Hence, the display having black wallpaper or else dark shades will not active all those pixels, which ultimately results into less consumption of battery. So we suggest to using only the black wallpaper to prevent the battery from draining.

If you are using the health feature in the normal situation results in to the battery keeps draining on the Samsung watch 4. To prevent battery draining we recommend turning off the health-related features on your Samsung watch.

  • Press the Power Button.
  • Select Samsung Health.
  • Scroll down and hit Health Menu for function to disable it.
  • Sleep: Hit Settings>Disable Switch>OK.
  • Heart Rate: Select Auto HR Settings>Never.
  • Stress: Select Auto Stress Settings>Disable Switch Off.

Clear Unnecessary Storage And Close Apps Running In The Background

The device is filled with corrupted data or else a useless app can be the reason the Samsung galaxy watch battery draining too fast. So to prevent it, it is necessary to clear all the data and background running apps.

  • From your device, head towards the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App>Settings.
  • Select About Watch>Storage>CLEAN NOW.
  • Select the Back Icon>RAM.
  • Lastly hit Clean Now.

Disable The Network And Bluetooth Connections On Your Watch

Unlike unnecessary storage, unnecessary features like Bluetooth or network-related features can affect Samsung watch 4 battery life. So it’s better to disable those features when not in use.

Disable Wake-up Gesture

Completely true! It looks super cool when your screen simply lights up all the time with simple raise off hand. But such features can form a serious impact on battery life. And especially for the people who do the sturdy works outside the house.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Advance and hit toggle to disable the Wake-up gesture.

Take Control Notification Settings

The unwanted receiving notification from the messages apps or emails or else pop notification from the social media application makes the smartwatch more in work. Ultimately results in galaxy watch 4 battery life decreasing. So simply those unwanted pop-up notifications

Disable Always On Display

Don’t think wrong “Always On Display” is a great feature on the Samsung galaxy watch 4. And we loved tracking the times and workout by simply raising the wrist. Even though Samsung claims that it doesn’t drain the battery, but according to the experts it’s one of the hungriest features. So if you enable this it’s better to disable it, as soon as possible.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Display.
  • Select Watch Faces>Watch Always On.
  • Lastly, hit Switch to disable it.

Reduce The Screen Brightness

The increase in the screen brightness always results in the Samsung galaxy watch battery draining too fast. So to prevent it, simply decrease the screen brightness of the Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic.

  • Hit Brightness.
  • Hit the bezel to modify and adjust the brightness to the desired level.
  • Press the Back Key.
  • Hit the Auto Low Brightness to enable it

Decrease Auto-Lock Time

The longer the screen is ON, the more battery will be consumed. Therefore, try to decrease auto-time. Watch android offers you to choose from various options: 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. So select according to your need.

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