Best Ways to Reduce Eye Strain While Using Samsung

Is your Samsung device hurting your eyes and causing fatigue? Spending limitless time scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., might be why your eyes are straining while using a Samsung phone. Don’t worry; we have got some better ways to reduce eye strain while using smartphones. Starting with Samsung’s own solutions, you can directly use Eye Comfort Shield and Dark Mode to control eye damage and watering eyes.

It’s time to give the needed comfort to your eyes by reducing the Blue Light and keeping the screen warm. Read on the best ways to reduce eye strain using a Samsung phone.

Best Ways to Reduce Eye Straining while using Samsung

Use Eye Comfort Shield/Blue Light Filter

The Eye Comfort Shield is a Samsung invention to reduce the screen’s Blue Light and keep the eyes safe even if you’re using the device for a long time. With One UI 3.1, Eye Comfort Shield is improved with an additional algorithm that adjusts the color’s screen considering the environment near you, whether it is brighter or darker.

  • Pull down the notification panel and find the Eye Comfort Shield button, tap to Enable it.   
  • If you’re running One UI 3.0 or earlier, look for the Blue Light filter.

Enable Dark Mode

Another best way to reduce eye strain on Samsung is using the Dark Mode device. Introduced a bit late for Android folks, but Dark Mode helps prevent eye fatigue and saves us tons of battery. Once you have used Dark Mode, there’s no going back.

Swipe down the Notification panel and tap on Dark Mode. Alternatively, open Settings > Display > select Dark Mode.  

Increase Font Size

Continuously using devices on small-size fonts can strain your eyes, despite not spending more time on the phone. Keep the font size at least 4 for more visibility. Here’s how to increase font size.

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Display > Font size and style.
  3. Increase the Font size to at least 4.

Recommended by researchers or say according to researchers, sometimes we get focused, which directly affects the blinking count of our eyes. Start blinking your eyes quite more than usual; that will help reduce eye strain. Also, make sure you slowly blink your eyes 10 times in every 20 minutes for the same matter.

Avoid Using Phone Continuously

Not to mention, but a very important factor, avoid using phone continuously. Furthermore, don’t use the phone in dark environments; stay always in a bright environment while using the phone.

Get Your Eyes Checked, Maybe?

Afraid to mention it, but after trying all the workarounds, still your eyes are draining, it’s about time to get in touch with the doctor and get the eyes checked for power.

What is eye comfort shield on Samsung phone?

Eye Comfort Shield is a modern eye protective feature that reduces blue light intelligently by taking the environment into consideration. It is available for One UI 3.1 or above devices.

Is using eye comfort mode good?

Yes, eye comfort is introduced to reduce eye strain, no matter how long you’re engaged on device.

Does Night Mode reduces eye strain?

Night Mode significantly reduces eye strain, as well as it saves a lot of battery. You should definitely turn on Dark Mode on Samsung.

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