Does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Have S Pen Slot? Get Answer

Does S Pen comes with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Tech Nerds have never ever thought that they’ll be getting S Pen with Samsung Galaxy S Series. YES, you have read it right, for the first time in history, Samsung has released Galaxy S Series with its signature S Pen. The newest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with S Pen Slot and extended support for S Pen. Starting at $1200, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is crammed with tones of inconceivable features that we weren’t expecting.

Not to mention the fact that with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy Note series is now in a nutshell. Now Samsung fans don’t have any solid reason to walk towards the Galaxy Note, because Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has it all, you’re looking for. Last year, Samsung shocked everyone with the decision to lend support of S Pen to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 3, but unfortunately, that was all for last year. However, these devices only received support for S Pen, but not a dedicated slot to securely put the Stylus.

The S Pen was first released in 2012 with Galaxy Note. That was a time when S Pen just supported 256 levels of pressure and didn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. Over time, S Pen is completely changed, now it comes with 4096 levels of pressure, Bluetooth support, and most importantly a lower latency compared to Apple Pencil.  

On top of that, you have two options to choose from S Pen. Last year, Samsung launched S Pen Pro that supports almost all the devices that work with Stylus including Samsung S21 Series and more.

Does Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra come with S Pen?

Luckily, Yes. Out of the box, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with S Pen, Data Cable, and Ejection Pin. The only necessary accessory you’ll have to buy is a Charging Adapter. However, that’s not it. To protect and increase productivity, there are a lot of best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra available, to buy.

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