How to Add Emergency Contact in Samsung S22Ultra, S22, S22+

Add Emergency Contact

You never know, what will happen in the next second with you. Therefore, keeping the Emergency Contact upfront is highly recommended. Most people carry identification cards like Licenses, Government-issued IDs, or anything where your details are mentioned, but that is not enough to contact someone and inform them about your emergency situation, especially when you’re not in the situation to communicate. But Samsung has made this easy for us, by adding Emergency Contact in Samsung S22, S22 Ultra, and S22 Plus, you’re helping yourself.

We’ve mentioned three different ways to let you add Emergency Contact and made it easy for a first responder or police officer to reach your beloved ones without any further delay. Let’s take some time for our own Safety.

How to Add Emergency Contact on Samsung S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra

You can add Emergency Contact in Samsung S22 Series from the Settings app, like any other app. But since it is One UI, the step might be different from other Android phones, and especially if you’ve moved from iPhone to Samsung, you should definitely go through the below steps.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Swipe down to Safety and emergency.
  3. Select Emergency contacts.
  4. Choose the contact from the Suggested list or tap on Pencil Icon and tap Add member.
  5. Find and select the Contact you wish to add.
  6. Tap Done and Save it.

After successfully setting up the Emergency Contact, the phone will notify the emergency contact in case of any accident or in emergency situation.

How to Add Medical Info to Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra, S22 Plus

Undoubtedly, every third-fourth person is allergic to something or has a minor or serious medical condition. These details must be added to the Safety and Emergency section too because, in case of an accident or emergency, the medical personnel could treat you better keeping the medical conditions in mind. Here’s how to add Medical Info to your Samsung phone.  

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Safety and emergency.
  3. Tap Medical Info.
  4. Select Pencil icon on upper-right screen.
  5. Fill up the following medical information:
    • Blood type
    • Allergies
    • Current meditations
    • Medical conditions
    • Other
  6. Lastly, Save all this information.

How to Add Emergency Information on Lock Screen in Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra, S22 Plus

This is not a part of Emergency and Safety, however, you can use this feature to display a customized message on the Lock Screen. Technically, this feature is made available to let you display alternate numbers in case you lost your phone.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Search and open Lock Screen option.
  3. Tap Contact information.
  4. Here you can add information to display on Lock Screen.
  5. Once you’re done, tap Save.

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