MacBook Pro/Air Overheating after Installing MacOS Monterey

MacBook Overheating after Update, Fix

Currently, the users of macOS Monterey are regularly shouting about their Macbook overheats unexpectedly after the macOS Monterey update. Also, they say, the laptop becomes too hot that they instantly need to turn it off. Having gone through a similar problem, I have started exploring what are solutions to fix MacBook overheating problem?

After the complete research on it, I have found the steps to fix my MacBook getting too hot frequently. If you are going through the same, then continue to read the article and follow the below-mentioned workarounds and pro tips to prevent MacBook Overheating Issue In macOS Monterey.

Fix MacBook Overheating after Updating to MacOS Monterey

What Causes Overheating On Your MacBook Running macOS Monterey?

Have you recently updated your mac? After an update, are you constantly working on macOS, just after an update? Well, I will remain honest with you, the new updates take some time to match up with a device, and so the processor runs constantly in the background and ultimately results in mac pro overheating and battery draining. For this, we suggest keeping MacBook and Mac Signe In and Turn On for the whole day without shutting it off, and after that their chances where you can encounter the improvement in the performance of mac.

Crowded Storage: Crowded storage is the mac can always result in mac big sur overheating. Various applications like storage hogging files, application backup, images, and videos make the device completely packed up. So, you need to keep the MacBook storage un-crowded to prevent the mac overheating when watching videos.

Frequent Software Bug: A few years ago, I would think deeply before blaming the software bus for the most common issue on MacBook after the macOS update. However, the mindset has changed completely, because nowadays macOS is well-known for the hotbed glitches. If you are going through various problems with your iOS device just after the update, consider performing all the software-related workarounds.

Low Capable Hardware: There are chances where the device hardware is less capable, and it will face difficulty to run high-end programs or software. And remember whenever the device installs the newest version of hardware along with modern aspects, you end up with an annoying issue like MacBook pro overheating and terrible battery drain too fast on mac.

Ensure Force Quit Inactive Apps

If the device is stored with unused applications, ensure to force quit them. It needed to be performed as it prevents the application from continuously running in the background and makes the mac overheat unnecessarily. To do so follow the given below steps.

  • Hit on the Apple Menu located at the left upper corner of the display and select Force Quit.
  • Now hit the Apps you desired to Force Quit.

Update All Apps

There are various reasons why you should keep apps updated and from those reasons, one of them is MacBook overheating after a big sur or macOS Monterey update. So to prevent those issues, you should always keep the application updated.

Navigate to the Mac App Store> Updates option.

Then select Update All.

Use Alternative Of Google Chrome

Even the Google chrome is the most efficient browser, I recommend switching over Safari on macOS whenever you encounter battery drain and overheating problems on macOS Monterey. It’s a bitter truth that chrome resource hungry and often results in mac getting hot after an update. On the other hand, the safari works more efficiently and is not resource hungry for the Apple ecosystem. So if mac keeps overheating frequently, try switching to safari. And now while switching from chrome to safari you will search for How to switch bookmarks and saved passwords from chrome to safari? Don’t worry! simply perform the given below steps.

Click on File> Import From> Google Chrome.Check If the Charger Is Not Damaged

A faulty charger is more responsible for MacBook pro overheating after big sur update. Though Lots Company claims to have all safeguard features against short circuits and overheating, very few of them can walk in a marathon. Therefore ensure to select only official and certified chargers. Apart from this, you should also ensure that the charger you are using currently is not corrupted or damaged.

Restart MacBook

No solution still worked! Well to fix MacBook overheating and shutting down, let’s try this handful and reliable workaround.

  • Hit the Apple Menu Symbol present at the left top corner and select Restart. Once the restart procedure is completed, use the MacBook to verify is still macOS Monterey overheating is fixed or not.


If the overheating problem still persists on your MacBook macOS Monterey, bet the game on resetting NVRAM and PRAM. Also, it doesn’t harm the important data stored in the device, you should perform it without any kind of hesitation.

Note: Unluckily, you can’t perform reset PRAM and NVRAM on the M1 Air/ M1 Pro.

  • Firstly, turn off your Intel-based MacBook and switch it on.
  • Next, press theCommand+Option+P+Rbuttons together after hearing the startup sound.
  • Ensure to hold the buttons until you’re the device completely reboots.

Run Hardware Test

Apple diagnostic can help to find out at culprit related to hardware. So, try running hardware to reach out to the culprit.

Firstly, turn off your device, then assure that macOS device is placed flat for accurate ventilation.

For Mac With Intel Processor

Switch On the mac and instantly press the D Button on the keyboard as the system turns on. Ensure to release button when the progress bar is featured or when you are prompt to choose a language.

For Mac With Apple Silicone

  • Switch on the mac and press the Power Key as your mac turns up. Let out the Power Key when startup options window features. After that, hold the keyboard shortcut Command ()-D on your keyboard.
  • Now the device will diagnostics will start verifying mac possible hardware problems. You should also capture the progress on the display. And after the completion of testing, Apple diagnostic, will feature the result for one or multiple reference codes.
  • If you capture PPFoo4, PPFoo3, or PPFoo1, there may be a problem within a fan. Considering 

Clean Your MacBook Storage

Crowded storage is the mother of several problems and most probably overheating on MacBook. So if haven’t cleared up your device storage, there is a high chance where the crowded storage is the culprit. Thankfully, macOS Monterey offers a handy and better way to track storage consumption. So reducing the crowded storage will be an effective way to fix MacBook pro 2018 overheating.

  • Hit the Apple Menu present left of the screen and select About This Mac.
  • Now select Storage> Manage.
  • Now macOS will feature all the data who so ever consumed the how much memory.
  • After that go-to app on your device and go to Software Update Section.

Update Your Mac

Lastly, if your device is outdated which results in various problems. So the developer frequently launches the update to keep your device steady and to offer some new features on macOS Monterey. We recommend looking for the update, and it’s available instantly download the update.

  • Navigate to System Preferences> Software Update section.

Pro Tips To Prevent MacBook Overheating Issue In macOS Monterey

Use Energy Saver Settings

And energy saver mode will not allow all the unnecessary features and applications on your device. This how it will handily decrease the load on the processor will be drastically decreased. Hence MacBook freezing and overheating will be completely fixed.

Clean Fans

Is Your Mac device too old? Haven’t made a habit to clean device parts regularly? If not, it’s time to work on it. When opening up the backside of mac and encountering the dust and debris in the parts of the MacBook, you will be startled. So it might be the culprit behind mac OS update causing over-heat. Well, it happens because the update comes with new features, and an increase in the number of features ultimately increases load the on device. And this dust particle over parts doesn’t allow proper ventilation, which results into mac os Catalina heating issue.    

Buy Cooling Or Stand Pad For MacBook Pro/Air

Placing the MacBook on a cooling pad or stand will make enough gap between the MacBook and surface. And results in accurate ventilation, and your MacBook Pro 16 overheating 2021 will be fixed. We recommend selecting the cooling pad mentioned below; as they are personally used by the experts from

Best Cooling Pads For MacBook Pro

Best Stands For MacBook

That’s it! Luckily, your macOS Monterey has started working efficiently and normally, and is no overheating issue.

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