Apple Time Machine Not Working Mac Monterey

Time machine is an easy backup option on your device that helps to generate and restore copies of data on your Mac on an external hard drive. But as it’s new to you and performing for the first time, you might go through a time machine stuck backing up on macOS Monterey, as it’s encountered by many users.

If you are thinking about how long the time machine does take to backup, it completely depends on the data stored in the device and it also depends on if it’s the first time. If it’s your first time it will take more time. When I have done the backup for the first time it almost took 20 minutes for 20GB. And is the times machine progress bar stuck is featured on the screen for almost 30-40 minutes, that ultimately means macOS Monterey time machine not working.  

No worries! You are not only the single who has gone through the time machine stuck on backing up on the macOS Monterey. Let’s continue to read the article and follow the given below works around.

Fix Mac Monterey Time Machine Not Working Mac, MacBook

Why Is Time Machine Backup Stuck On MacBook?

There are various culprit that results in time machine backup stuck Catalina:

  • Outdated and damaged backup drive.
  • Your macOS didn’t have the latest version of software.
  • Files size is too big.
  • Bugs on Mac.
  • Corrupted Apps & Files.

Monterey Time Machine Not Working

Due to software or an internal bug within the installed application running on Mac. The time machine stuck on backup persists with most of the Mac users around the world. So the effective workaround is running the mac device in Safe Mode and begin the time machine Back Up on the external hard drive in Safe mode. We hope this might work great.


Various users around the world have been shouting time machine stuck on preparing backup Catalina. They are mainly stuck on “Backup Failed”, so let’s fix it and begin with a new start. So the workaround is to repair Mac disk in the Recovery mode and the great thing is no worry about data loss. 

For Intel Macs:- Turn off your mac, then pause for 20 seconds and switch on your device, after that instantly press the Command + R buttons on the keyboard. Keep pressing the buttons until you feature utilities screen.

For M1 Mac:- Turn off the device, then pause for 20 seconds and press the Power Key until you feature Startup Volumes and Setting Gear Symbol along with name Options. Hit on the Options and capture the Disk Utility Window macOS Recovery utilities screen.

After this procedure, in both the similar devices

  • Choose Disk Utility.
  • Hit Continue To See Disk Utility Window.
  • Capture the disk sidebar or else navigate to Go to View.
  • Select Show All Devices.

Now choose Startup Disk, Volume, Container, and Repair along with the option “First Aid” located at the top window >RUN > Done. After that, simply restart the device and see if the time machine restores stuck is fixed or not.

Exit the Currently Failing Backup

First of all, we will exit the presently stuck backup on creating the Backup. Time machine will consume more time than expected then offer some time to complete the procedure. Offer half an hour. After the completion, you can stop the backup process. And if you have failed to do so, simply delete the inProgress procedure by the below-mentioned steps.

  • Select Apple Symbol present at the top mac menu.
  • Hit System Preferences > Time Machine.
  • Now exit the backup by clicking on X.
  • If you haven’t encountered Preparing Backup then move ahead.

Delete TheInProgress File Form The Time Machine Folder

After canceling the backup, now it’s time to clear out the corrupted file. 

  • Select Finder and search for the Time Machine and open up the Backups. backupd.
  • After that, select open the folder which is named as mac.
  • Now look for the file contains. inProgress extension.
  • Delete it. 

How To Free Up Space On Time Machine Backup Drive

Are you receiving time machine backup failed not enough space? So we recommend to see if there is enough proper storage space is available because if there is no storage space is available then it ultimately results in big sur time machine not working.

  • Hit on the Red Exclamation visible on the Time Machine.
  • Go completely on the error message and read it properly.
  • Here is where I am making enough space on the External Time Machine Backup Drive.
  • Navigate to the Finder on your device and look for the Time Machine Drive is featured on the side left of the screen.
  • Click Short By > Date Modified or Date Added.
  • And if you want to analyze Each Backup then choose Backup Folder > move the cursor to the Get Info and right-click on it.
  • Verify the Info Card.
  • Choose the Old Folder and Delete.
  • Move the mouse to the Delete Immediately and right-click on it.
  • Select on the Delete Button.

Re-Start The Time Machine Backup Process

Still, if time machine remains in the “Preparing” stage, it’s better to restart the time machine backup process. 

  • Right on the time machine tab select System Preferences > Select Disk.
  • Below the available disk, choose Backup Disk > Use Disk to begin the Backing up procedure.

After the completion, see if the time machine stuck on preparing the backup Catalina is fixed or not.

Restart Mac With The Time Machine Drive Connected

Now, what you need to do is restart the time machine drive right from the mac.

  • From the top mac menu, select Apple Symbol and hit on the Restart.
  • Hold for some time and allow the Spotlight to run.

Doing so, will make the macOS to re-index the file linked with the machine drive. This could be the reason why the time machine stuck on preparing backup big sur. 

Create Backup As Usual To Remove Time Machine Stuck On Preparing

Time machine restores stuck, you need to take backup as usual. Don’t never forget to link the Time machine drive to your device.

  • Hit the Apple Logo present at the top mac menu.
  • Access the Time Machine.
  • Hit “Back Up” Now.

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