Fix Safari Not Working After Mac Update

Although the MacBook supports varieties of web browsers, but the safari remains a top choice for various users as its most frequently used browser for iOS owners. And when this safari not working on mac after the macOS update can be quite frustrating, especially if safari keeps lagging and freezing on MacBook while you are surfing online.

How do I fix safari not loading web pages? Is that the question, In this blog, we have mentioned some of the effective workarounds to fix safari not working on mac Catalina? So continue to read the article and follow the given below steps.

Fix Safari Not Working Mac Monterey, Big Sur: Mac, MacBook

Force Quite Safari

If safari froze up and stopped working on your mac, firstly try force quitting. Because force quitting refreshes the safari, so there are fewer chances of safari keeps crashing on MacBook. To force quit the safari simply follow the given below steps

  • Navigate to Apple Menu present at the left top of the display.
  • Choose Force Quit.
  • Or else press the Command + Option + Escape. Now you will encounter Force Quit Applications Box, choose Safari, and hit Force Quit.

Restart Mac

Restarting the mac can cure the various bugs, no matter whether it’s a software-related glitch or else if it is third party error such as safari not working on mac Catalina. So recommend following the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Apple Symbol present at the top menu bar.
  • Choose Restart, and hold until the process is completed.

After the completion of restart procedure see if the issue safari not responding on the mac even after the force quite is fixed or not.

Update Safari

Having the latest version of the safari is the best and efficient way to prevent all the common issues that cause safari not working on the mac after an update. The mac’s stock browser is already present in the macOS, so even if you update the operating system the safari will be updated.

  • To do so, navigate to the Apple Menu > Select Preference > Software Update.
  • If you capture the updated list, choose Update Now.

Clear Browser Cache

A corrupted or an outdated browser cache can cause the safari not responding on mac big sur. To prevent from this, we suggest clearing the browser cache.

  • Navigate to Safari, choose Safari located at the menu bar > Preferences.
  • Go to Advance Tab > tick the box next to the Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar.
  • Doing so will reveal a new item called as Develop.
  • Select Develop > Empty caches.

Disable Extension

Always consider the extension when you are willing to improve the browser experience, no matter whatever the browser is either chrome or safari. Apart from this, it also prevents the safari browser from freezing and random crashing. But the worst scenario is, when this extension are outdated it can create various safari problems. We recommend disabling those extensions.

  • To do so, choose Safari from the menu bar.
  • Select Safari Extensions and un-tick the boxes present next to the active extension.

After this, re-launch the safari. If it works greatly, then turn on the extensions one by one.

Delete Safari Preference

The other reason behind the safari keeps crashing on the mac can be the corrupted safari preferences files and clearing these files can fix improperly configured browser settings. To do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Finder > press Command + Shift + G to access the Go To Folder Box.

· ~/Library/Containers/ copy paste this path and hit Go.

· Move the mouse on the and right-click on it. After that choose Move To Trash.

· Well don’t worry, the safari will re-create the file, so there is no need to worry.

Restart the device. Then access safari and verify if the safari keeps lagging on the mac is fixed or not. 

Enter Safe Mode

If you having extreme trouble in opening the Safari, even after clearing cache or turning of the active extension, try booting the device to safe mode. Start switching off the mac. Then, wait for 20-30 seconds and switch it on. Then wait for a couple of seconds and enable while pressing the Shift Button. After booting the device to device to safe mode, navigate to Safari. If it’s launched without any safari problems in 2021.

Clear Mac Cache

Even after trying clearing the cache of Safari, still safari not working on mac. Try clearing the mac’s application and system cache. That could resolve the problems in safari caused by the corrupted and outdated cache or data in the apps.

Check Startup Disk

If any of the above-mentioned tricks don’t work, then it’s worth verifying and fixing bugs in the startup disk on your device. macOS comes with Disk Utility software that can definitely help to fix it. But firstly, you try to restart the mac in the recovery mode.

  • Switch off the mac. Then, switch on while pressing both Command + R Buttons. And let out the keys when the Apple Symbol appears. Now you will encounter the Recovery Mode.
  • Select the Disk Utility > Continue.
  • Choose Macintosh HD present at the disk utility window. Then choose the First Aid Symbol.
  • Tap Run to encounter a disk-related problem.
  • Choose Done > Macintosh HD –Data present at the left Disk Utility and perform steps 3-5.
  • Access the Apple Menu present at the left top corner and choose Restart.


Safari isn’t responding, keeps crashing or freezing, try resetting the NVRAM PRAM and is if the safari running slow or unresponsive is fixed or not.

  • Switch off the device (Apple Menu > Shut Down).
  • Immediately press the Option + Command + P + R Buttons for up to 20 seconds.
  • After that let out the buttons. Doing so will reset PRAM or NVRAM.

Wrapping Up,

Luckily, we have ended the story by fixing safari not working but chrome works. If you have performed all the workaround and still the safari not loading pages is not fixed, you might need to reinstall macOS. Or else you use alternative browsers such as firefox and chrome.

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