Best SmartThings Compatible Devices to Buy Now

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What is a SmartThings hub? Well, it is a wireless network for all the smart devices to work together using the SmartThings hub. The hub can connect different SmartThings compatible devices like a thermostat, lights, ring camera, security camera, and more.

If you recently purchased SmartThings and searching for a compatible device; you came to the right spot! Here in this article, we have mentioned the best SmartThings compatible devices to buy right now.

Best SmartThings Compatible Devices To Buy

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub

If you are an avid Samsung device user and all the gadgets around in the office and home are SmartThings compatible, then Samsung SmartThings hub is the best choice. This SmartThings device works as brain of home. It links with multiple smart gadgets like lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, and more wirelessly at one time. Moreover, it gives you an alert when some unwanted or unexpected activities takes place, plus, it sets gadgets to turn off and on when triggered by the time, temperature, or movement, and at the same point, creates routines like goodnight, goodbye, and good morning. You can have access and control over the best SmartThings devices connected to it through a SmartThing app.

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Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

Searching for a smart lamp for smart things, this Sengled lamp is for you. The sengled smart led bulb follows Zigbee protocols. It gets easily connected to the internet through Ethernet cable, is compatible with a 5GHz router, and offers a suitable and stable connection. You can get control by voice with echo, Alexa, google home assistant, for hand-free procedures of brightening/dimming or turning off/on your bulb. When you are not present at home or office, still you can set a timer to turn on at dusk and turn off at sunrise it the Sengled smart home app. No need of a technician to install it as this 6o watt smart lamp gets installed in E26 light socket. So just have it, no matter whatever hub you have, it will work as per your wish.

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Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The Samsung smart plug is our best choice among all the smart plugs for SmartThing. It’s designed seems compact that’s the best thing to be considered as it never blocks complete outlet. With a voice command through google assistant or a Bixby it simply makes your home smarter; helps to turn off and on lamps, electronics, and small appliances. Also with the help of this top-rated smart plug, you can analyze energy usage and allows to set routines to save and control energy, no matter how far you are. Moreover, if you don’t have the best SmartThing hub, no worries! It can easily work over a Wi-Fi connection. It is manufactured using top-rated plastic, so need to worry about built quality.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The ring store is craved with everything you need. It is upgraded with a 1080p camera; offers clear vision and a better tracking experience. It’s still the best ring video doorbell pro for SmartThings. You will receive motion-activated alerts on your PC, tablet, or phone and sneak at home any time with a live view all features in the ring app. Moreover, the in-built Alexa greeting offers a clear conversation with an. Looking at a connectivity mechanism, it remains reliable connected with dual of 2.4 or 5 GHz wifi. Plus, offers ring protection plans to record videos so you can review what you forget to see up to 60 days. At this much price, including wireless chime it’s something worth going for.

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Yale Assure Lock SL With Z-Wave

Yale Assure Lock SL With Z-Wave

The Yale assure lock SL is one smart lock for SmartThings. Having a habit to forgot keys, simply unlock and lock with help of a simple code present at the locks backlight keyboard. The lock from yale is completely key-free means there is no chance of tempering. This best smart lock for smart things is compatible with the app, or alarm system and Z-wave smart home; needs a compatible hub and app! Easily works with an Alexa through a compatible hub but with a limited amount of features. No need for a technician to install it, simply let out the deadbolt present at the door, 1-3/8″ to 2-1/4″ thick with the help of a screwdriver. Lastly, don’t worry about the battery dead issue, as it’s packed with a 9v back up charger on the keypad. 

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Amazon Echo Speakers

Amazon Echo Speakers

Use your voice to play a song, artist, or genre through apple music, amazon music, or Spotify with this best smart speaker compatible with SmartThings. This SmartThing compatible device is craved with a rich and detailed sound. The speaker offers voice control over the locks, light, senor, Zigbee devices, and solar lamps and bulbs. Begin your routine by turning on compatible gadgets like and coffee maker when you walk into the office. Experience the hand-free calls to your loved, family, and friend. No need to install simply place it on a desk or bench and remind whole family for dinner time. Available in different color options like glacier white, charcoal, and twilight blue.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Willing to have a conversation or video calls then add up this ring stick up cam battery in the bag. No matter if you want to put it outdoor or indoor this smart ring stick up for SmartThing is always there. Go through an entire home by linking with multiple ring stick camps with all ring devices using the ring app. Easy step-up procedure, place on the flat surface or mount to wall using the unique mount bracket. To experience more peace to mind, link it with Alexa to help you to sneak at home. Available in different color options like white and black.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

The nest learning thermostat is one of the best thermostats for SmartThings. It helps to learn your daily schedule and program itself to save more energies. You can handily control it using the nest app and it works firmly with google assistant and Alexa; so that you can alter the temperature through your voice. Looking at the design, it’s quite awful and seems stylish as it is manufactured using a metal finish. For proper functioning, it requires stable and active internet. But the only drawback is, energy savings are not guaranteed. Lastly, with a weight of one pound, this best SmartThing compatible device is available in four different colors like stainless steel, copper, mirror black, and polished steel.

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Philips Hue Smart Bulb

SmartThings Compatible Device

There are varieties of smart bulbs available in the present market, but Philips smart bulb for SmartThing users is something next level. It can be installed everywhere and is available in a vivid range of form factor that suits every convenient use case and fixture. Luckily, it gets easily connected with a SmartThing hub, so there is no need to spend on a new hub. Using the Philips hue, you can have control over every bulb through Bluetooth. Moreover, the bulbs are available in different colors and firmly work with a voice assistant like Alexa.

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MOES Smart IR Remote Control


It comes with 4000+ Brands along with 50000+ IR code which is compatible with various devices. There is pre-installed Temperature, Humidity, Time, and Date which offers complete information on the LCD screen. No matter where you are present, you can have access to all the gadgets using the Smart Life App. Moving forward, by creating some scenarios you may have access to the various device with and single tap. So just adding it in arrays is always best to go.

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Get control over any ULTRALOQ Smart Lock, you can easily lock, unlock, and share access with whomsoever using the Smartphone App. Moreover, it allows sharing the code with your loved ones or with any family member to offer them permanent access to the Anti-Peep Keypad + Smartphone + Auto Unlock + Shake To Open + Mechanical Key. At last, it offers one of the Highest Durability and Durability at the same point, offering 35 Times strengthen along with a 7 Times lifespan. In the end, 18 Months electronic warranty.

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Let’s Get Smart Together!

If you have already purchased a lot of Samsung gadgets, then SmartThing smart home is worth considering. It takes lots of time to purchase SmartThing compatible devices, but it’s worth to setup. Seriously you will experience lots of comforts, privacy, security, and pleasantness all through hand-free using the voice command, isn’t it cool!  

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