Fix Bluetooth Drains Battery Faster on Samsung Phone

Fix Bluetooth Drains Battery on Samsung

With the recent update to the latest version of Android on Samsung phones; multiple owners have been reporting overnight battery drain on Samsung phones when Bluetooth is enabled. For some unwanted reason, the Bluetooth feature on the Samsung phone remains enabled which results in battery drain faster even when the Samsung phone was not in use.

Well going through a similar kind of problem on my Samsung phone, we have found various reasons that might such a problem. If you are experiencing the same; we have mentioned an effective solution to prevent or fix battery draining faster than usual on Samsung phones. 

Fix Bluetooth Drains Battery Fast Issue on Samsung Phone

Disable Bluetooth Scan On Your Phone

Samsung Phones are so smartly built that when the Bluetooth feature is enabled, the phone software keeps working in the background throughout the day. And feature running in the background is the biggest chunks of battery. So to prevent such type of scenario it’s better to turn off Bluetooth Scan in the background. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the Settings > Connections.
bluetooth drains battery
  • Hit Bluetooth.
battery draining fast
  • Select the Stop Option to pause the scanning feature.  
my device draining fast

Ensure That The Device Your Are Connected With Is In The Range

First and foremost, one of the most common suggestions given by any tech experts is to keep both devices within the range. As it may cause sudden connection and disconnection between the device; which ultimately results in Samsung phone battery drains faster when Bluetooth is enabled. So if you are keeping both the devices out of the range, it’s better to improve your habit.

Turn Off Bluetooth When Not In Use

Unfortunately, the enabled Bluetooth is one of the most common factors for the battery draining problem on Samsung phone. And due to the hectic schedule, most users forget to disable the Bluetooth of the device even when it’s not used. So it’s recommended to always check the Bluetooth status on the phone to check if it’s disabled or not.  

Update The Version Of Software

Why does Bluetooth drain battery faster on Galaxy phones? Is due outdated version of the Software. Most commonly update are launched to enhance the performance of the device and fix the bugs causing the issue. Check if your Samsung phone has the Latest Version Of Software. And if not, simply update the device as soon as possible.

Permit Location Service Only When Application In Use

To receive the accurate or approximate location; the Samsung phone might take the help of the Bluetooth feature. And when the application is playing with location permission; most of the users notice battery keeps draining. The Samsung phone comes with a feature that limits the location permission. To do so, follow the given below steps.

Navigate to the Settings > Location.

change font style on Samsung phone

Verify the application that can use the location even when not in use.

  • Select the desired app and hit on the Allow Only While Using The App to disable it. 

Boot The Device To Safe Mode

Nowadays the phones as filled with a bunch of applications that use the Bluetooth feature of the device to offer some of the services or else to connect with other third-party devices wirelessly. But installing the corrupted application on the device can cause Bluetooth to eat more battery on Samsung Phone. To find out whether the third-party app is the culprit or the device system; boot the device to safe mode.

  • Press the Power Button to appear Power Off Menu.
  • From the Power Menu, keep pressing the Power Off Option.
bluetooth Android fast
  • Doing so, will feature Green Safe Mode Icon, tap on it.
Android phone draining fast

We recommended using the device in the Safe mode with enabled Bluetooth for 3-4 hours and see if still battery draining on the Samsung phone is persist or not. If the battery of the device doesn’t drain up in the safe mode; it confirms that a third-party app is a culprit.

Now it’s time to uninstall the application one by one to fix the issue.

Reset Network Settings

The last workaround left is Reset Network Setting. Doing so will bring you back to the default Bluetooth settings. So there is any unwanted or accidental tweak in the network settings causing battery-related issues on the Samsung phone will get fixed.

  • Go to Settings > General Management.
  • Hit Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Choose Reset All.

Contact Samsung Support

There is no other option left rather than contacting Samsung Support. As they can give the deeper to knowledge to prevent the Bluetooth from draining the battery.


These are some of the effective solutions to fix the Bluetooth Related Problems Samsung Phone. If works for you, share with the people when why Bluetooth drains the battery quickly?

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