How to Know if Samsung Phone Needs a Battery Replacement?

How to Know if Samsung Phone Needs a Battery Replacement

Wondering how to check the battery health of any Samsung Phone? This article will help you understand how to tell if your Samsung phone needs a battery replacement. Continue to read the article. The battery is the first thing we always look for before buying a new phone, and as a human, you’ll always want a smartphone with significant battery capacity. Eventually, these batteries start degrading with time and usage and of course, it principally depends on how you use the phone, and charge the phone in daily wear and tear routine.

Playing games for a long time, chatting continuously, streaming movies/shows and many more activities highly affect the battery performance and hence it decides whether you need a battery replacement or not. Overtime or say after a few years, smartphones can’t be able to hold the battery power as it does with new phones.

What are Signs That Your Samsung Needs Battery Replacement?

Furthermore, from high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series, to mediocre phones like the Samsung A Series, and Samsung M Series, all of these are embedded with a non-removable battery. That’s one downside of these new generation phones. Earlier we used to know by removing the battery and checking the swelling of it.

Back to the question, how do you know if Samsung Phone needs a battery replacement? Well, as far as it is Samsung Phone, battery health can be checked from the Samsung Members App. However, a few years back, Apple has already released an update that shows the battery health of devices right from the Settings App. While some Android phones are following Apple and also screening real-time battery health. We believe Samsung is working on it and in future updates, they may roll out this feature.

Meanwhile, here are the steps to check the battery health of the Samsung phone.

Download the Samsung Members App on your phone.

If already downloaded, then check for updates and Update Samsung Members App from Google Play.

  1. Open the Samsung Members App.
  2. Tap on Get Help tab.
  3. Tap Start in the Diagnostic section.
  4. Now you should see the list of items that can be tested.
  5. If you want to Diagnose all the Features that tap Start or just select Battery Status and then tap Start.

After the test is completed, tap on Battery Status and read the feedback. Mine is saying, ‘Battery is working normally’ and ‘Life: Good’. What’s yours? If your Battery Status is something different, they might need to check with the nearest Samsung Service Center and get the battery replacement done. We’d recommend you visit the Samsung Service Center since we believe the battery we use with the phone must be genuine, otherwise, you know what can happen.

These are the Signs Your Phone Battery Needs to be Replaced.

  • When battery overheats.
  • Battery keeps draining quickly.
  • Phone reboots on its own.
  • The battery bumps on.
  • Phone doesn’t charge when charger plugged in.

Samsung Phone Won’t Turn On

This is the most common symptom of dead battery, when your Samsung phone won’t turn on for no reason, the battery must be dead and it needs to be replaced.

However, to closely monitor this, all you can do is try charging the phone with an alternate charger or use a wireless charger.

Battery Keeps Draining Fast

Battery keeps draining fast is another strong sign that the phone needs a battery replacement as soon as possible. You cannot survive a day with battery draining fast issue, no matter what phone you’re using. Before making the decision to change the battery, try these battery-saving tips, if that doesn’t work, Samsung battery replacement is need of an hour for you.

Battery Overheating

Not to mention, battery overheating for a long time could be dangerous for you. Usually, while playing games, and on continuous usage, phone overheats. In that case, removing all the accessories is the best preventive measure to avoid heating of phone, and hence the battery. If that doesn’t help, and Samsung phone continues to heat, try these solutions or else go for battery replacement.

Battery Swelled Up

When the battery keeps swelling up, it pushes the display upwards from the frame. At the same time, it happens when battery overheats and you keep charging the phone. Check the phone from side or put on the flat surface and observe the screen.

Can you replace the battery on Samsung S22?

Yes, you can replace the battery on Samsung S22, S22 Ultra, S22 Plus. But it is recommended to get the battery replaced from the Samsung or expert.

Does Galaxy S22 have removable battery?

No, Galaxy S22 doesn’t come with removable battery.

How much does it cost to replace Samsung battery?

It depends on device to device; you can check the battery replacement cost on Samsung’s website and get it done.

Is it worth to change Samsung battery?

Yes, its definitely worth changing the Samsung battery. Get Samsung battery replacement at your nearest Samsung Store or Repair shop.

Where to buy Original Samsung Battery?

Visit Samsung Service Center to get the Original Samsung Battery.

Samsung S21 battery replacement cost?

The battery replacement cost of Samsung varies from one device to other. Visit the Samsung Website to get accurate battery cost.

Samsung Note 10 Plus Battery Replacement Cost?

Samsung Note 10 Plus Battery Replacement Cost is under $100.

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