How to Turn On Always On Display on Galaxy S20, S20Plus, S20Ultra

Enable AOD On Samsung S20

The high-end expensive smartphones do come with a fingerprint sensor, however, the only difference is, that their ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is hidden inside the screen and can be accessed while the screen is ON. Certainly Always On Display keeps the display On, so if you are in an event or at an office desk, but tired of unlocking devices to see notifications or important messages, at that time Always On Display comes in handy.

Turning on Always on Display on Galaxy S20, and S20Plus and keeping the fingerprint sensor always on, on the screen both are kind of mutual functions. To show a permanent fingerprint icon on the always-on display on Samsung, you’ll want to turn on AOD on Samsung and then jump to the next procedure to show the fingerprint sensor.

A word of warning, using AOD on Samsung S20, may eat more battery than usual, check out Battery Optimizing Tips for Samsung S20.

Enable Always On Display on Samsung S20, S20Plus, S20Ultra

  • Go to the Settings app, (swipe up the App Tray and tap Settings).
  • Scroll down and tap Lock Screen.
  • Always On Display will appear in the list.
  • Enable Always On Display on your Galaxy S20.

How to Make Fingerprint Sensor Visible All the time on your Samsung S20

  • Open Settings on S20.
  • Tap Biometrics and security.
  • Select the Fingerprint option.
  • Type the PIN to access Fingerprint settings.
  • Go to Show icon when screen is off
  • Finally, select Always On Display to show a fingerprint sensor on Samsung S20Plus, S20 always.

BONUS: How to Set Animated AOD in Galaxy S20

To add more spice to the lock screen, let’s see how to set and use animated AOD on your Galaxy S20, S20Plus.

  • Open the Settings of Galaxy S20.
  • Scroll down and tap Lock screen and security.
  • Make sure AOD is enabled on the phone.
  • Select Clock and FaceWidgets.
  • Tap Clock style.
  • Choose animated AOD.
  • There are two options available: Use Inbuilt GIFs > Tap Add GIF or Import from your Gallery > Tap +.
  • If the imported GIF is of 5s then, it will play twice and if it is more than 5s it will play once.
  • Lastly, tap Apply.

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