Best Cloud Storage Services for iPhone and Android in 2023

Best Cloud Storage Service for iPhone and Android in 2020
Best Cloud Storage Service for iPhone and Android in 2020

Online Cloud Storage services are the ultimate solution to preserve additional data such as Photos, Videos, Documents, safely, without stocking our phones and PCs. Certainly, at some point the mobile starts showing Low on space error, even it happens with high storage phones with 256GB or 512GB. Least you can do is, move the frequently needed media files to the Cloud Storage before populating the phone with random, used, unused files and media’s. On top of that, nowadays, the small business firms choose to go with Cloud Storage, just to spare the cost of repairing, maintenance, etc. If you run a small business firm with the need for mild storage, this list of best cloud storage for personal use and business can be helpful to you.

We have gathered some of the best free and paid cloud storage for personal use, and small business; that offers finest services including sync across devices, impeccable upload speed, online backup, and needless to say, cheap when it comes to cost.

Best Cloud Storage for iPhone & Android


Dropbox is one of the most popular and secured cloud storage for both iOS and Android while it has simple UI but the essential and effective app lets you store pictures, videos, documents, and more. Just simply drag and drop the files and also create a public folder to share with your business partner or friends through links. In fact, it has synchronization, editing and sharing excel, Word files, PowerPoint making users more flexible in work, and offers handy access to all types of files.

Furthermore, with a premium subscription, you can store up to 1TB and for non-premium, it offers 2GB data storage. Moreover, you can create a business account to give access to all the files to all the users at the same place.

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Next cloud storage in this line-up is mega, which available on both iOS and Android. With simply drag and drop you can back-up all your files, pictures, data, videos, and more up to 50 GB for free. Whereas it is compatible with all versions of devices and assure that you have easy and fast access to all types of data you stored. Besides, you can share the content with your contact and delivers the real-time update of the following users.

Only thing you need to remember is password because it has an encryption process we cannot reset or change the password, rather than it is a complete package of both security and privacy. Lastly, there is a premium version available, 200GB in 5$ for one-month, 4TB in 30$ for one month.

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Microsoft OneDriveMicrosoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is cloud storage that comes pre-installed in Windows 10, no worries! it is also available in both Android and iOS also accessible through the web. This cloud storage keeps protect your files, photos, and sync to multiple devices, plus, it will automatically back-up all the photos and videos. We can consider it as an alternative to Google drive where you can store files like excel, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and more.

There is an automatic tagging aspect that helps you to sort the picture according to the occasions, in addition, it makes it easier to share with your friends and family and can access it without the internet. You can start with 5GB without any cost or else go to the premium version of 1TB.

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In the present market, the Box cloud storage is at the top according to its ratings, available on both Android and iOS. It allows us to share, view, edit the files with 10GB of free storage, and can be accessed through various devices like iPad, Android, Desktop, and iOS. Moreover, the in-built note-taking aspect offers easy writing of ideas to work on. Plus, it easily synchronizes the data to various devices to keep them updated.

It also offers offline access to folders & files and can share on the social platform through links. If your usage is more, then you can go to a premium version of 100GB storage only in $79.99 annually, which is cheaper compare to other storage.

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Google DriveGoogle Drive

With 15 GB of free data storage, Google cloud is available on both Android and iOS. There is no limitation, you can edit and share through a spreadsheet to make it easy to access and view for all the users. Moreover, by simply signing you can run all the apps and collect there stored data in it, plus, upload stored the photos and videos.

The in-built search feature let us find content & file and also you can comment on the specific files on photos and documents. If 15GB is not enough buy its premium subscription of 30TB in just $29.99 per month.

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Amazon Drive (Discontinued)Amazon Drive

Amazon drive is famous cloud storage in a specific range, available on iOS and Android. Same as all clouds it authorizes us to edit and share the music, files, images, videos stored in the cloud. Even if your forgat the device at home or an office or your device has been stolen, this drive allows you to get access to personal and confidential data on Amazon drive. Also, you can update and upload from the PC and can give access to all the device.

Moreover, the cloud is to manage because it helps to edit text, rename files, and clear the unwanted data from the cloud effortlessly. You can share with your partner through links, attach email on the social platforms. Enjoy amazon drive up-to 5G without paying, for more you need to subscribe to its premium version.

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