[2023] Fix Zoom Black Screen Issue on Windows 11

During the coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing becomes the most used app over the year. Now things are getting better as time passes, but steal, the uses of zoom are still at the peak. Why the zoom is at the peak? Because zoom offer services all kind of platforms no matter how much big or small business.

So as the use of zoom is increasing day by day, many users have encountered various kinds of issues such as zoom black screen window 10, and Windows 11. To fix it continue to read these articles as they may help you to fix it.

Fix Zoom Black Screen of Death on Windows 11

Restart PC

Let’s begin the work with a simple and efficient solution restart the computer. Press Windows + X to feature Start Context Menu. Now move the cursor on “Shut Down or Sign Out”. These menus will feature “Restart”. Now wait for a while and verify if the issue is fixed or not.

Customize the Screen Resolution

You are not familiar with it, but we will like to say if you have incompatible screen resolution then your PC will defiantly mess up. And it’s not a bad idea to play and tricks with the screen resolution. So to customize the screen resolution,

  • Press the Right Click on the cursor anywhere on the desktop. Now head toward “Display Setting”.
  • Swipe down until the Display Resolution is visible. Tap on the Drop Down Menu.
  • Lastly, tap any screen resolution you want.
  • Go back to Zoom and verify that the black screen is fixed or not.

Disable Automatic Graphics Switching

The most common culprit is when the PC is integrated with a dual graphic card. And due to the instant switching from one graphic card to another graphic can itself manifest black screen. And if you have Nvidia then there are high chances behind a black screen, but other graphics are all needed to test during such situations. In this article, we are considering the Nvidia graphic card.

  • Head to the Control Panel.
  • Tap Nvidia Control Panel.
  • On the left panel, tap on “Manage 3D Settings” located under 3D Settings.
  • Navigate to “Program settings” Hit Add located on the right side of “Select program to customize”.
  • Just after a click on “Add” tap on “Browse”.
  • Go to Directory > AppData > Roaming > Zoom > Bin.
  • Touch the “Cpthost” > Open. Preferably, you can use the same path to your windows explorer address.

Don’t allow Google Chrome or any browser in the background

As we all know the Google chrome is the most widely used browser in the world, and it’s unrecognized Google has considered the zoom as a spoil spot, with many claiming that zoom’s dark screen pop ups while Google chrome running in the background.

Accordingly what we need to do is stop goggle running in the background. For that, you need to follow the given below steps.

  • Open the Google Chrome Brower and tap on the Three-Dots located in the top right corner.
  • Head towards Settings.
  • Then Tap Settings > Advanced > System.
  • Now switch off the “Continue Running Background Apps when Google Chrome is Close”

Update the Zoom Client

The Black screen isn’t the output that we need while using the zoom meeting app. So to prevent it the zoom app comes with the best solution. And the solution is to keep zoom desktop client updated. To search for an update follow the given below steps.

  • Open the Zoom Client.
  • Tap on the Profile Picture Thumbnail located at the top right corner.
  • Now hit on “Check For Updates”.

Run Laptop in high-performance mode

Well, the desktop is craved with great defense to strike the accurate balance between battery life and performance. And as we all know the zoom apps required more resources, so there are chances the performance of the device degrades. So If your PC includes dedicated graphics it’s better to update it to high performance while using zoom calls.

For that plugin the charger, tap on the battery key at the right-bottom corner on you main taskbar. Now tap “High Performance” rather than “Balanced”. Well, we have experienced, when high performance is enabled your device battery as fast as possible. So we recommend to plug in the charger while the PC is at high-performance mode.

Update Driver

Download the driver from the Nvidia website

  • You can install the latest version of Nvidia from the official website. So go to the official website and install it.

Update driver through device manager

You can update the driver through the device manager. For that follow the given below steps.

  • Press the Windows + X to appear in the Start Context Menu.
  • Tap on the “Device Manager”.
  • Now expand the “Display Adapter” menu and press the right-click on your graphic card.
  • Press the “Update Driver”.
  • Touch the “Browse My Computer For Drivers” option.
  • Right from the next screen, touch on “Let Me Pick From A List Of Available Driver On My Computer”.
  • Windows will feature the available option. Touch Graphic Card and hit “Next”.

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