Signal Notifications Not Working on Android: Easy Fixes

Signal App notifications won’t show up until the app is manually open, is that what you’re facing, or notifications not working on Android at all? No matter what, in this article, we’ve gathered a few potential solutions to fix all the notifications-related issues. Signal has been found a secure messaging app when compared to any other social media application, and that’s the reason why Signal got a hike in new users.

Whether notifications are not working on Android phones or Android tablets, this article will show you complete fixes to get it to resolve once for and all.

Fix Signal Notifications Not Working on Android

Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet

Without a stable internet, connection the Signal might not work appropriately, therefore, make sure your device has an active data connection. The easiest way to do this is, open YouTube app and try to play any video, if it video plays flawlessly, jump to the next solution.

There are few more things to check when it comes to network issues, here they are,

  • Enable and Disable Airplane Mode, just to refresh the network.
  • Try using a VPN, sometimes, the applications are blocked, and using on the same network won’t be helpful.
  • If you’ve connected the device to a public network such as College, School, Organization, etc. then ask the administrator whether you’re allowed to use apps like Signal. They could block access.

Disable and Enable Notifications

Secondly, you should check the notifications settings for the Signal App, if somehow they are disabled, then Signal won’t send notifications.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps or Applications.
  3. Scroll down to Signal App.
  4. Tap Notifications.
  5. Disable and re-enable it.

Enable Background Data Usage

Background data usage restrictions are made for the applications that you don’t frequently need to use and especially their notifications don’t matter. You cannot use restrict background data usage on messaging apps like Signal. Here’s how to turn on background data usage for Signal on Android.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Apps or Applications.
  3. Find and tap on Signal.
  4. Tap on Mobile data.
  5. Toggle Allow background data usage ON.

Set Date and Time Correctly

Incorrect date and time could create problems with the entire app including notifications, therefore, set the correct date and time according to your Time Zone.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to General management.
  3. Select Date and time.
  4. From there enable the Automatic option.
  5. Alternatively, you can search Date and time in the search section of the settings app.

Update Signal App and Android Phone

Using outdated application and device firmware could be an invitation to minor bugs like this, keep everything up to date, here’s how to update it.

To update Signal App,

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu (three-horizontal lines on the top-left corner).
  3. Select My apps & games.
  4. Find and update Signal App.

To update your device,

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Search Software update.

Not receiving notifications from specific contact on Signal?

If Signal notifications not working for individual contact then kindly recheck the block list of your Signal Account. The blocked contact or groups won’t be able to message or make a call you.

  1. Launch the Signal App on your phone.
  2. Go to the Settings of Signal App.
  3. Tap on Privacy.
  4. Select the Blocked or Blocked contacts option.
  5. Tap on the contact or group that you want to unblock.
  6. And Unblock it.

Check the Device’s Storage

If your device’s storage is running low, then probably there’s a notification appearing on the status bar telling you about the same. Check for that and if in reality, the device storage is low, then make some space, as it can stop certain functionalities of apps.

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