How To Setup And Use Samsung Bedtime Mode

Samsung Bedtime Mode has now been replaced with Sleep Mode with the latest Samsung One UI Update. However, the features aim to prevent distractions like Notifications, Calls, Texts, etc., using the DND mode to get more significant Sleep or to prevent sudden waking. So if you are struggling with your Sleep pattern, you must learn how to set up and use bedtime mode on your Samsung Phone. 

What Is Samsung Bedtime Mode?

The Bedtime mode Settings on the Samsung like S23 is being replaced with Sleep as part of five modes; Driving, Exercise, Work, and Relax Modes. With Bedtime Mode, you can configure sleep and wake-up time as a daily alarm. You can also turn on the DND mode during that time, but it’s optional. Additionally, Sleep Mode enables Dark Mode and Greyscale to let out attractive colors and create ambiance. They are optional; you can disable them if you don’t want them.

How To Create A Sleep Schedule On Samsung Phone

  1. Access Settings App.
  2. Tap Modes And Routines.
  3. Select Sleep > Start.
  4. Now use the clock to configure your Sleep and Wake-up time.
  5. Click on the alphabet below the clock to set up bedtime for multiple days a week. 
  6. DND mode will be enabled; to turn it off, tap on the Toggle next to it. 
  7. To choose the close contacts and notifications, you can reach out to during DND is enabled, select Calls And Messages or Notifications.
  8. Once you finish, select Next.
  9. Pre-definitely the Dark Mode and Greyscal are turned on. Additionally, you can enable Eye Comfort Sheild, Sound And Volume, and Power Saving. 
  10. Hit Done for confirmation.
  11. And then tap Turn On to active Bedtime Mode Samsung. 

How To Use Bedtime Mode In Clock Apps

Best of all, you can now integrate the Samsung sleep mode with Google Clock and Samsung Clock. To do so, follow the steps below.

Use Samsung Galaxy Sleep Mode On Google Clock

  1. First of all, install the Google Clock App from the Play Store.
  2. Hit Bedtime from the right-lower corner.
  3. Select Get Started.
  4. Take help – and + signs to configure the wake-up time.
  5. Click on Alphabets to configure for the days in a week.
  6. If you placed your phone facing, then enable Sunrise Alarm. This aspect shows a natural morning light and slowly brightens the screen right before the alarm rings. 
  7. Hit Sound to modify alarm tone. When you are done, select Next.
  8. Set up a bedtime and pick-up days to repeat alarm. 
  9. Choose Reminder Notifications > Done. 

Use Samsung Galaxy Sleep Mode In Samsung Clock

  1. Access the Clock App.
  2. Hit on Three-Dots.
  3. Choose Set Sleep Mode Schedule.
  4. From the next screen, create a new sleep schedule. And in case you have one, configure the settings as per your need.
  5. Select Sleep Details > Enter Data.
  6. Use a clock to set up sleep time.
  7. Lastly, hit Save.

How To Enable Bedtime Mode In Quick Settings On Samsung

As of now and forever, Quick Settings lets you rapidly enable various aspects of the Samsung phone in no time. Here is how you can quickly enable Bedtime Mode. 

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to appear Quick Settings Panel.
  2. Search and select Modes > Sleep.
  3. If there is no Mode Option in quick settings, tap + Icon. 
  4. Drag and drop the Modes to the Quick Settings Panel. Tap to enable it. 

Samsung bedtime mode benefits

Blue light reduction: Bedtime mode promotes a more conducive atmosphere for sleep. By eliminating notifications, reducing screen brightness, and filtering out blue light. This can enhance sleep quality and help to create a regular sleep routine.

Reduce disruptions: Bedtime mode blocks messages, incoming calls, and all disruptive vibrations, sounds, and visual alerts.

Improve focus and productivity: By temporarily turning off notifications and preventing you from accessing certain apps, bedtime mode smartly decreases distractions during the daytime as well.

Increase battery life: Bedtime is a battery optimizer by reducing screen brightness, disabling unnecessary background activities, and restricting power-hungry features. All together, helps to converse battery life and ensure your last for a longer duration.


Hopefully, now your deep Sleep won’t be interrupted by alerts. I have been using it for a long time for better Sleep. What About You?

How To Setup Bedtime Mode on my Samsung Galaxy One UI 3.0 Device?

Go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing And Parental Controls. Choose Bedtime Mode > Bedtime Mode. Enable Turn On As Schedule. Now pickout the days you want to configure Bedtime for. Choose Set Schedule. Configure your Start and End Time. Then hit Done. Once you do so, your Samsung phone screen will be set to Greyscale and DND. That’s It!

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