8 Best Solar Power Banks for Samsung in 2023 

Best solar power bank for camping

Solar power banks are must have travel accessories for outdoor camping, tours, and adventurous activities. It offers a handy way to juice up your Samsung phone, Tab, laptop, and camera where there is no hope of electricity. And that’s why the best solar power bank with wireless charging is the best companion. 

Moreover, its power source is free, natural, and environmentally friendly. And even if the sun is out or behind the cloud, it will juice up Samsung’s power-packed phones like S23, S22, or S21 and other gadgets like Samsung Tab. You might need help finding the best one. And that’s where you can consider our list of best solar power banks for Samsung. 

How Does A Solar Power Bank Works?

The solar power bank for mobile charging is built with a solar panel. Those plates aim to convert solar energy into electricity and store it in a battery. And thus, carrying compact gadgets on trekking, camping, and rock climbing can help prevent dead phones. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, compact, and compatible with multiple smartphones & Tabs. 

GKUTW Wireless Portable Charger

Best solar power bank for camping

With a massive Power Backup, this 5-in-1 Portable Solar Power Bank for iPhone and Android delivers super-fast wireless charging as well as it can simultaneously charge up to 5 devices, including wireless charging. FCC, CE, and ROHS Certified Power Bank ensures the phone’s safety even for long periods. Additionally, there are three ways to charge the power bank: Solar, Type-C, or MicroUSB, whichever is available.

Suscell Portable Solar Power Bank

solar power bank for mobile charging

Planning an adventurous trip, you must have this best solar power bank for camping? Suscell Portable Power Bank is a perfect companion that will never let your phone run out of battery; hence, you can enjoy limitless movies and music. Getting Sunlight to charge the power bank is not as tedious as finding electricity around the forest area; therefore, it’s a way better choice when it comes to the power bank. Furthermore, it is IPX4 Splashproof, Shockproof, and Dustproof and has an inbuilt LED Flashlight.

QiSa 38800mAh Solar Power Bank – Editor’s Choice

solar power bank with wireless charging

The solar power bank is boosted with a 38800mAh battery. Its compact and lightweight power banks with four-in solar panels. You can juice up three accessories at once with a combination of USB output ports.

For night climbers, it’s the best choice as it includes an advanced flashlight with multiple settings. Additionally, the velcro strap folds the solar panel altogether, and there is a notch to attach with a carabiner or keyring. 

This Samsung power bank can intake average impacts and is water resistant. Best of all has a dust cover to prevent the clogging of ports. 

BLAVOR Solar Power Bank: Value To Money 

best solar-power-banks-for-samsung

It is backed with 20000mAh and is compatible with QC3.0 fast charging. And the best thing is it supports 10W/7.5W/5W wireless charging; offers hassle and worry-free wireless charging. 

The cell phone solar power bank has four outputs; 2 USB-A and one bidirectional USB-C, and wireless charging allow juice up four devices at a time.

However, it includes extra features like Flashlight and a Compass. And that’s what the user needs during tracking.   

Anker PowerCore Solar: Best Portable Solar Power Bank For Samsung

Anker Solar Power Bank for Samsung

The compact size of solar power banks limits the capabilities, but the Anker PowerCore Solar is both powerful and portable. It includes a battery capacity of 20,000 mAh. The rugged solar bank weighs 1.03 pounds and is waterproof. 

The simple design includes USB-C with an output of 18W and USB-A with 12W; you can charge two devices simultaneously. And built-in flashlight with three modes, Low Light, Bright Mode, and Emergency Mode, illuminates the hurdle in the path, bright up the camp, or alerts for help in an emergency.

Lastly, Anker PowerCore depends on the sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate, so we suggest charging it up before traveling. 

Raddy SW5 Emergency Radio: Best Solar Power Bank For Camping

solar power bank with wireless charging

Although the Solar power bank for Samsung is helpful for outdoor, multi-feature solar power banks can be space and life savers. The Raddy SW5 comes with a 5000mAh battery and live weather radio. You can tune the FM to listen to music, sport, and weather news.

Besides this, must-have survival gear includes IPX5 ratings, a compass, an emergency SOS alarm, and three flashlight modes.

The 5000mAh battery can be recharged with a small solar panel, USB port, or hand crank. It’s sturdier and more durable as it’s manufactured using ABS & TPU material. With a combination of such features in a portable solar bank, I can only say it’s the best Samsung phone solar power bank.

Mregb Solar Power Bank – Best High Capacity Solar Power Bank For Samsung 

solar power bank for mobile charging

Mregb is one of the best solar charger power banks. With a massive battery capacity of 42800 mAh, this power bank can charge your Samsung S23 series phone 8.6 times. 

It is equipped with dual USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously, also compatible with QC3.0 fast charging protocol. Additionally, the built LED flashlight is on to-go for emergencies and provides a clear visual of the path while tracking. 

And the IP67 Waterproof rating and dustproof properties make it suitable for extreme outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and beach trips. Best of all, all this compact and portable design. 

LICORNE Solar Power Bank – Best Affordable Solar Power Bank for Samsung

Best solar power bank for camping

Want an affordable power bank with multiple features – consider buying LICORNE Solar Power Bank. It’s designed with QC3.0 fast charging and delivers up to 66W fast charging. 

Two LED flashlights can be used for visuals on nights. Additionally, five pilot indicators show the battery status of the Solar Power Bank. 

Moreover, it is manufactured using ABS+PC material, making it enough to intake average drops. And IPX7 Waterproof property makes it super convenient for outdoor activities. 

Wrapping Up…

If you are a trekker and want to prevent every odd situation, consider buying this best Solar power bank for Samsung S23 Series, S22 Series, S21 Series, and so on. And if you want a traditional power bank, read our article on Best Power Bank for Samsung.

How Long Does A Solar Power Bank Last?

If it’s a full sun day, it takes almost 25 to 50 hours to recharge the solar power bank completely.

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