Guide to Connect any Samsung Buds to Mac, Windows

You must be having a lot of questions, does Samsung earbuds work with Apple? How do I connect Samsung earbuds to Windows or Mac? To answer all of your queries, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to understand, how to connect Galaxy Buds to Mac and Windows and its limitations. Pairing the best Samsung buds to any Galaxy Phone, Galaxy Tablet, and Galaxy Book is way easier, thanks to its automatic prompt that lets one-tap pairing. However, with non-Samsung devices, the process is not the same; the earbuds need to be put into pairing mode.

No worries, we’ll help you out with an easy process to pair Samsung earbuds to MacBook, Mac, and Windows PC. These steps are applicable to all the models, including Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Plus, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Buds 2.

Step 1: How to Put Samsung Earbuds into Pairing Mode

Pairing steps remain same if you want to connect Buds to Mac or Windows. There are several ways to enable pairing mode in Samsung Earbuds. Here’s how,

Way 1: Using the Galaxy Buds Charging Case

1.   Put the earbuds into the charging case and close the lid.

2.   Leave it for five-six seconds, and open the case lid.

3.   This is it! The Galaxy Buds should have entered into pairing mode.

Way 2: Use Touch Sensors

If the Buds are already paired with any other device, here’s how to manually enable pairing mode.

1.   Plug the earbuds in your ears.

2.   Touch and hold both touch sensors for about eight to nine seconds and the earbuds will play beep sound that indicates the buds have entered into pairing mode.

Pair and Connect Samsung Buds to Windows

Ensure the Samsung Earbuds are not connected to any other device, and you have enabled pairing mode referring to the above steps. Here’s how to connect earbuds to Windows PC.

1.   Go to Windows Settings, and use Windows + I shortcut to launch Settings.

2.   Click Bluetooth & devices from the sidebar.

3.   Select Add device.

4.   Select Bluetooth.

5.   Wait for Galaxy Buds to appear in the list, and click on it.

6.   Once the Samsung Galaxy Buds is successfully paired and connected to the Windows PC, it should show the Connected voice, music alongside Battery status of Galaxy Buds.

This is it! Play YouTube or Spotify or attend Meetings seamlessly for immersive sound quality.

Pair and Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to a Mac

You may find System Settings or System Preferences; depending on the options available, here’s how to connect Samsung Earbuds to Mac.

1.   Click on Apple icon in the top left menu bar.

2.   Select System Settings or System Preferences.

3.   Click Bluetooth from the sidebar.

4.   You should see Galaxy Buds as discoverable under Nearby Devices. Select Galaxy Buds to initiate connection.

Do Galaxy Buds work with PC?

Yes, all Galaxy Buds models are compatible with any Windows and Mac system.

How do I put Galaxy Buds in pairing mode?

There are two ways to put Galaxy Buds in pairing mode, touch and hold the Touch sensor while the buds are in the ear for eight to nine seconds until you hear a beep sound. Secondly, method is, to put the buds into the charging case, close the lid, and open it after five-six seconds.

Can you use Galaxy Buds Pro with Mac?

Yes, you can pair and use Galaxy Buds Pro with any Mac, and MacBook. 

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