15 Must Have Travel Accessories for Samsung S23 Series 

Must-Have Travel Accessories For Samsung S23

Whether traveling on the road or flight, carrying the best travel accessories for the latest Samsung S23 series can bring lots of comforts. For instance, if you are traveling over the country, you must carry a universal adapter to juice up your Samsung phone. If the Samsung phone battery drains faster while using maps, the Power Bank must have. Want to capture memorable photographs using an S23 series phone? A solid Tripod or Selfiestick is an option you must consider. 

If you don’t have clarity on what your needs are, we can help you out. In this buying guide, we curated the list of must-have travel accessories for the Samsung S23 series. 

Samsung SmartTag – Prevent Theft and Losing Precious Items

Samsung SmartTag – Prevent Theft and Losing Precious Items

The Samsung SmartTag is one of the best items that you should definitely get while traveling with precious things. SmartTag can help find your lost items within 130 yards with the help of Galaxy Find Network; the best part is it works offline as well. Attach SmartTag to your personal item, and enjoy the travel without worrying about losing anything.

Genuine Leather Backpack Unisex

Genuine Leather Backpack Unisex

Not especially for Samsung S23, but this Leather Unisex Backpack is a must to keep all your electronic devices in one place. Its anti-theft design involves a double zipper design to double-up the security of goods stored inside the backpack from theft as well as natural calamities like Rain, Snowfall, etc. Enough storage to carry the MacBook or any laptop of up to 15.6 inches.

PopSocket Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand

PopSocket Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand

This PopSocket is compatible with any Samsung, and iPhone, stick it on the back and reposition it at your convenience, and you’re good to go. Thankfully, you can replace the top, instead of the whole PopSocket, to give a new look to the device; get one spare for you. One thing to keep in mind is it sticks best with hard plastic cases but may not work with Silicone Cases, Soft Cases, and Waterproof Cases.

SublimeWare International Adapter – Best Universal Travel Adapter For Serious Traveler

SublimeWare International Adapter

SublimeWare universal adapter is a one-stop solution for international travelers, supporting over 150 countries. Built with four USB smart ports, you can simultaneously juice up Samsung phones, tablets, iPhones, etc. 

Besides this, it includes a unique-pin locking mechanism that prevents the pin from shrinking back when plugging into an outlet. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the voltage. Before plugging in, you need to verify the voltage of compatibility of the electronic gadget. Alternatively, you can use a Voltage Converter.  

Best of all, it’s compact, making it easy to load even in a tight backpack. That’s why you can opt for this top-rated travel accessory for S23 Plus. 

Tip: You can also check out the universal adapter from the Epicka travel power adapter.

Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh Power Bank – Fast And Durable Powerbank 

Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh Power Bank

Between those memorable video capturing, selfie shots, and listening to your favorite playlist, your Samsung phone couldn’t survive throughout the day. Having this best power bank from Anker is a better option. It is backed with a 20,000mAh battery; it can juice up the Samsung S23 series device four times. 

It’s designed with advanced charging technology; VoltageBoost and PowerIQ aim to deliver secure, fast, and optimized charging. Additionally, it is convenient to juice up low-power accessories. Lastly, the USB-C and USB-A ports let you charge multiple accessories simultaneously. 

Peak Design Travel Tripod – Best Travel Tripod For Samsung Phone

Peak Design Travel Tripod

The travel tripod is made from durable aluminum, which is 40% cheaper. However, it consumes the same design and features but has less vibration resistance. It can serve you up to the eye level of average-height users. Plus, it can close down to 39cm in length. 

Smartly designed to remove dead space between column and leg when packed – ultimately results in a shorter and slimmer tripod that can easily fit in the Camera Bag and even in a tight backpack.

It is equipped with a simple low-profile ball and phone holder. Lastly, it’s a rigid tripod.

DJI OM SE Gimbal – Best Samsung Gimbal For Videography

DJI OM SE Gimbal

Another best handheld gimbal for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is from DJI OM SE Gimbal. When you use it, you can firmly capture moving videos without shaking. It is designed using intelligent sensors and motors that aim to offer to stabilize camera movement.

The gimbal connects with the Samsung phone using a magnet to handle it easily. Besides this, the ActiveTrack 3.0 feature tracks the subject’s movement and follows them. Furthermore, you can firmly control the gimbal. Since it’s an upgraded version of a tripod, it’s comparatively expensive. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro – Best Noise-Canceling Earphones For Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Noise cancellations are a must-have travel accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. It can remove the surrounding chirping of an airport or any other public place. So investing good pair noise canceling earphones from Samsung is best choice. 

Besides noise cancelation, it’s 15% smaller compared to others. And to make it stylish, they come in three different color variants; White, Standard Graphite, and Bora Purple. Samsung Galaxy buds pro delivers premium quality sound using dual drivers for each using AKG tuning, which aims to generate neat mid-tones and clear-crisp bass. 

It is built with Bluetooth 5.3, which allows connecting with countless numbers of devices. Lastly, you can enjoy up to 4-5 hours of continuous listening with a single charge.

Tip: You can also consider the same recommendation for the S23 series from a list of Best Wireless Earbuds for Samsung S22 series. 

Holyjoy 3-In-1 Wireless Charger – Best Travel Wireless Charger For Samsung Phone

Holyjoy 3-In-1 Wireless Charger

If you carry multiple accessories, such as Samsung Galax Watch5 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and any Samsung S23 series flagship, this excellent triple travel wireless charger from Holyjoy is best. 

It’s travel friendly, as it comes with a foldable design; when you are done with charging, fold it! A wireless charger has a safety coil in the center, ensuring wider charging in portrait and landscape modes. 

Additionally, their anti-slip pads offer a stable charging spot for the device. It’s best solution to charge multiple accessories in no time.

ZEEHOO Wireless Car Charger – Best Wireless Car Charger For Samsung Phone

ZEEHOO Wireless Car Charger

GPS drains the battery faster, which is why you will need a best wireless car charger from ZeeHoo. It includes the pivot 360 degrees pivots, that’s useful for getting a clear view of maps and recording the footage from the dashboard. It consists of a suction cup that attaches to a windshield, so there is no chance of accidental falls. Moreover, pivoting ball allows adjusting the car mount convenience. 

Besides this, Samsung wireless car charger delivers 10W output. Plus, the adjustable clamp lets you insert the phone with ease.  

Spigen USB-C Car Charger – Best Wired Car Charger For Samsung Phone

Spigen USB-C Car Charger

The Spigen USB-C dual port car charger has two ports, allowing one to charge two flagships simultaneously. It is built with Quantum Boost Technology, which helps to juice up the S23 series faster than a standard adapter. 

Out of the two ports, one of them delivers 45W and another 30W. Besides this, it supports a wide range of smartphones. This Spigen USB-C car charger is best if you are searching for a reliable travel car charger.

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker – Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Samsung Phone

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker for Samsung S23 Ultra is well known portable design and robust sound quality. The compact speaker is waterproof and can submerge into water, making it the best choice for pool and beach activities. It consists Li-ion Battery which can last up to 10 hours. 

Moreover, the Bluetooth speaker lets you answer calls and control the music sound through responsive buttons. Plus, the fabric material and rugged rubber outside make it durable and convenient for all outdoor activities. Lastly, to match your style, best travel bluetooth speaker for Samsung s23 series is available in 12 different attractive colors.

QIFJNZO Snorkeling Phone Case – Best Samsung S23 Series Underwater Phone Case

QIFJNZO Snorkeling Phone Case

If it’s the picnic tour and of course, people are interested in adventure sports. For this reason, QIFJNZO snorkeling phone case is the best to travel accessory for the Samsung S23 series. 

It’s designed keeping durability in mind. And in case you are a fan of underwater sports, you can capture the best photos or record videos when this case is ON. The Samsung phone s23 series phone case is IPX8 certified; your phone case survives for up to 15 meters. Besides this, it offers all-around protection. But the only drawback is it adds bulkiness to the phone.

Soundcore Anker Life Q20 – Best Noise Cancelation Headphone For Samsung

Soundcore Anker Life Q20

Soundcore is a reputable niche of Anker and this well-known for manufacturing the best Samsung travel accessories. With this headphone, you will receive superb 40mm dynamic drivers that catch the higher frequency for up to 40KHz, offering a great listening experience.  

Additionally, the pre-installed ANC microphone assures ambient noises and significantly decreases 90% of sound. And there is Soundcore’s patented BassUp, through which you receive Stronger Bass, perfect for listening to Hip Hop music. You can 40-Hours of non-stop songs, and compatible with fast charging. The best part is, in just 5 minutes of charging it offers 4 Hours of playing time. 

LICORNE Solar Charger Power Bank Fast Charging

must-have travel accessories Samsung S23 series

If you are a trekker or climber, consider buying the LICRONE Solar Power Bank if no power outlet is available. This 30000 mAh powerhouse includes Lithium Polymer Cells. Moreover, it supports QC3.0 fast charging that juice up the device in no time. Also, the Dual Ports allow the charging of two smartphones simultaneously. 

Besides this, it’s manufactured using ABS+PC material, making it tough to intake daily wear and tear. The IPX67 waterproof silicone material makes it convenient for regular water activity. Plus, the flashlight and compass carabiner is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. 

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