11 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Tripod

Best Tripod for Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, S23 Plus

The best Samsung S23 series tripod lets you shoot to the next level. They are compact enough to carry in a travel bag; they allow for exploring new shooting techniques. Moreover, they also let you capture photos and videos and stabilize your Samsung flagship when attending meetings. 

Keeping all those critical points in mind, I have curated the list of best Samsung tripods that you can use for fun and professional purposes. Let’s go through each in the lineup.

1. Joby GripTight One GP Stand


If you are searching for an affordable tripod that also offers a handy way to use it, the Joby GripTight One GP Stand is for you.

The Samsung tripod is flexible; includes an adjustable grip that firmly accommodates the device. Additionally, rubber feet get wrapped on the vertical surface while maintaining stability. 

Best of all, the tripod is compatible with most heavy smartphones. The only drawback is tripod can extend up to 6.5 inches.


  •  High Built Quality
  • 360-Degree Rotatable Head
  • Octopus Style-Legs


  • Unextendable

2. Bluehorn Portable Samsung Tripod


Talking about the Samsung S23 tripod that double selfie stick, the Bluehorn is the best option to have. 

When you are equipped with this tripod, you can activate legs and place it on a flat surface. In selfie stick mode, you can firmly extend it upto 40-Inches and design it back to the original position. 

The ball head is on the top where you set up phone and move it freely in any direction; it’s the most admirable aspect for content creators. You will get Bluetooth Remote in the box, which allows hand-free capturing of Photos and Videos.


  • Adjustable Height
  • Rotatable Head
  • Good Built Quality


  • Unstable

3. Ubeesize Tripod S With Bluetooth Remote


For daily vloggers, portability and sturdy design is a significant problems. And this is more painful if the budget is tight. If that’s the same with you, buy this Ubeesize portable Samsung tripod.

Designed with octopus-style legs that wrap around various surfaces for unique angle shots. Right at the bottom of the leg, the ball head at the bottom offers extra layers of protection, mainly to prevent accidental falls and drops. 

There is a Bluetooth remote, which is convenient for capturing hand-free videos and photos. With only a weight of 0.5 lbs, this tripod for latest Samsung S series device is on to go.  


  • Affordable Tripod For Samsung
  • Good Build-Quality
  • Octopus Style-Legs


  • Unextendable Height

4. SmallRig Mini Tripod For Samsung


If you are a professional photographer, have this SmallRig mini tripod. The tripod allows the users to control each aspect of their videography and photography. 

The built quality is sturdy, as it’s wholly manufactured using aluminum alloy. It includes a heavy-duty design that tends the tripod’s legs to carry 44 lbs of weight. 

The ball head is engineered with different measurements for more accurate shots. Furthermore, the rubber padding at the bottom surface of legs offers extra stability and makes it non-slippery. Isn’t it cool?


  • Compact Design
  • Travel Friendly
  • Best For All Types Of Users


  • Non-Rubber Legs

5. BZE Extendable Selfie Stick 


Unlike the Bluehorn, the BZE is another best tall Samsung tripods; extends up to 40 inches. It’s a better companion for basic tasks such as calling or broadcasting. 

It includes collapsible legs that quickly transform the selfie stick into a tripod within a fraction of time. There is a Bluetooth remote for wireless controls, which allows capturing 1000 photos from a distance of up to 10m. 

Manufactured using a combination of aluminum alloy and ABS that can intake every accidental drop. But the pivot quality isn’t well built; you need to adjust it precisely, or else it can hamper your work.


  • Extendable Height
  • Light Weight Tripod
  • 360-Degree Rotatable Head


  • No Bluetooth Remote

6. Linkcool Flexible Octopus Tripod


If you are a travel vlogger searching for a seasoned tripod for a Samsung phone, consider buying a Linkcool flexible octopus tripod. The tripod is compatible with various cameras and headphones.

The swivel ball at the top allows for capturing 360-degree shots, along with a flexible octopus leg offers various orientations and angles to capture favorite photos. 

 The wireless remote helps you to use the camera from up to 30- Feet away. Isn’t it great!


  • Universal Compatibility
  • 360-Degree Ball Head
  • Octopus Style Legs


  • No Bluetooth Remote

7. Andobil Samsung Tripod Stand With Remote


Not all tripods for Samsung phones are made equally. Usually, when you receive a durable selfie stick along with an array of features, you most prominently need to let go of portability. But when you have Andobil tripod, you don’t have to compromise such things.

It extends from 17 inches to 62 inches. Moreover, it is manufactured using heavy-duty aluminum. Besides this, you fold and unfold the legs in a fraction of time.

Furthermore, you will receive Bluetooth Remote in the box, which lets you capture hands-free photos. This Tripod is compatible with the newer and latest Samsung S series device.


  • Wireless Remote
  • Adjustable Height
  • Perfect For Professionals


  • Heavy Weight Tripod

8. TARION Phone Tripod


Soaring for up to 65.3” from the ground, this stylish tripod and selfie stick is excellent for your Samsung Galaxy S23 series. It’s a perfect companion for capturing stunning pictures & videos and for attending meetings. 

It is manufactured using aluminum which weighs up to 11 pounds; it’s lightweight. Besides this, built-in fast clasp locks let you set it up in no time; you can set it up quickly. Exhale out three legs and experience stability. Lastly, the Bluetooth remote let’s conveniently capture group photos.


  • Extendable Height
  • Light Weight
  • Compact Design
  • Bluetooth Remote


  • None

9. Xenvo SquidGrip Flexible Samsung Phone Tripod


This unique flexible tripod lets you securely mount the Samsung phone in any imaginable position. Built with textured gripping neo-rubber legs, you can position it on a chair, Tree, or any object. 

Its compact design lets you carry it while traveling. Additionally, a phone mount with a solid 360-Degree ball head offers extra strength and stability and supports a vivid range of smartphones. 


  • Foldable Legs
  • 360-Rotatable Head
  • Compatible With Multiple Smartphones


  • Height Can’t Be Extended

10. Pangshi Phone Tripod


Three-legged S23 Tripod deserves a reputation in this line-up since it’s attractive and ultra-sturdy. The Octupus-style foam leg with an anti-sleep fit is twisted securely on uneven surfaces, branches, and chairs.

If you want an unauthorized shooting angle, the 360-Degree rotatable head works for you. Easily hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode to expand your shooting capabilities. Additionally, the wireless remote control connects to a smartphone and allows one to take pictures and videos from up to 30ft. 


  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Octopus-style Foam Leg
  • Good Built Quality
  • Travel-friendly


  • Height can’t be extended

11. NEXBOOM Selfie Stick Tripod

S23 tripod

The Dayleer Selfie Stick tripod is the best choice for smartphone photography. Unlike the other tripod, it’s lightweight, while the clamp offers handy movement, enabling you to adjust the camera in different angles, both side by side and up-down.

Additionally, the Bluetooth Shutter connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and allows capturing photos from a distance. This completely rules out risky nudging and shaking. The adjustable height means it’s convenient to capture grouped selfies and passport-size photos. 

At last, the Dayleer selfie stick for Samsung S23series is always on to go for every situation, both indoor and outdoor. 


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height


  • None

Wrapping Up…

Having the best Samsung tripod lets capture astonishing photos and videos. Hope so; the above line-up might have helped you find your companion.

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