9 Best Videography Accessories For Samsung S23 Series

Best Videography Accessories for Samsung S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 series is numero uno in terms of camera specs. However, capturing videos is where Samsung phone excels. As a professional videographer, you can capture premium videos on your Samsung and enhance your game. For this, you need to equip yourself with videography accessories. Thus we have curated a list of some of the best videography accessories for Samsung S23 series. 

Andobil 62″ Samsung Tripod Stand


The latest Samsung phone offers extraordinary stability to prevent shakiness when recording video. However, you can use the best tripod to make it more stable. 

A tripod is designed to keep your Samsung phone steady while taking a video. At this point, using the Andobil Tripod is always best to go with since Samsung phone fits on the tripod and can extend for up to 62 inches with an adjustable head. 

KINGMAS 3-In-1 Universal Fish Eye Lens


This videography accessory for S23 series offers a hemispherical image. The professional lens and Advanced Optical Glass provide a clear shot every time by reducing reflection and glare. It is made up of durable Aluminum, making it always on to go. 

The macro lens is also helpful in capturing Extreme Close-up images of nano-objects. However, it needs to be placed 2cm away from the object. Apart from this, the lens is easy to install and compatible with most smartphones whose lenses are not smaller than 13mm in diameter. 

Anker Power Bank – Portable Battery Pack


As of now and forever, the Samsung phone battery drains faster if you shoot videos throughout the day. At this point, having a portable power bank for Samsung phones is best option. We have listed some of the favorites, out of which we sorted out one from Anker. 

The Anker 733 Power Bank looks normal but has a 10,000 mAh battery. It can juice the Samsung s23 series twice at 65W, equipped with two USB-C and USB-A ports. This ultimately means you can charge your flagship and other accessories like LED lights. You can select two colors, Black and White, as per your need. 

SmallRig Universal Smartphone Video Rig


The Samsung S23 Series devices cameras can produce DSLR-like output. And when those smartphones are paired with a SmallRig rig, it enhances ergonomics, extra physical control, and even add-up the aspects to the Samsung Camera. The SmallRig is one of the well-known Samsung videography accessories around, primarily due to its basic design and secondly due to durability. 

The rig offers a secure and stable hold and then designed in such a way that it can work with any smartphone. It’s manufactured using aluminum alloy, making it sturdier and light-weight. Built with multiple ¼” -20 threaded holes and two cold shoes to firmly attach to the smartphone and tripod. The rig’s cable ties also let out the messy cable during the video shoot. 

RODE VideoMic Me


Somewhere the audio quality is lacking during the videography on a Samsung smartphone. And it’s undoutedely the crucial aspect; thus, to enhance the audio quality, you must consider a microphone from RODE VideoMic as the best videography accessories for Samsung phones. 

It can be firmly attached to your phone’s 3.5mm headset jack. Best of all, if the alternate device lacks the audio jack, USB-C Version and Lighting one are also available. To use with Samsung s23 series, you should first of all pair with Best USB-C Headphone Jack, since there is no headphone port in a flagship.

Linklike 3.5mm To USB-C Dongle


Carrying an ultralight photo kit needs a couple of dongles, and this one from Linklike is a must-have videography accessories for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It includes the USB-C port and headphone jack, so let’s link up multiple accessories without hogging the charger connector of your phone. 

It allows to connect external mic, charger, and external battery simultaneously. It is manufactured using TPE Wire, a fire-proof material to prevent overheating and fire. Isn’t it great? 

Apture MC RGBWW LED Light 


Apture video light for videography includes cuts like following, and you will require an LED lamp if you plan to shoot at night or in low light. 

It’s compact videography accessory but relatively brighter to brighten the subject. Moreover, you can tweak the temperature to match the surrounding ambient light. Additionally, there are tons of color options available, so if you bask the subject in RGB light, press the button. You can juice it with USB-C or Wireless Charger. 

QIFJNZO Professional Snorkeling Underwater Case


Do you want to experience an underwater shoot with Samsung S23 series? Have this case from QIFJNZO. The case is IP68 and can submerge in water for up to 50 ft for about 1 hour. Furthermore, the Samsung diving case is drop-proof, dust-proof, and snow-proof, fully designed to fight against scratches and water. 

However, when the case is on, it adds bulkiness; thus, it’s only applicable during underwater activities. 

DJI OSMO Mobile 6 Fill Light Combo


The best Samsung gimbal delivers professional quality videography. And it’s a worthwhile investment since you will receive Light Combo with it. However, it isn’t a cheap gimbal, but its price tag is considerable as per the feature you receive.

The gimbal is lightweight, weighing around 309 Grams. Additionally, the compact and foldable design makes it convenient to carry around while traveling, hiking, or tracking. You can precisely extend its height using an extension rod in no time to capture the memorable shot.

Moreover, the upgraded ActiveTack 5.0 follows the subject to maintain it in center of frame. Besides this, DJI also guides in capturing the master shot.

Wrapping Up…

That’s It, folks! Here we end up with best videography accessories for Samsung S23, S23 plus, and S23 Ultra. If you have a suggestion or accessory that isn’t mentioned in this article, let us know by dropping it in the below comment box.

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