8 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Car Chargers

Whether you have a new Samsung Galaxy S23 series or an earlier model, a must-have accessory is a car charger. If you play a song or use Maps to navigate through the route while driving, it won’t take much time for your Samsung Battery to drain faster. Thus, we have curated the list of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 series car chargers. All of the mentioned below are Safer, Faster, and More Reliable.  

Spigen USB-C Car Charger


Built with a dual type-c port, one can deliver 45W power and another 30W. The charger can rapidly juice the latest Samsung flagship since it supports PPS technology. 

Even after broad compatibility and high capacity, it’s an affordable car charger for Samsung phones. However, keep note you will need to carry both ends of USB-C cables since there is no USB-A port. 

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UGREEN USB-C Charger Adapter


Manufactured using premium-quality material, the UGREEN car chargers offer complete safety. The charger includes Dual Ports, USB-C, and USB-A. The high output of 45W helps to charge up the latest Samsung flagship.

No chances of overheating, as it includes a Thermal hole design that dissipation heat to maintain regular working. Lastly, the scratchproof and portable design makes it always on to go.  

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VELOGK Super Fast Type C Car Charger


Offering PPS 55W and PD 3.0 45W output, the VELOGK is compatible with a wide range of devices, including latest Samsung Flagship. Besides the USB-C port, it has a USB-A output that typically delivers 18 watts. 

What makes it more worthwhile is it can detect the device’s capabilities and accordingly deliver the charging speed. You will receive a 3.3ft nylon braided cable in the box, which means there is no need to spend extra bugs. 

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KCgrape USB-C PD 30W Fast Car Charger


KCgrape car charger for Samsung Galaxy S23 offers all comfort you want to juice up your flagship with needed speed and safety. Intelligent adaptive technology identifies the device and delivers fastest charging output. 

It is built with dual ports; USB-A 18W and USB-C 30W output can be used simultaneously without seeing a drop in power in either port. Moreover, you will receive a durable and sturdy 6ft long cable, allowing you to charge the device from the last seat of a car. Isn’t it great?

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LKBeau Adaptive Fast Charging Dual Port Car Charger


Here is a Samsung s23 plus car charger with a smart chip for fast charging with 15W power delivery. It can power up the Samsung phone and another device in no time, 0 to 50%, in 30 minutes. 

It comprises the PC + ABS fireproof material and scratch-resistant finish. You will receive a 2-piece of car chargers in the box for Galaxy s23 ultra. Keep note should have USB-A to USB-C cable to use it. 

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 Cluvox USB-C Car Charger


Cluvox is a great car charger that is compatible with fast charging for both older and newer Samsung Phones. It includes two USB-A ports, which charge 4X faster than conventional charging. 

In the box, you will receive USB-A to USB-C cable 3.3ft cord, which has passed a 6000+ bend lifespan. To match your car interior, the charger is available in different colors; Purple, Red, white, and Black. 

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Aymla USB-C Super Fast Charging


If you want to juice up the Samsung phone battery while on the road, get this Aymla 60W USB-C super fast charger. It is smaller and more affordable for Samsung s23 Ultra car charger. 

Moreover, the intelligent charging design automatically detects the charging speed and delivery, ultimately preventing over-current and over-power. Unlike the other car charger, you receive a sturdy 6.6ft USB-C to C Cable that passed 12000+ bend lifespan test. 

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 Scosche PowerVolt PD60


A unique car charger from most similar priced chargers in the line-up, the Scosche PowerVolt PD60 stands in the array due to a charge rate of 30W from a type-C port, which is enough to juice up Samsung s23 series. 

Built with a Programmable Power Supply, it can firmly change voltage; as per device requirement. The well-built car charger offers a three-years worry-free warranty.

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