How to Play YouTube Video in Background in Samsung Phone


Play youtube videos in the background: If you are looking for a way to play youtube videos in the background or to play a youtube music video in the background. We are going to show how can play youtube videos in the background on Samsung S10 or on any Android or on an iPhone.

Many people were asking Can you listen to music on YouTube and use your phone? Of course, if you know how to play YouTube videos while the screen is off. From now on, you don’t have to suffer the terrible playlist on other music apps, simply play YouTube in the background and continue to use other applications.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background Android?

Here’s how to play YouTube Videos when the phone is locked?

  • Launch your Chrome Browser in your device.
  • Open in it.
  • It’s time to request Desktop Site, to do so, Tap on three-dot and select “Request Desktop Site”.
  • Search and play the video which you want to play on YouTube.
  • One pop-up will be prompt like, ‘YouTube wants to send you notifications’, tap Allow.
  • Now, you can close the Google Chrome app in your device.
  • For once the YouTube video will stop, bring down the notification bar, and tap Play to continue YouTube Videos when the phone is locked.

That’s it! It was all about the Android smartphone. But if you have an iOS device and prefer to play YouTube videos in the background iPhone, then you might have to follow the same above steps. However, you can also play YouTube videos in the background on the Safari app, just like this.

If you do have any questions, regarding this tutorial then directly reach us out on our contact page or ask in the comment section.

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