2023 Netflix Not Working on Samsung Smart TV? Get It Fixed

The users of Netflix are increasing day by day as it’s the world’s most popular online streaming app, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a joy to use. A dependency on internet connectivity, third-party hardware, or else other operating systems can be the reason Netflix keeps crashing.

Well, many of the users are receiving no Netflix app on the Samsung tv experience as it keeps crashing. So if you are one of them, carry on to read the article as our expertise has mentioned some of the effective and essential steps to prevent Netflix not working on the Samsung tv black screen.

Fix Netflix Not Loading Videos / Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

Unplug Your Samsung Smart TV

You need to restart the unit firstly when your device encounters Netflix that keeps freezing. It’s same as when you perform the soft reset with Samsung Galaxy Device, result, all background running apps on the TV will be closed and RAM will be refreshed. So just simply plug out and in the cable in the power source. After that go to the Netflix app and verify the issue.

Sign Out of Netflix

Another handy method to fix Netflix keeps crashing on Samsung TV is to log out your account and sign in back by entering same credentials.

Re-install Netflix App

It’s worth trying because this trick gives a positive outcome when performed on the device. To delete Netflix App from your Samsung TV, press the Power Key present on the remote. Then go to Apps and hit the Settings Cog. Now search the Netflix app from the list and hit Delete.

Similarly, if you want to install, go to Smart Hub Screen and search for search Menu. In the Search Menu, type Netflix and tap Install.

Disable Samsung Instant On

Nowadays all the users like an instant on feature, that makes your device on just within the friction of time when you switch on the main power, but it could be your woes. As the instant-on feature on Samsung tv may trigger the apps. So it’s better to disable it, for that, navigate to Settings>General>Tap on the toggle next to the Instant On feature.

Reset Your Smart Hub

The hub is the heart of the TV, and when the heart gets some error the whole system gets fail. And the only way to fix the hub is to reset it because resetting the hub brings back the device to the default mode. Try to perform it on your device and verify the problem is fixed or not.

  • Press the Home Key on your remote.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and hit the Support section.
  • Navigate to the Device Care menu.
  • Tap on the Self Diagnosis.
  • Using the directional ring go to Reset Smart Hub.
  • Re-write the PIN for your TV; it might set 0000 by default.
  • Now that’s where the Samsung TV restart.

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