Best Stands for Samsung Smart TV: Wall Mounts and Stands

Samsung Tv along with Tv stands help to lift your Samsung TV a few inches higher or lesser for comfortable viewing. So it becomes must buy accessories for if you go through back or neck pain, especially if your tv is hard to adjust. Best options also come with adjustable height and viewing angles and support various sizes of TV, but accept it you need to ensure the quality certificate of the stand.

But as it’s a difficult task for you to select a perfect stand for Samsung TV but don’t worry! Check our list of best universal tv stand for Samsung tv and select according to your preferences.

Best Samsung TV Wall Mounts and Stands


If you are looking adjustable TV mount, no matter whatever the size of TV is, the Mount-up TV stand is a top pick. This mount bracket can accommodate the TV size from 42 to 72 inches plasma, LED, or LCD with a weight up to 100lbs. It’s actually articulating tv stand that tilts TV from 3-degree up and 12-degree down, in short, it’s a space-saving tv stand. Considering the quality it comes with quality it has 6 strong arms that steadily hold the Tv. Well, there is no need to for expertise to install, as it offers clear installation menus.

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PERLESMITH Universal Stand

Two most ordinary TV sizes most people purchase are 37-55 inches and if you have purchased same size TV then you will need the mid-size TV stand for your best Samsung TVThe universal tv stand comes with a 2-ways mounting bracket, 15-minutes installation process, 3-sets of TV height plates. This articulating tv stand has black tempered glass to offer more security along with stability. Rather than these, it offers world-class worry-free customer service.

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TAVR Universal Table Top

Here is much more flexible option for most of the tv sizes, by the look, the tavr universal tabletop appears simply outstanding in the list. With the capacity to bear 88lbs weight this stand supports all LED, QLED, LED, and TVs. The two-way height management system offers a more convenient and burdenless view. Whereas the soft bottom pads prevent the device from random falls and scratches. Very few and easy installation steps, will save your golden time to enjoy your movies.

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FITUEYES Universal TV Stand

While most of us search for the TV stand that probably keeps your device eye-catching all the time, the FITUEYES is the top pick. The adjustable height tv stand comes with a 3-adjustable position and also can a lot the extra gadgets like a gaming console and soundbar. This tv holder can use for the between 50-85 inches and can bear weight up to 143lbs. Plus there is no tangling of wires as it hides the wire such as HDMI and easy to install.

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Echogear Universal Large TV Stand

If you already have tv stand or else the tv cabinet but search for an alternative, the echo gear is best choice. There is no need for holing in the walls because it offers a swivel with a maximum size up to 8 inches. Also, it comes with cable management and a cable hiding column on the backside. Whereas it assembles in less than 10 minutes, which is comparatively less than to boil a noddle. Available in two sizes 4 inches and 8 inches.

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5RCom TV Stand

Sturdy TV Stand

Now and forever, the 5RCom TV Stand is always the best to go when you are searching sturdy TV stand for Samsung as it offers SWIVEL, which contributes to moving the TV to the 30-Degree Left and Right direction. Moreover, the height of the TV can be adjusted as per your convenience. Its stability is quite jaw-opening, carrying over and about 40 KG. There is no need for a technician as this universal TV Stand comes with easy to install procedure. 

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Affordable TV Stand

Another sturdy product is the POPTONG stand. As it is built with top-quality material which never lets you down in any situation. Moving forward, it is quite handy to install without taking help of another 2 Hands. The construction of the stand is well-crafted which never turn down for long-term usage and the Non-Scratch Material makes it more convenient to go with. Unlike the other stand, it never underestimated the stability; which means never feature the random falls and drops. So just without ignoring have it your bag.

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