How to Use Music Share on Your Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip

How to Use Music Share on Galaxy S20 and Z Flip

The music share lets you share the Bluetooth speaker linked to your device with others. There is no need to set up Bluetooth to share music. Music share is the most useful feature that lets you enjoy a piece of music on your friend’s Bluetooth speaker without any hassle. They don’t have to connect their device with Bluetooth speaker at home or office because of your Galaxy S20 act as a passage for connecting your Bluetooth speaker with their device. It is a fabulous feature and a feature that every device should come with.

How to Use Music Share on Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip

Note: Both devices need to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-fi while sharing.

  • Access App Tray.
  • Navigate to Settings Icon.
  • Hit Connections.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Go to Advanced.
  • Switch on Music Share.
  • Hit Music Share to set up a sharing option.
  • There is an option called Share Device With, in that select Contact Only. So only the contact in your device can access the feature.
  • You can configure permission from Ask for Permission to Connect. Select Don’t ask or Every time.
  • Remember to Disconnect when nothing is played to ensure your Bluetooth device is not turn on all time. You can select 30, 10, and 5 minutes or tap Don’t disconnect to always pair your device.

Finally, your music share has been configured, all you need to do is just connect your Bluetooth speaker with your device. Then Galaxy S20 and Z flip will highlight all your contacts Bluetooth speaker list and they can directly connect and start enjoying music. Overall it is the best way to play music from multiple Bluetooth devices. Music share is simple to use as you are hosting a party for guests to link with Bluetooth speakers.

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