5 Best Amazon Fire TV Alternatives for Smart TVs in 2023

Best Alternative to Amazon Fire TV in 2020

Remember those days, when we used to go for a cable subscription to watch daily soaps, that was our only hope for entertainment. With the invention of smart TVs, the time has evolved, nobody wants to have a cable connection or watch the old shows over and over when you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. There is plenty of best streaming device for TVs are available to choose, from, the question is which streaming service is the best?

You may have heard of Amazon Fire TV, and no offense, it is the best media streaming player by Amazon till date. For some reason, you don’t like or want Amazon Fire Stick or try something new, then here are few best Amazon Fire Stick TV alternatives for Android TVs.

Best Amazon Fire Stick Alternatives for TV

Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player (2019 – The Latest)Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player (2019 - The Latest)

Roku Streaming Media Player is increasingly taking over the market-beating the Amazon Fire Stick TV with all super shows and features. It doesn’t matter, if you still love to play on Amazon Prime Video, Roku plays it for you. Roku Ultra is 4K Streaming Media Player to watch 4k, HD and HDR picture quality at improbable speed.

Now that Roku Ultra has inbuilt support for Alexa, it works with Alexa devices, alongside offers the smart Google Assistant for voice control. Control your TV in a snap with personal shortcuts, easy access, turn on captions, private listening over headphones and last but not the least, all the major streaming services including, Hulu, Disney, HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, The Roku Channel, and endless live TV services.

With the Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player, JBL Headphones are delivered at your doorstep with no extra cost, as a freebie.

You Can Buy Roku Ultra 4K from Amazon

NVIDIA Shield Android TV 4KNVIDIA Shield Android TV 4K

For gamers, NVIDIA is a heart. NVIDIA is really really fast, which takes streaming services to the next level on your Android TV. NVIDIA Shield is all about Android, from Google Voice Control to unlimited 4K entertainment, you are shielded with this player.

It has a lot to offers, from Dolby Atmos Sound to Crystal Clear Vivid Picture quality, make your home a small theatre for small gatherings or ceremony where everyone can enjoy it.

You Can Buy NVIDIA Shield from Amazon

Google Chromecast UltraGoogle Chromecast Ultra

The Google Chromecast Ultra is just $69, granting easy to use set up, and guess what, its just a tiny piece of machine that won’t be trouble for you. Well, Google Chromecast is all about casting your Android or iOS device to the big screen to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, etc; it’s a bit handy to control volume, play or pause the video right from your phone.

What makes Google Chromecast best? It just plugs and starts streaming whatever you want to with Google Assistant, simply say it. Plus, the Google Chromecast can also be accessed with the Google Home speaker, what you have to do is, just ask Google Home to play video on Google Chromecast.

You Can Buy Google Chromecast Ultra from Amazon

Apple TV 4KApple TV 4K

From iPhone to Apple TV 4K, Apple is trying to make things better, easier, faster and secure. If you already own the Apple ecosystem, except Apple TV or desire to give a try to Apple product, start with Apple TV 4K. I get that, not everyone is Apple conscious or like to use Apple devices other than iPhone; however, Apple TV 4K is worth spending a penny on.

If you’d ask me, then only buy Apple TV 4K if you own iPhone, because everything depends on it and you’ll probably enjoy watching movies, and shows on Apple TV 4K. Performance-wise, it can’t be beatable by any of the streaming media players, though it is doubled the price.

You Can Buy Apple TV 4K from Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Box SXiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi is a growing brand who have already put their hands in every field, whether it is smartphones or streaming player. The streaming player is totally based on Android firmware and comes with Android 8.0; however, can be updated to Android 9 or later versions for better screen quality and latest features.

Whether it is Netflix, YouTube or likewise apps can be downloaded and used to play your favorite shows and movies on the go.

You Can Buy Xiaomi Mi Box S from Amazon

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