20+ Best Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 in 2023

Best Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

In particular, the Galaxy Tab S6 can be transformed into a mini laptop at the office, a playing station at home, and an upgraded camera for HD shots. Its 10.5-inch is a reason, why people choose Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 among the top 5 Samsung Galaxy Tablets, to compose emails, draw paintings, enjoy movies, everything with great battery backup, to last long until the end of the day. The S Pen included in the box, to navigate through the huge display, superfast, while S Pen is not in use, attach it to the rear side of the tablet.

To knock off all the difficulties while working on a Galaxy Tab S6, we’d love to show you some of the best accessories for Galaxy Tab S6 to admire your tablet. From protective covers to portable power banks; powering up the tablet, you’ll find everything in this list. Check the Best Samsung Tab S6 Accessories below!

20+ Best Galaxy Tab S6 Accessories Available on Amazon

Galaxy Tab S6 Book Cover Keyboard

Lightweight Detachable Keyboard CaseGalaxy Tab S6 Book Cover KeyboardThe keyboard cover is an extreme way to turn your Galaxy Tab S6 into the mini laptop, revealing the functionalities of the tablet. On the Tab, you can type fun fast, set a convenient angle, and with all that cover the tablet when not in use. Its ergonomic design allows you to attach the S Pen into the case; supports wireless charging and preserves it by upholding the S Pen besides the keyboard.

With all these basic features, it still maintains the slim profile of Tab S6. The durable PU leather, anti-slip rubberized interior, and detachable keyboard make the case perfect.

Fintie Keyboard Case is Available at Amazon at $30.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Slim Case with S Pen Holder

Flexible Slim Profile Well Finished CaseSpigen Case for Galaxy Tab S6Everyone has different choices and requirements, and if you don’t need keyboard cover for Tab S6, yet looking for a case on which you can rely for tablet safety, I urge you to buy Spigen Rugged Armor Plain Case. For quick installation and removal, Spigen has used flexible shock absorbent texture along with guarding it against timeless scratches.

It features raised bezels, smartly designed near the Camera and of course on the front side, to prevent surface damage when placed on the floor. Slide your S Pen into the separate compartment given to secure the stylus instead of carrying in a bag or in hand.

Spigen Case is Available on Amazon at $18.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Responsive High-Definition Screen ProtectorTempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Tab S6We’ve added the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector just to ensure that if you wish to buy or actually buying the Spigen Slim Case, there will be no compatibility issue while using Tempered Glass and Case of the same brand. Being a 9H rated screen protector, it guarantees a responsive touch screen as you’ve never installed the protector on Tab S6.

Regardless of such a huge display, Spigen Protector prevents fingerprints, oil smudges, and scratches while installation; it’s all because of oleophobic coating. Precise cut-outs enable you to access the microphone, camera, etc, functionalities all the way.

Spigen Tempered Glass Protector is Available on Amazon at $15.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Wireless Mouse with Multi-Device Connectivity

Logitech Multi-Device Bluetooth MouseWireless Mouse for Galaxy Tab S6You’ll probably need a beast that works like Logitech Pro, the multi-device Bluetooth mouse can be paired up to three devices, tablet, laptop, computer and use the three quick buttons to switch between connected devices. The Bluetooth mouse is stuffed with AA battery, to deliver 24-months of power without changing the batteries.

From Samsung Tab S6 to Mac, unlock a range of functions, to customize the mouse in your own way. Thanks to the hyper-fast scrolling wheel, that takes you down to the page within no time.

Logitech Mouse is Available on Amazon at $30 or Check this Alternate Option

Bluetooth Keyboard with Multi-Device Connectivity

Smart Multi-Device Cross-Platform KeyboardBluetooth Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S6The Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard is not restricted to only your tablet, it also works with Computers, Laptops, iOS, macOS, and Android phones, with the ease of Bluetooth connectivity. At the same time, this keyboard can be paired with three devices, with an easy-switch dial you can switch between three connected devices. Its integrated fancy cradle gives a spot to fit the tablet at a convenient typing angle and hold it tightly as you can see in the image.

Make yourself comfortable with two different colors, Black and White, besides, it’ll take a day to get familiar with the keyboard layout and use all the shortcut keys.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard is Available on Amazon at $50 or Check this Alternate Option

Aluminum USB-C Hub

Expand Connectivity using Satechi USB-C AdapterSamsung Tab S6 Aluminum USB-C HubProbably, all the USB-C Hubs work with Galaxy Tab S6, the one which you are already using with Laptop, if not, then check this out. With only a single USB-C port, it is difficult to manage multiple devices at once on Galaxy Tab S6 such as USB-C PD, microSD Card Reader, HDMI, SD Card Reader, and USB 3.0. The Satechi USB C Adapter transfers data efficiently, mirrors screen at 4K resolution to draw paintings or creating videos, or remotely moves data from Flash Drive or Memory Card to Tab or vice versa.

It is widely compatible with almost all the USB-C enabled PC, Laptops, Tablets, etc. in the same plug and play manner.

Satechi USB-C Hub is Available on Amazon at $69.99 or Check this Alternate Option

USB-C Flash Drive

Dual USB Type C and USB 3.1 Flash DriveUSB-C Flash DriveThe USB Flash Drive is a worth investing device to store and transfer big files across multiple platforms. Following the path of SSD Drives, SanDisk has designed the dual USB-C and USB-3.1 Drive to transfer data quickly with a speed up to 150MB/s to empty the storage by removing unwanted videos, music, and projects.

The best part of buying this drive is it offers both a universal USB-C and USB 3.1 interface, allowing you to use it on a PC, and USB-C-enabled phones and tablets. Eventually, I’m using the same drive to take backups periodically of my Galaxy Tab using the SanDisk Memory Zone App.

SanDisk USB-C Flash Drive is Available on Amazon at $40 or Check this Alternate Option

Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

Portable Docking Stand for Hands-free ViewingAdjustable Tablet Holder Stand for Samsung Tab S6The portable stand by AmazonBasics works with all the tablets including Galaxy Tab S6. Its gripping material holds the Tab perfectly while you can continue watching videos and operate without worrying about accidental drops. The adjustable stand comes with a vertical pivot to uphold the tablet at your convenience to set back and read e-Books or type notes with a wireless keyboard.

For the beginners, if you are not interested money of premium docking stations, then AmazonBasic’s reinforced plastic material is available in your budget.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Stand is Available on Amazon at $8.99 or Check this Alternate Option

microSD Memory Card with Adapter

Ideal Memory Expansion device for Galaxy Tab S6microSD Memory Card with Adapter for SamsungA SanDisk is an optimal solution to record, store, and play, HD videos on Galaxy Tab S6. No matter, how you stock hundreds of photos, applications, movies, on your tablet, it won’t run out of space. Based on internal testing, they have written that it can provide you with the data transfer speed rate up to 200MB/s, on most of the Android phones, including Galaxy Tab S6.

It’s a Class 10 microSD Card for high-resolution video recording on any phone. For instant connection, between laptop or USB Hub, you could use the Memory Card adapter that delivers with the same microSD card.

SanDisk microSD is Available on Amazon at $42.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Ultra-Thin Sleeve Case

A Smooth Gesture towards Galaxy Tab S6 ProtectionUltra-Thin Sleeve Case for Samsung TabCAISON Sleeve Case is an excellent alternate choice to wrap up the tablet in furry velvety premium soft inner texture to absorb shocks, bumps, scratches, stains and so many devastations that could really shake up your heart. The sleeve case is available in various colors, choose the one that makes you feel good. Its reinforced zipper all around the case thoroughly covers up the tablet to secure it.

Plus, it includes a hidden exterior zipper pocket to store USB Cables, Flash Drives, Pen, or Money without being bulky. Get this innovative craftsmanship for maximum protection with minimalist design.

CAISON Sleeve Case is Available on Amazon at $14.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Shoulder Bag with Removable Straps

A Shoulder Bag with Detachable Straps to Carry EssentialsShoulder Bag with Removable StrapsCall it as a Shoulder Bag or Travel Bag, it can be worn on shoulder to carry the Tab S6 with proper care. The tablet sleeves feature multiple-layer design, especially on the corners, so even if you put the bag roughly, your Tab S6 will stay safe from bumps. It has enough space to put daily essentials and accessories including, charger, adapter, pen, earphones, flash drive, cable, S Pen, etc.

Luckily, if you own a keyboard book cover for Tab S6, the shoulder bag could easily fit both, the keyboard cover as well as the tablet. It’s a result of premium quality and innovative design, made up with a love.

tomtoc Shoulder Bag is Available on Amazon at $26.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Portable Power Bank

High Capacity Power Bank to Juice Up TabPortable Power Bank for Samsung TabletsThese days, having a 20,000mAh power bank isn’t enough to juice up the phone, tablet and sometimes a laptop on a single charge; however, if you manage to keep track of battery, it is possible. Possessing a sleek design and the cool blue-LED indicator showing you the remaining battery, it smartly boosts up the battery without adding considerable bulk in your bag.

Anker’s fast charging technology can charge two devices at the same time with the same speed, avoiding overheating and overvoltage causalities, keeping the tablet safe, using the advanced trickle charging technology for low-power accessories.

Anker Portable Charger is Available on Amazon at $45.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Gaming Controller

steelseries Premium Gaming Controller for cross-platformGaming Controller for Samsung Tab S6

steelseries is pretty easy to use a gaming controller to play your favorite games as we do on laptops, with the same speed. They have also mentioned, the gaming controller will also support Fortnite Mobile. It supports, Windows, Android, and VR platforms to expand the connectivity and play games on any device.

It delivers seamless 40+ hours of battery life to keep your game live without the need to change frequently. The separate Home and Back buttons are responsible for quick actions over Android and PC gaming. With Stratus XL, you can play more than 2000 games endlessly.

Steelseries Gaming Controller is Available on Amazon at $39.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Wireless Earbuds

Galaxy Earbuds Plus with True Immersive SoundWireless EarbudsInterested in wireless Earbuds? Galaxy Earbuds Plus is the best version available for your Tab S6, with tones of improvements; perfect fitting to ears prevents external noises so you can enjoy music seamlessly. The 22 hours of total playtime, includes, 11 hours of music on a single charge and rest will be available by the charging case. Even if you run out of batteries, give a quick charge for 3 minutes, to enjoy non-stop music for one hour.

They are pretty easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled phones, no need to disconnect every time, the smart Bluetooth technology will automatically shift from one device to another. Control the Earbuds with the given gestures, tap to play/pause, double-tap to attend or end call and change song, triple tap to switch back to the previous song, and a whole set of user-function by touching and holding.

Galaxy Earbuds Plus is Available on Amazon at $138 or Check this Alternate Option

Bamboo Cookbook Stand for Tab S6

Multi-purpose Tablet StandBamboo CookBook Stand for Tab S6

It’s a bit tough to hold the tablet in the kitchen while cooking or learning the cooking recipes on the tab, in such cases a multi-purpose stand like this can be of much use. Buy it for office or home purpose, it can genuinely hold the Books, Tablet, Mini Laptops, or anything that fits into the structure, making it easier for you to continue with whatever work you were doing. The durability of Bamboo can’t be compared to any other material, easy to clean, just wipe it off with a smooth cloth to clean.

It offers five angle adjustment positions to set the Tab or Book at a convenient angle. Plus it can be folded like a book, when not in use, this will help you carry the CookBook Stand wherever you go. Check out the deal, if it fits your requirements, don’t miss it.

wishacc Bamboo CookBook Tab Stand is Available on Amazon at $13 or Check this Alternate Option

Premium Wireless Headphone

Lightweight, All-in-One Wireless HeadphonePremium Wireless Headphone for Galaxy Tab S6

Well, if you own a Galaxy Tab S6, and don’t have Wireless Headphones like this, it’s hard to believe, how will you listen to the greatest shows and music videos? iJoy’s Wireless Headphone embeds high-quality hardware, ergonomically designed to fit over your head perfectly with no loose ends, and it won’t be a problem when you wear it for a long time while playing games over PC or watching movies.

Flexible earmuffs, crystal clear sound, and adjustable headband, all these features make this headphone best, and for the rest, you can look at the reviews of the customers. Plus, you can directly insert the SD Card into the given slot, also Mic is there to attend calls over headphones.

iJoy Wireless Headphone is Available on Amazon $17 or Check this Alternate Option

Gooseneck Tablet Holder for Desk

Adjustable Neck Stand for Galaxy Tab

Gooseneck Tablet Holder for Desk

Constantly looking down on the tablet to read eBooks or watching non-stop movies, can cause strain; to fix that dizziness Gooseneck tablet holder would really relieve the strain. This Gooseneck holder can easily be attached to desk, bed or sofa, to hold the Galaxy Tab so that you can enjoy a hands-free perfect viewing angle to keep the tablet in eye-sight to enjoy video calls or watch movies.

Its exclusive design makes the stand flexible enough to convert it into S or O shape, as you can see in the sample image. Also, while adjusting the stand, make sure to give equal force with both hands and safely set the convenient angle.

Gooseneck Tablet Holder is Available on Amazon or Check this Alternate Option

Linklike 2-in-1 USB C Adapter

Easy Access to Headphone & Charging at the Same TimeLinklike 2-in-1 USB C Adapter

Its no doubt, all the major brands are ditching the headphone jack, either it is tablet or phone. The same change goes for Galaxy Tab S6. As a result, we are forced to invent one of these 3.5mm headphone jack adapters. Thanks to those manufacturers who are working hard to make such an innovative machine, retaining the original audio quality.

Linklike is an enhanced adapter that provides a charging port and headphone jack, at the same time. With its wide compatibility, it can be used with phones and tablets having USB-C port.

Linkline Headphone is Available on Amazon or Check this Alternate Option

USB-C Cable

For Seamless Charging & Data TransferUSB-C Cable for Galaxy Tab S6

Not only it can be used to charge the phone, but also it can be used for fast data transfer by connecting to PC, Laptops with a typical USB port. The nylon braided coating makes the cable durable, adds extra security, and prevents nasty cuts. While using the cable with heavy machines, like moving data in GBs, it can sync with the speed up to 5Gbps over any compatible device.

To avoid tangling across the wire and keep the cable neat, they have included Velcro strap to control and access the cable correctly. There are two sizes available 3ft and 6ft, choose as per requirement.

Anker USB-C Cable is Available on Amazon at $12.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger Adapter

A Solid Adapter for Fast ChargingAdaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger Adapter for Galaxy Tab S6

While discussing charging methods, the most convenient way is to charge the phone with a standard wall adapter, whether it’s a phone or tablet. Being a mobile geek, I used to charge all the Samsung phones and tablets using the original Samsung cable and adapter that came with the pack, to get reliable and fast results.

The adaptive fast charging wall adapter supports QC 2.0 that charges the phones and tablets up to 50% in 30 minutes keeping the tablet safe from overheating and overvoltage.

Alimu Adaptive Fast Charging is Available on Amazon at $9.99 or Check this Alternate Option

Monoprice Universal Screen Cleaner

All-in-One Cleaner for Electronic GadgetsMonoprice Universal Screen Cleaner

As time passes, the bright and beautiful display of Galaxy Tab S6 might have already lost its shine and sensitivity; however this minor dust and dirt aren’t that noticeable, but there is no harm in cleaning the Tab’s display with one of the best screen cleaners. Believe me, the thin layer of dirt, stains, dust can hide the originality. Besides, the screen cleaner can be used to wipe out other electronics including Smartphones, Tablets, and other LCD Displays.

The Monoprice Cleaner comes cleaning solution designed specifically for electronic devices and a microfiber piece of cloth to wipe out the smooth surface after applying the cleaner. With dust and dirt, the fingerprint, smudges and other marks will be removed too.

Monoprice Universal Screen Cleaner is Available on Amazon at $8 or Check this Alternate Option

Samsung Original Stylus for Galaxy Tab S6

Experience A Whole New Level of ProductivitySamsung Original Stylus for Galaxy Tab S6

The Samsung S Pen facilitates more than you’ve expected; the Galaxy Tab S6 comes with the S Pen in the box, with the upgraded features and design. If so for whatever reason you’ve lost or need an extra Stylus for Tab S6, with the same quality and control, Samsung’s Original Stylus for Tab S6 is available on Amazon. Taking notes, remotely control the tablet, artistic drawings, and sketches, or anything, S Pen is all you got and will do anything for you.

If you have any second thought to buy S Pen alternate, then let me remind you, the newest Galaxy Tab S6 comes with S Pen Air Actions, with allows you to operate the Tab with hand gestures; which may not be available in any cheap or third-party stylus.

Samsung S Pen is Available on Amazon at $60 or Check this Alternate Option

Car Cup Mount Holder for Samsung Tab S6

Easy to Install; Innovatively Designed Car Mount HolderCar Cup Mount Holder for Samsung Tab S6

If your car has a cup holder, then you will probably not missing this deal. From Smartphones to Tablets between the size 7”-11”, it works pretty great with them. Easy to install base can be widened from 2.16-inches to 3.54-inches in the cup holder depending upon the size of your car’s cup holder, because if in any case, the mount holder stays imbalance, the Tab S6 is going to fall any second.

The car mount holder is an essential accessory that one may need while traveling around the city or country to use GPS. It’s a good deal for both phones and tablets, must check this out.

Car Cup Mount Holder is Available on Amazon at $13 or Check this Alternate Option

Bluetooth speaker is a wise choice if you often watch movies. It’s fine to brighten up your music hours. Includes lithium-ion battery that helps to listen to eight hours of non-stop music. Design-wise, it’s compact and has a silicone exterior. The pre-installed Microphone lets you attain hand-free calls. Best of all, it firmly works with both Bixby and Google. Plus, to match up your office or home theme, it comes in multiple colors; Soft Black, Aqua Blue, Citron, and Polar White.

Check Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker On Amazon

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