How to move WhatsApp Group chat to Signal on Android, iPhone

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Signal has gained much more popularity in the last few days, and the main reason behind the hike is, the change in WhatsApp Privacy Policy. Recently, WhatsApp users received a pop-up about the new Policies of WhatsApp, basically, WhatsApp wants to share the data with Facebook, and of course, we won’t agree to anything when it comes to our security. While the Signal Messenger app is quite strict and safe about the user’s privacy, it won’t be selling your data to any other company or Facebook.

Signal is no less than WhatsApp, it is a one-to-one messaging app, with all sorts of features such as Video Calling, Voice Calling, Group Chats, like WhatsApp. Plus on Android phones, Signal App can be used as the default messaging app, but as of right now Apple won’t let you change the default messaging app on iPhone. Let’s jump to a tutorial on how to Move Group Chats from WhatsApp to Signal on iPhone, and Android.

How to Move Group Chats from WhatsApp to Signal on Android, iPhone

First install Signal App (Android, iOS) on your device, ignore if already installed.

  1. Launch Signal App on your phone.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper-left corner.
  3. Choose New Group
  4. To set up a Group in Signal, pick at least one contact from your phone.
  5. Select the Arrow.
  6. Give a name to Group and Create
  7. Open the Group.
  8. Tap on the three vertical dots in the Group window.
  9. Choose Group settings.
  10. Tap Group link.
  11. Turn on the Group link.
  12. Hit the Share button and select Copy.
  13. Now paste this Signal Group Chat link on your WhatsApp group and ask them to join the Signal

Now the hard part comes, have you convinced all the members of WhatsApp Group to move to Signal? Most people don’t understand how these applications could use their private information, and it leads to serious issues. If you’ve enough knowledge then explain to them, what social apps to use and which are to avoid to stay safe.

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