How to Fix Samsung S21 FE Overheating Issue

Samsung S21 FE Overheating Issue

Confused why the flagship like Samsung S21 FE keeps overheating? While this might sound awkward because this is the premium flagship. But sometimes, this happens due to various culprits such as software-related bugs, or outdated applications, or else hardware-related problems. But recently we don’t know who is the culprit behind it either software or hardware. So firstly we will try to find out the culprit and work on it accordingly.

Firstly consider the software-related bug as a culprit but until and unless you have not encountered the sudden random fall of the device. If you have not experienced the sudden falls, then simply follow the given below workaround and prevent the Samsung S21 FE from overheating.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Overheating Issue

Why Does My Samsung S21 FE Gets Hot?

Usually, the Samsung device temperature ultimately depends on the surrounding temperature. And if the Samsung device faces an overheating issue then you will ultimately encounter forced shutdown or a battery drain issue on Samsung S21 FE. There is also higher feasibility that your Samsung S21FE restart due to overheating problem.

Well, there are various culprit Samsung S21 FE overheating after the update, that doesn’t relate to a surrounding temperature and can be fixed by performing effective workarounds. Are you an application addictive means using multiple applications which are continuously running in the background, which ultimately drain out the battery speedily? And there are habitual problems if you are constantly on the phone then your device battery run overtime and results in Samsung S21 FE overheating when charging. So this case, we suggest using the device frequently.  

Avoid Direct Sunlight To Your Phone

Firstly, neglect using the device when you are in direct contact with sunlight. Because the device captures direct UV light and ultimately Samsung S21 overheating problem. And so we suggest not using the device when you present in sunlight.

Turn Off Unused Application

Using the application regularly causes the continuous use of the device. Even the display of the device is turned off because those applications run in the background so the ultimate solution is to vanish out those applications which not useful in your daily life.

Disable 5G 

Ignore using the 5G as of now, it’s found to be biggest battery eater which ultimately causes Samsung phones to overheat. To turn it off, head to Settings > Connections > Mobile Network > Network Mode. Select any one instead of 5G. 

However, we recommend always connecting the Samsung phone to Wi-Fi whenever it’s available. 

Check Charging Accessories

As of now and forever, the corrupted charging accessories are found to be culprit behind Samsung S21 FE Overheating. In case you are using high-power, corrupted, or untrusted third-party charging accessories. It will definitely cause issues. First thing first, verify the cable, and adapter. And if everything ok with it, move forward to next troubleshooting. 

Reset App Preferences

To fix the conflict and glitch within the application that causes overheating issues on Samsung, give try to Reset App Preferences. Why this? Because it moves the application to the original settings. To imply it, head to Settings > Apps > Three Dots > Reset App Preferences > Reset. 

Use Power Saving Mode

The power-saving mode is often found to effective and efficient way to prevent Samsung Phones from overheating. But keep not, turning on the feature can apply various restrictions. If you don’t mind, go to Settings > Battery And Device Care > Battery. And at last enable the toggle next to Power Saving Mode. That’s It!

Disable Unused Features

Unlike the application, the feature is a big craving of the device battery. And there are many features that remain unused and unknown to you. And some of them get enables accidentally due to random touches. So look for such types of features and disable in one-by-one, or else, simply reset the settings of the device because it brings back the device to default settings.

Avoid High Brightness

You will be not familiar with it but high brightness causes the Samsung S21 battery to drain too fast. And if the battery drains out to fast then it results in an overheating problem on the Samsung S21 FE. In such a situation, the device is craved with a special feature known as adaptive brightness. Enabling this feature will automatically increase and decrease the brightness of the display according to the surrounding environment. To do simple follow the given below steps.

Keep the device Updated

An outdated device means the missing of wanted features and files which boost the device performance. So if your Samsung S21 FE is outdated, look for the update in the settings of the device. If it’s available simply update the device as fast as possible. If that’s not the case, move toward the next workaround.

Keep the Application Updated

Unlike the phone, an outdated can application is the main culprit behind the issue like battery draining too fast, S21 FE overheating, and S21 FE keeps lagging. So just move towards the play store and look for the device that has launched updates. If available, then instantly update the device.

Detach the Case

Having the proper case for Samsung S21 FE completely keeps the device protected against all unwanted situations. Because the case plays an important role such as damage, and scratch. Plus, nowadays the case is so well designed that maintain the overflow which has been emitted from the device. Ad ultimately prevents the device from overheating issues.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you might have fixed the overheating problem on the Samsung S21 FE. The above-mentioned workaround is an effective solution and those are related to a software problem. If still, you have facing overheating problem on Samsung S21 FE, then there are chances where you encountered the hardware problem due to a sudden fall. And this only gets fixed by a technician, so just go to nearer service Samsung service station.

Does Samsung Have Overheating Issue?

Fairly saying not all Samsung appears in the overheating list. But some of the best Samsung Flagship such as S21 series, S20 series is the ones that needs to repair.

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