Fix Podcast App Not Working and Crashing on iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Podcast App Keeps Crashing

If you are addictive listening the podcasts, then most probably you will be a fan of the Apple podcast app on your iPhone 13. Because this app works great and offers to listen of your favorite podcast anytime. Even though the podcast app works great, sometimes the users have experience podcast app keeps crashing issue on iPhone 13 pro max.

And recently some of the iPhone 13 pro max users have shouted that the podcast app keeps crashing. After the long term of work on it, we have found several workarounds to tackle the problem. So continue reading the article as we have mentioned some of the effective workarounds.

Tips To Fix Podcast App Keeps Crashing On iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, & 13 Pro Max

Force Quite Application

Why force quit the application? Because the force quite is an effective solution. As it forces the application to stop currently running tasks without losing any kind of data. And force quitting app refreshed the device memory and at the time fixes minor bugs present in the application.

Disable And Enable Airplane Mode

A pretty effective and handy workaround to fix apple podcast app problems is by turning off and on airplane mode. As it completely refreshes the network service and device. So if there are any minor bug-related network services will get fixed. So just swipe up the setting panel and tap on the Airplane mode symbol.

Delete And Re-install Podcast App

Using the app for a long time store and collect data on your device memory. Well, there are chances that the file you receive from the application might be corrupted. So the only option to get rid of this file is to delete and re-install the application from the Apple store. But the only drawback is Podcast will be clear out.

Restart Device

Unlike force quiet, restarting the device performs the same task on the device level. Doing so will efficiently fix all the minor bugs present in the device and plus refreshes the device memory without loss of data. So just simply restart and fix the podcast app crashing iOS 15.

Restart Wi-Fi Router

Mostly, the unknown gadget makes the various problems. If restarting the iPhone makes a big difference then why not restart the Wi-Fi router. Because the router might create connectivity problems and which ultimately results in to the podcast app not working in 2022. So we recommend restarting the router by turning it off and on after some time. This will fix all the minor and temporary fixes.

Reset All Settings

Well, all the settings are not useful every time, because some of the settings decrease the performance of the device. And usually, some of the settings get accidentally enabled which ultimately results in to the apple podcast app not working after an update. To get rid of this we suggest resetting the device settings. So just perform it on your device.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit General > Reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings.
  • Re-write the password to confirm.

Wait until the completion of the procedure. Once the process is completed podcast app keeps crashing on iPhone 2022 is fixed or not.

Wrapping Up!

If you ever encountered the apple podcast app not working for iPhone devices, the above-mentioned tricks will ultimately help to fix such types of problems. And hopefully, you will be able to enjoy the podcast without any bugs and glitches.

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