Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Charging Slowly: Here’s Why and Fix

Slow Charging Samsung

Have you recently noticed Samsung charging slow and draining fast and it becomes noticeable just after an update? The issue of slow charging Samsung S21 FE is the most common issue as it is shouted by most of the owners on social platforms. But according to our previous experience the battery is considered to be the most common culprit behind slow charging on Samsung S21 FE. And in some of the devices, it occurs due to minor bugs present in the device.

That’s the reason we have worked on it, and find out some of the efficient and effective workarounds to fix slow charging problems on Samsung. So continue reading the article and perform those troubleshooting steps one by one and verify the problem.

How To Fix Slow Charging Issue on Samsung S21 FE

Problem with a Charging Cable

What we mostly encounter on Samsung S21 charging issues, is the issue with a charging cable rather than a device. Even if the cable is the main culprit then there might be various reasons.

Cable Not Compatible: The most common issue that most users encounter is incompatible cable. So we the experts always suggest using the original cable that you have received in the bag.

Broken Cable: You should always search for the visual issues in the cable you are using for charging. And if the cable you are using might get damaged so we suggest charging another device with a similar cable and if doesn’t charge then immediately change the cable.

Cable Not Fitting: This occurs usually after the long-term usage of cable. So if you have experienced the same then simply buy the new trusted cable for Samsung S21 FE.

Problem With Charging Adapter

Unlike the cable, the corrupted adapter might create various issues like Samsung S21 FE fast charging not working. So we recommend using a similar charging adapter and charging up another device. And if it charged well, then simply move towards the next workaround as the problem lies in the Samsung device.

Problem With Power Source

Well, it’s unknown but the amount of output offered by any power source completely differs. You can not expect to have output power from the socket present in your home, because sometimes there could be a corrupted power source, or else the power source you are using might have less ability to feature more output. This happens due to voltage differences or else corrupted wiring. So we suggest using an alternative power source that efficiently charges up your device. After doing see if the Samsung fast charging not working after an update.

Damaged Charging Port

As we all know the charging port is one of the delicate parts of the device. But sometimes accidental falls and drops might damage the charging port. And if have experienced a sudden drop of a device then there are high chances you have attained the physical damage. And after performing above mentioned workaround it becomes clear the issue lies in the charging pin. Or else the charging port consumes dirt and smudge, at such a point we suggest using soft cotton and cleaning the charging port.

Corrupted Wireless Charger

Are your charging your Samsung Ss21 FE with Wireless Charger? As of now, there are possibilities that your charger have go corrupted. Keep a note, the Cheap Third-party Wireless Charger aren’t well manufactured which ultimately degrades its durability. 
So to verify, try charging the alternate device with same wireless charging. If speedily charges the device, move forward to next troubleshooting. If wireless charging isn’t working well, Buy New One!

Problem With Battery

Unluckily you might have received the corrupted battery along with the new Samsung S21 FE flagship. It might be from the day you have unboxed the device or else after the sudden falls your device battery might get damaged. So just replace the older battery with a new one.

Turn On Super Fast Charging Mode

The feature is that enabled the fast charging mode, might get disabled accidentally and unknowingly. So we suggest checking whether the Samsung S21 FE’s supercharging mode is enabled. To check, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings Application.
  • Hit Battery And Device Care > Battery.
  • Lastly, Superfast Charging And Fast Wireless Charging.

Restart Device

And device with bugs creates various problems like device charging slow Samsung. To fix it, try performing the restart device workaround as it most effective solution to clear out minor bugs and glitches present in the device. Press the power button and select the restart option from the power off menu.

Reset All Settings

Lastly, the only effective workaround left, as there are chances were unwanted settings leading to S21 FE slow charging problem. So instead of moving around settings, simply reset all settings. Because doing so will bring the device back to default settings.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Choose Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • Hit Reset.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned workaround might fix the slow charging issue on Samsung S21 FE. If that’s not so, then your device definitely encountered physical damage. And it remains unknown to your, in such a scenario simply move towards a nearer Samsung service station and ask for a similar problem

Why is My Samsung S21 FE Charging Slow?

There are certain possibilities behind it; corrupted charger, cable, wireless charging, and at last unwanted device settings. However, you can fix all the possibilities by following our troubleshooting guide.

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