7 Ways to fix ECG Not Working on Samsung Watch 4

ECG not working Samsung Watch 4

Usually, bulky gadgets can measure ECGs, but nowadays, ECG can be measured using small gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series. With the present trend of adding health features, the Samsung user, while using it, we have encountered ECG not working on Galaxy Watch 4.

What is ECG in Samsung Watch? An ECG is a process that calculates the electrical activity of the heart. It measures and analyzes the heart’s electrical activities to instantly measure the heart to encounter the heart issue.

Fix ECG Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic

Key Takeaways:
Update the Samsung Health App, Samsung Watch and Samsung Phone, this will definately fix the problems like Samsung ECG stops working after 5 seconds and many more. 

Which Countries Support ECG Samsung Watch?

Samsung Health Monitor is not available in your current location? Is this the error preventing you from using ECG? Check out the detailed article on the list of countries supports ECG and Samsung Watch models.

Restart The Device

Firstly before performing any of the high-end workarounds, we suggest you restart both your Samsung watch and phone. Because restarting the device will refresh all the memory and fix all the minor bugs present in the device.

Disable And Enable Bluetooth

If restarting both phone and watch doesn’t solve the galaxy watch 4 ECG not working, enabling and disabling the Bluetooth on your watch and phone might help.

Make Sure Watch is Connected to Internet

First and foremost, before trying anything else, I’d recommend you to check the internet connectivity, either Wi-Fi or Cellular Data must be connected to Samsung Watch 4 for seamless operations.

  • Swipe down the Quick Panel, and from there turn on Wi-Fi or Cellular Data.

Update Watch & Health App

Health App and Watch Firmware must be compatible, and to ensure the apps and system remains bug-free and stable, Samsung rolls out updates frequently. Therefore, it is highly suggested to keep the app and updated periodically.

  • Update Samsung Watch: Open Galaxy Wearable App on your phone > tap Home tab > find and tap Watch software update or Band software update. Download and install the software update.
  • Update Health App: Open Play Store in Samsung Watch > Tap My Apps > tap Update all.

Clean Your Samsung Watch

Over time, debris and dirt may accumulate in your Samsung watch 4 classic. These impurities may affect to sensor from working accurately. So to remove this unwanted dirt, follow the given below steps.

How To Clean My Samsung Watch

  • Ensure that your Samsung watch is turned off. If not, switch off and detach it from the charger.
  • Detach the best leather for the Samsung watch; especially if it’s manufactured using leather.
  • Use a lint-free and non-abrasive cloth and, with a soft hand clean the surface of the Samsung watch along with the sensor.
  • After gentle soft cleaning, dry the Samsung watch using a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Now instantly restart the Samsung watch 4.

Setup The Health App

Ensure that you have set up the health app on your phone accurately. The health apps delivered the correct health-related data to your device.

Reset The Health App Settings

After performing the basic workaround and the effective workaround still not solving the ECG not working on the Samsung, it’s time to reset the health app.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Select the Health App.
  • Lastly, tap Reset.

I Cannot Record ECG on Samsung Watch 4?

Recording ECG requires comprehensive consideration, you cannot move your finger or do any such activity that increases/decreases the heart rate. Here are a few points to consider while recording accurate ECG on Samsung Watch 4.
·       Make sure the fingertip is covering the top button.
·       Don’t move your arm, keep it still.
·       Don’t press the top button, just cover it with a finger.
·       It takes 30 seconds to record ECG; keep the finger on the top button for 30 seconds.

ECG Results are not reflecting on Samsung Health App?

The Samsung Watch must have a strong internet connection in order to get the ECG results on Samsung Health App. Besides, connect the Watch to your Phone via Bluetooth and re-sync data from the Samsung Health Monitor App from your phone.

Why ECG is not working on Samsung Watch 4?

Update the Samsung Watch and Samsung Phone along with Samsung Health App to deal with all sort of issues with ECG.

Do all Samsung Watch 4 have ECG?

Yes, Samsung Watch 4 have ECG.

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