How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case | Find Lost Galaxy Buds

In this short article, I’ll show you how to find lost Galaxy Buds within no time. After trying to find galaxy buds, still no clue? Don’t worry, your Samsung Galaxy Buds does have an extraordinary feature that will help you locate lost galaxy buds. Like, we have Find My Phone feature to find lost Samsung Phone, here we will see Find My Earbuds in Samsung Wearable app to track your lost Samsung Buds.

To use Find My Earbuds, the Samsung Wearable app is mandatory. If you have misplaced your Galaxy Buds while they are connected to your device, it can be easily located on several conditions are met. Read the article, you’ll know how to find missing Samsung Buds.

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How to Find Missing Galaxy Buds from Samsung Phone?

To use Find My Earbuds, the earbuds must be connected to the respective phone and powered on.

Important: To Find Lost Samsung Buds, please ensure that the buds are in the range of 10 meters from your Samsung device. Meanwhile, keep moving, so whenever the Galaxy Buds come in a range of connected smartphones, they will start beeping. The distance is subject to change, it depends on the area/environment.

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable app on the Samsung device.
  • Scroll and open Find My Earbuds.
  • Tap Start. Your Galaxy Buds will play beeping sound for 3 minutes, and the beeping sound will gradually increase.
  • Hit Stop to stop beeping sound.

Why My Galaxy Buds Not Beeping or Find My Earbuds Not Working?

There are many reasons why Galaxy Buds not beeping while locating them from Samsung phone.

  • The battery of Galaxy Buds is dead.
  • Your Galaxy Buds and connected phone, might not be in range or Bluetooth is disconnected.
  • The IR sensor plays a major role in Find My Earbuds feature, if any obstacle or nearby object is interfering, you may not hear beep sound or the connection is interrupted.
  • On taking off the Galaxy Buds from the ear, the automatic mute feature may have enabled.
  • Earbuds touchpad is covered by dust.

How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case

You can find missing Galaxy Buds, only if they are connected to Samsung or any other phone, but it is not possible to find the lost Galaxy Buds Case.

Unluckily, currently, Samsung doesn’t offer you to just buy Charging Case, so if you’ve lost Galaxy Buds Case, you must have to go for a new pair of Galaxy Buds. Alternatively, if it sounds foolish to buy new pair of Galaxy Buds or don’t want to spend money on expensive Galaxy Buds, consider the below suggestion of best Earphones/Buds/Headphones for your Samsung phone.

The prices of these headphones are at the time of this article written. It may vary.

How to Find Galaxy Buds When Not Connected

How to Find Galaxy Buds When Not Connected or how to find Galaxy Buds when not being connected, if it is what you are looking for, sorry to say, Samsung doesn’t provide such ability to find galaxy buds when not connected to the phone.

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