Fix Samsung Note 10 Restarts Every Night

Fix Samsung Note 10 Restarts Every Night
Fix Samsung Note 10 Restarts Every Night

Why does Samsung Note 10 keep restarting every night? If this is the issue, you have landed at the right spot. Auto-restart is truly one of the best features, because of the continuous usage of mobile phones, it can get slow day by day. At that time, to speed up the performance of Note 10 a restart is quite necessary. Usually, the default setting of the company restarts the device at 3:00 AM every Monday. However, if you haven’t enabled auto-restart in Galaxy Note 10 and still Note 10 Keeps rebooting randomly consider it as a serious issue.

Samsung reboots randomly every night is not a new problem, many people have already faced and fix Note 10/S10 restarting every night. Till now, you may have encountered this issue at several forums and of course on the Samsung Support Forum. Make sure Auto restart is disabled on your Samsung Note 10.

Why Does Samsung Note 10 Keep Restart Every Night

How to Disable Auto-Restart Feature on Samsung Note 10?

Before trying any further trick to get rid of Samsung Note 10 restart problem, I would ask you to ensure that auto restart in turned off.

  • Navigate to the Settings of your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll down and tap Device Care.
  • Tap More Options (Three-Dot Menu).
  • Turn Off Auto Restart.
Disable Auto Restart on Samsung Note 10
Disable Auto Restart on Samsung Note 10

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Reboots Every Night?

It seems there is no solution to fix your Note 10 restarts randomly at night, but if there’s any system fault or bug, then you must check for the latest software update. The latest firmware would likely to bring bug fixes and other issues.

  • Swipe up the home screen and open the Settings.
  • Tap System updates > Check for system updates.
  • If any update available hit Download and once it is downloaded tap Install Now.

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