How to enable dark mode in Google Chrome app on Samsung S10, Note 10

enable dark mode on chrome app on s10 and note 10
enable dark mode on chrome app on s10 and note 10

Enabling Dark Mode on Chrome for Samsung S10, and Note 10 flagship isn’t as straightforward as you are expecting. Currently, dark mode on the Chrome app isn’t officially released. So if you are turning on dark mode on chrome on S10 and Note 10, you might face some glitch. Follow along the tutorial, which will explain to force dark mode on chrome.

There are several reasons and benefits to enable dark mode on chrome. On mobile devices with limited battery life span, it is hard to keep the battery in balance. The bright screen consumes much more battery, once you go dark it will be the biggest battery-saving for your device.

Turn on Dark Mode on Google Chrome app on Samsung S10 and Note 10 flagship

  • Open Google Chrome on your Samsung phone.
  • Tap on the search bar, type chrome://flags.
  • On the Search flags box and type dark.
  • Two options will reflect “Android web contents dark mode” & “Android Chrome UI dark mode”
  • If you select ‘Android web contents dark mode’, the Chrome will check if the website has a dark version and then select it. Otherwise, if there is no dark mode available by the website, then it will invert some of the site colors.
  • The second option will enable the dark interface on the site.
  • Activate the dark interface from the drop-down menu.
  • Force close Google Chrome and then again launch the app.
  • Go to the Settings menu and tap Themes > Dark.
  • If you don’t find Themes option then again restart the Google Chrome or it is better if you restart the device.

That’s it!

Force dark mode on the Chrome app

The dark mode will automatically be enabled if the websites have their own dark mode, so there is no issue with that. For the websites that don’t have a dark mode, type chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark it will force enable dark mode on the chrome app.

You might face little tweaks while using dark mode on because this feature isn’t implemented by Google officially.

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