Samsung S10Plus keeps dropping calls

Samsung S10plus keeps dropping calls
Samsung S10plus keeps dropping calls

If you are wondering how to fix Samsung S10plus keeps dropping calls,  then follow along with this article. Many users have recently reported that their S10plus dropping calls occasionally. However the exact reason behind call dropping on Samsung S10plus is difficult to find, it might be a damaged phone or SIM card that you are using.

There are certain factors why S10plus dropping calls after the update, such as.

  • You should contact the current carrier if you have changed the carrier but still using the same phone. Ask the technical team to reprogram the device.
  • If the issue is occurring in certain areas, then make sure to move and check if the issue persists.
  • If you are facing this issue while traveling then there is nothing to worry about.

Other than this, you can still prefer our solutions to fix,

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Fix Samsung S10 Plus keeps Dropping Calls

Trick 1: Force close Phone app

The first thing to be noted by the user is that the issue is in the third-party app you are running. Restart your Samsung S10plus app and check if its glitch can be solved by force restart.

Method 1: Close an app using Recent Apps Key

How to close an app using recent apps key on S10plus?

  • On your main screen, hit the Recent Apps key.
  • Once the Recent Apps screen is featured, scroll right or left to stare for the app. it should be visible here if you govern to access it previously.
  • Then scroll up on the app to close it. If it is not there, hit the Close All app.

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Method 2: Close an app using App Info menu

Another way to solve the bug is by accessing the app’s settings itself. It more effective compared to the first method. Follow the given below steps.

How to close an app using the App Info menu on S10plus?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Go to Show System Apps.
  • Search and hit the App.
  • Select Force Stop.

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Trick 2: Restart the Device

If restarting the device app won’t reversal anything, the next method is to restart the device. To perform this follow the given below steps.

How to restart the Galaxy S10plus?

  • Press the Volume down + Power buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  • After completion of the restarting process release both the buttons.

Performing this method once a week will decrease the chance of glitch.

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Trick 3: Clear Cache Partition

When the system cache gets corrupted then there is a possibility multiple issues can arise in the system. Clearing the cache of on your Samsung Galaxy S10plus to keep the system cache in good shape. This will make the device to clear the current cache and replace it with a new one.

How to wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy S10plus?

  • Switch off S10plus.
  • Hold the Volume Up + Bixby Keys, immediately press the Power Key.
  • Press the Volume Low Button for multiple to feature “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • Hold the Power Key to select.
  • Hold the Volume low button until “YES” is featured and hold the power key.
  • “Reboot System Now” is featured after the completion of wipe cache partition.

Trick 4: Install Updates

Installing the updates may fix the issue related to this. Developers of the particular app may fix the issue by updates only, so it is important to run the device on the latest updates.

Trick 5: Manually switch to a different network

Another method to improve signal quality in S10plus is to force the device to its default network settings.

How to Manually switch to different network on S10plus?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Connections.
  • Select Mobile Networks.
  • Hit Network Operator.
  • Tap Select Manually.
  • Delay for the phone to scan.
  • Tap a Network.
  • Hit your own Network
  • Verify the issue.

Trick 6: Reset Network Settings

To verify that your S10plus has the right network, reset network settings by performing given below steps.

How to reset network settings on Samsung Galaxy S10plus?

  • From Main Screen, scroll up on a blank spot to access the Apps Menu.
  • Go to General Management.
  • Hit Reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter it, if you set up a PIN.
  • Hit Reset Settings.

Trick 7: Clear Phone App Cache

Clearing the cache is one of the essential ways to directly fix the bug. It will solve the petty bugs caused by outdated cache. It can be performed safely without loss of data.

How to clear phone app cache on Galaxy S10plus?

  • Access the Home Screen.
  • Hit Apps Icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • If you searching for default or system app, hit More Settings which is located at upper right corner.
  • Tap Show System Apps.
  • Search and hit the appropriate app.
  • Select Storage.
  • Hit Clear Cache Button.
  • Restart the device and verify the issue.

Trick 8: Perform Factory Reset

If the above tricks doesn’t fix the issue. Then there is no option rather than factory reset. if you don’t know to perform it, follow the given below steps.

Note: Backup all important data stored in your device.

How to perform a factory reset on S10plus?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Swipe and hit General Management.
  • Select Reset
  • Tap Factory Data Reset from the menu.
  • Hit Reset to carry on.
  • Select Delete All to confirm procedure.
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