How to Customize Theme on Samsung Phones

Looking for how to customize the theme according to your preference? Don’t worry! The most extraordinary aspect of the Android device is you can pick up the theme from the Galaxy theme store. As we all know the Galaxy theme store contains different types of themes it can be paid or free, so there are various options to select according to your preference.

But if you are new to your Samsung Galaxy device, then you will need to continue to read this article as it may help you to select a theme according to your preference. The Galaxy Store is enriched with classic retro themes to the latest sports to sparkles animations, all you need to decide what type of theme do you want and search the store. Also, if you already had purchased the theme, on any other device then use the same account and download that theme on your Samsung phone.

How to Download Theme and Customize on Samsung Galaxy Phones

  • Continue to touch on the empty space on the main screen to launch features and home screen items.
  • Select the Themes, doing so will highlight various Galaxy Themes. And swipe down to feature more themes available for your Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Hit on the Top Bar to display high rated themes.
  • Go to All Drop Down Menu located on the left upper corner of the screen.
  • Now all the paid and free themes will be featured on the screen, so select according to your preference.
  • To continue, we refer to select Free Themes.
  • Swipe to end and select the theme according to your choice and review mentioned below.
  • Hit Download and pause until the theme is completely downloaded.
  • Lastly, tap Apply twice to confirm.

How to Create Custom Themes on Samsung?

  1. Open the Galaxy Store, search for the Good Lock app, and install it. If you can’t find it, then download it from APKMirror.
  2. Once it is installed, open the Good Lock App.
  3. Hit the Family tab and tap on Theme Park.
  4. Doing this will take you to the Galaxy Store, to download the Theme Park.
  5. Go to the Good Lock app and from there open the Theme Park.
  6. Select Design new theme!
  7. From here you can customize the theme for Home Screen and Lock Screen.
  8. Adjust the color, styles, icons, etc., and save the theme, tap on the Save button in the upper-right corner.
  9. Now when you’re redirected to the Galaxy Theme App, look for the customized theme and set it on your device.

How to Delete Themes from Samsung Phone

  1. Navigate to the Theme App on your phone.
  2. Hit the hamburger menu.
  3. And select Purchased items.
  4. Tap on the Delete button.
  5. Select the Theme that you want to delete and tap Delete.

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