Best USB C Gaming Earphones for Android in 2023

Best USB C Gaming Earphones for Android in 2020

It’s true, nothing makes you more immersed in gaming then good gaming earphones for android. Well as a gamer we mainly consider all the possible aspect such as wired, connectivity type, great quality of sound, noise cancellation, weight, and lastly performance-all this aspect in a pair of earphone is hardly difficult but not impossible to get, at the same time, investing time to select best gaming earphones for an android device in this crowded market of different brands is even more difficult.

To make your work handy, our expert team has worked to reach all your demand to select the best USB-C gaming earphones for android. If you are searching for desired USB-c earbuds continue to read this article, as it may help to select one for your device.

Best USB C Gaming Earphones/Headset for Android

Razer Dual Driver Earphone with MicRazer Dual Driver Earphone with Mic1

Razer hammer earphone certainly brings the clear crystal sound, which is why we have mentioned it first in this line-up. Complementing the great sound is the razer hammerhead raising high durable aluminum chassis & flat cables to prevent it from daily wear and tear. The razer hammerhead is an impressive pair of USB-C gaming earphone that follows Bi-flange mechanism for passive noise isolation. We regularly received lots of positive ratings due to it’s DAC converter with 24-bits audio and extra-large 10 mm dynamic drivers. Whereas it has volume control and in-microphone for accurate commanding while playing the games like pubg& free fire on your device.

The Razer Hammerhead earbuds are a good pair of earphone that offers not only offers customizable sound but also great gaming experience, only available in one color light green.

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WamGra Type-C HiFi EarphonesWamGra Type-C HiFi Earphones

WamGra is pair of USB-C earphones that adapted the gaming environment and is one of the top picks while playing the game that requires high intense and clear crystal sound for receiving commands from the teammates. The remote mechanisms allow to skip, pause, and next without using the phone, plus, USB-C earphone is craved with a high-quality microphone that offers end free answering to calls and hand-free calling for more comfort-ability in your life. Whereas lightweight and ergonomic design that perfectly fits different sizes of ears with any types of irritation and pain. Also, it has high-quality oxygen-free copper wire material and sweatproof to make it more durable for daily use.

Moreover, it can compete with the best gaming headphones for android that supports digital input signals and the latest DAC chip to make it compatible with most USB-C devices in the market.

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Google Digital Headset USB-CGoogle Digital Headset USB-C

The truth about these earbuds is great gaming earphones that supports all the Android devices for a great gaming experience. With this Google earbuds enjoy clear crystal 24-bit digital sound on all types of android devices, plus, become used to of clear mids, rich bass, and crip bass with the wide frequency range and a premium speaker. These earphones are feature-rich, sleek design, and extremely handy to use. The model comes with control buttons, calls, text, find-direction, and also manage a day with Google assistant. Perhaps you can also receive current notification by pressing the volume up button. Well, the last point makes the sense why Google earbuds USB-C are our best choice in our list of best USB-C gaming earphone for android.

Lastly, you can communicate with a maximum of 40 languages through in-ear help from Google translate just simply hold the black key and speak hey Google, help me speak in English.

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TriL Hi-Resolution Headset for Android PhonesTriL Hi-Resolution Headset for Android Phones

The TriL USB earphone is our top pick for gaming. Why? Because it DAC chip that supports digital input & latest Hi-res audio that offers great sounds and supports USB-C devices in the current market. It has in-lined multifunctional keys that offer to pause, play, & receive and reject the songs which means it offers hand-free access to the device, plus, 10mm sensitivity driver offers deep bass, strong, and high-quality sound experience. Moreover, silicone ear tips available in three different small, large, and reduce noise for an incomparable sound and also offer comfort-ability even when using for long term use.

Rather than that it gives noise isolation even in crowd area and hassle-free 12-month warranty and supports all types of devices like razer phones, Samsung devices, and all types of USB-C devices.

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Samsung AKG USB C EarphonesSamsung AKG USB C Earphones

Enjoy studio quality*y and undistorted audio with this Samsung EO-IC 100BBEGUS Type-C Earphones. This earphone is manufactured to truly right and left signal that is better than 3.5mm headphones. And the pre-installed DAC improves the equality of sound while playing the intense game or listening to the personalized playlist to make you feel like the artist intended, plus, earphone has a 2-way speaker that offers clear crystal and balanced sound. Moreover, technology is craved with AKG, so you can receive A-grade sound. Earbuds are crafted with lightweight material and are well-shaped so it can easily fit various sizes of ears. And the cable has fabric that prevents the device from daily wear and tears.

The earphones are compatible with various tablets and phones having USB-C ports, available in single color options black.

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RAYZ Pro Active Noise Cancelling EarphonesRAYZ Pro Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

If you are searching for something new, then RAYZ earphone has noise cancellation features that allow you to adjust the sound according to surrounding environment. Also craved with leverages lighting powered mechanism along with USB-C adapter, giving the accurate choice for all types of gamer. Moreover, offers more flexibility because it doesn’t give the option to select between charging your iPhone or a playing the games using earphone, means you can perform both the task at the same time. Also, there is a smart button that helps to pause-play music, smart mute technology, voice activations, and more which means you can perform several tasks without a single touch to the device.

Lastly, made up of plastic material that prevents the device from random falls, and a flexible wire helps to prevent the device from daily wear and tear, available only in a single color Onyx.

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Xiaomi ANC Earphone Type-C Noise Cancellation EarphoneXiaomi ANC Earphone Type-C Noise Cancellation Earphone

What makes the saikangXiaomi ANC earphone different from others? Is that the point you stuck, well don’t worry! I will clear it, SaikangXiaomi ANC earphone type-c just delivers pure sound with no distraction. Moreover, to make you free from the traditional sound it has CD-level HD music sound and also doesn’t focus on noise reduction, noise, and compromise, plus, the earphone suppress surrounding sound up-to 25 dB which means you cannot get disturbed while traveling high-speed train, offices, subways, and more.

Lastly, it has flexible cable and light in weight that offers hassle-free use even in tight situations, plus, available in the single color black.

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