Guide to Measure Your Wrist Size for Samsung Watch

If you have decided to buy the latest Samsung Watch, you need to pay attention to Wrist Size and the available wristband. An array of Samsung Watch Bands require measuring, similar to the third-party bands that don’t fit every wrist. 

However, you can move to the nearest Samsung Store and try measuring bands practically. But if you don’t, there are some of the best ways to measure to prevent the wrong sizing. This guide will let you know how to measure your wrist for Samsung Watch. 

How To Properly Measure Your Wrist For Different Smartwatch Sizes

How To Measure Your Wrist With A Tape Measure Or Cloth Band

First things first, before spending a hefty amount of money on Samsung Watch, you must measure your wrist. We recommend having a Cloth Band or Wrist Measuring Tape.

  1. Now envelope Tape Measure on your wrist. Make sure it should be loose, at the same point, too tight; it should be comfortable.
  2. Write down the note of the measurement.
  3. Once you have done so, select the Samsung Smartwatch (as mentioned in the article) closer and nearer to your wrist size.

If you don’t have the Cloth Band or Tape Measure, go through the following way to measure the wrist size for the Samsung Watch. 

How To Measure Your Wrist With Ruler, Paper, And Pen

Alternatively, you can also manage a strip of paper and firmly wrap it around the wrist. Once you do, take a pen in your hand, mark where it overlaps, and note it down. As shown in the image. 

Measure wrist size for Samsung Watch

But ensure that the string or a piece of paper fits tightly. Ever since, the Samsung Watch includes an intelligent sensor that needs to be in contact with your skin for exact analysis. 

Find The Correct Width For Your Watch

Samsung Watches are available in different ranges of sizes. Most users don’t invest in a third-party band and prefer to use the same band in the box. 

You now have accurate wrist size measurements; you can buy the alternate one. But before that, you can go through the list before.

You Can Use A 20mm Width Band With:

  • Galaxy Watch5 Pro (45mm)
  • Galaxy Watch5 (44mm & 40mm)
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic (42mm & 46 mm)
  • Galaxy Watch4 (40mm & 44mm)
  • Galaxy Watch3 (41mm)
  • Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm & 44mm)
  • Galaxy Watch Active (40mm) 
  • Galaxy Watch (42mm)

You Can Use A 22mm Width Band With the following:

  • Galaxy Watch3 (45mm)
  • Galaxy Watch (46mm)
  • Gear S3 Frontier
  • Gear S3 Classic

Change Your Watch Band 

Once you have bought the watch band with the correct wrist size and watch width. Here is how you can change the band quickly.

To detach the band, glide the Band’s Spring inward and let out the strap from the watch. After that, one side of the new band springs into the one side of the Samsung Watch. Similarly, slip the other spring bar inward, and let out the strap once in place. Follow the same steps with other watch bands. 

Change Your Fitness Band 

However, with Samsung Galaxy Fit2 and Galaxy Fit, the attaching procedure of the band is slightly different. Here is how you can do so.

Galaxy Fit2

To remove the band, firmly pull the side of the Samsung Watch Band until it detaches from the Samsung Watch. Hook one side of the band to the watch, and then pull the band to another side to fasten it. Ensure that band gets tightly over and around the Samsung watch. 

Galaxy Fit

Detach the current band by firmly removing one side of the band until it gets completely disconnected. Up next, move the new band holder within the grooves watch. Do it until the watch band gets clicked into the watch.

Measure Wrist Size For Samsung Galaxy Watch

This article should have guided you on measuring a wrist for a Samsung Watch. Still have doubts, drop it in the below comment box. 

What Samsung Watch Size Is Best For Women?

Well, it entirely depends on individual personal preferences. But most women prefer the Samsung Watch 40mm.

What Samsung Watch Size Is Best For Man?

The watch sizes between 42mm-45mm are the most recommended for Samsung Watch. But on the other hand, it depends on personal preferences too. 

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